Elon Musk threatens to cancel Twitter’s $44 billion acquisition

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has put his 44 billion us dollar deal for Twitter temporarily, on the whole. Hence, citing pending details in support of the calculation that spam accounts. Although indeed represent less than five percent of the users.
Elon musk’s twitter deal is currently on hold as per the tesla chief himself. He’s tweeted musk’s twitter deal was much talked about, and it was finalized after much back and forth.

There were multiple roller coasters.

Firstly, musk offered to buy Twitter,

but the shareholders rejected the proposal, who then reconsidered it, and the deal finally arrived. However, the musk is one of the people that put it on hold as we discuss.

Musk says pending details support the calculation that spam or fake accounts do indeed represent less than five percent of Twitter users.

Twitter estimated a filing that falls, or spam accounts, represent around five percent of its daily active users during the first quarter.

The micro-blogging platform had 229 million users in the first quarter, and that was up from the last quarter the disclosure came days after tesla chief Elon musk tweeted that one of his priorities would be to remove spam bots from the platform.

This is where this contention becomes important.

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Removing spam bots from Twitter had been one of the priorities of Elon musk from the start, and had been he’d been vocal about this.

So that is why this filing that says five percent of Twitter users are spam bots concerns musk, and that has taken him to put this a much controversial deal on hold.

He had even said that he prioritizes making Twitter bot free. Afterward, filing contradicts his priority which is the reason still deal is on hold.

Elon musk had a 46.5 billion us dollars deal to buy Twitter.

Later on, he offered 54.2 dollars per share in cash on Twitter.

Moreover, free speech debates had started ever since.

but now it seems to be spiraling even more with musk saying the deal is on hold.


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