Home Remedies for Treating Dengue Fever

Home Remedies for Treating Dengue Fever (3)

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that affects a massive population each year. Dengue instances growth at some points of the monsoon due to the fact that stagnant water is the breeding floor for mosquitoes. High fever, headaches, aches at the back of the eyes, fatigue, joint aches, pores and skin rash, nausea and vomiting are a few signs and symptoms of dengue. Dengue fever wishes to press hospital treatment to deal with the situation on time. Therefore, there are a few powerful domestic treatments that can assist in controlling the signs and symptoms of dengue. These treatments can bring down the excessive fever and give a few days’ rest from the signs and symptoms. Here are a few treatments that let you manage dengue and its complications. There are some dengue fever home remedies to cure it.


This mosquito-borne disorder has grown to be an unusual phenomenon within the city, in addition to the agricultural elements of growing nations. While the dengue virus carried by the ‘Aedesaegypti mosquito is treatable with the right clinical care, it could be incurable if left untreated. One needs to look for clinical help if he/she witnesses the early signs and symptoms of dengue. People affected by this viral disorder commonly have the subsequent signs and symptoms, as well as Dengue Fever Home Remedies.

With a lower in temperature, there are sure different signs of dengue fever, which include:

  • High Fever
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the back of the eyes
  • Swollen glands
  • Rash
  • Severe stomach pain
  • Rapid breathing
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Liver enlargement

High Fever

Fever is the primary symptom of dengue due to the virus. It has no particular medicinal drug to get treated. It lasts for at the least 1-2 weeks.


The first signs and symptoms start with a extreme headache. The centre factor of ache is ordinarily withinside the brow and transferring of eyes can be extremely painful too.


There’s a sturdy feeling of dislike or disgust withinside the affected person observed via way of means of an severe pain withinside the stomach.


The sufferer of the dengue virus suffers from a discomforting urge of continual vomit.

  • Pain in the back of the eyes

There’s an indescribable ache in the back of the eyes and sufferer reveals it hard to transport the eyes. This may be an without difficulty recognizable symptom of dengue.

  • Swollen glands

Among the seen signs and symptoms of dengue, swelling of glands or groin may be one of them symptoms and symptoms of dengue.

  • Rash

It begins with a excessive fever that is as high as 105°F and persists for four to seven days after suffering from the virus. The fever is observed by means of crimson rashes over the largest part of the body.

Home Remedies for Dengue Fever

Home remedies for dengue fever

Irrespective of the sort of dengue fever you contract, there’s no scientific remedy. You want to motel to domestic treatments and get the dengue remedy at domestic. Here are a number of the famous and powerful Dengue Fever Home Remedies you could comply with in case of dengue fever.

1. Giloy juice

Giloy juice is a famous treatment for dengue fever. It improves metabolism and builds immunity. Strong immunity facilitates in combating dengue fever effectively. It facilitates increase in platelet remember and offers comfort to the patient. Therefore, You can boil  small stems of giloy plant in a tumbler of water. Consume this water whilst it’s miles little warm. You also can upload few drops of giloy juice to a cup of boiled water and drink this two times a day. But ensure which you do now no longer over devour giloy juice. Ayurveda uses Giloy herb to govern any fever. Therefore, dengue, it’s miles pretty powerful in bringing down the temperature. It complements immunity and combats infections. Giloy listen and drugs are to be had in maximum Ayurveda shops.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is an critical spice to heal the body. It is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. It boosts metabolism and initiates internal healing. However, Consume a pinch of turmeric for your milk for the pleasant results.

3. Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves are useful in case you need to boom your platelet rely. In dengue fever, the platelet rely decreases and may cause complications. They are wealthy in nutrition C and antioxidants that lessen pressure at the frame. They additionally lessen different signs and symptoms like chills, frame pain nausea, and fatigue. Crush the go away and take out the juice. In addition, About  tablespoons have to be had daily.As platelet rely comes down in dengue patients, papaya leaf juice is a superb treatment to boom platelet rely. Papaya leaf juice additionally improves immunity which additionally enables in treating dengue. To use papaya leaves for dengue, take a few papaya leaves and weigh down them to extract juice out of it. You can eat a small amount of papaya leaf juice two times an afternoon for higher results.

4. Fresh guava juice

Guava juice is loaded with more than one nutrients. It is wealthy in nutrition C which facilitates in constructing immunity. Therefore, You can upload sparkling guava juice for your weight-reduction plan to deal with dengue fever. Guava juice can even offer you different fitness benefits. Drink one cup of guava juice two times a day. You also can devour sparkling guava as opposed to juice.

5. Fenugreek seeds or Leaves

Fenugreek seeds also are wealthy in a couple of vitamins which assist in controlling dengue fever. You can soak a few fenugreek seeds in a cup of warm water. Allow the water to calm down and drink it two times a day. Fenugreek water may also offer you different fitness advantages as it’s far wealthy in diet C, K and fibre. Fenugreek water will carry down fever and raise immunity. Methi leaves are beneficial in decreasing improved frame temperature and reduce muscle pain. They sell sleep and permit the frame to relaxation and heal. Methi seeds additionally may be used. Just soak in a single day and feature on an empty belly withinside the morning.

6. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi or the holy basil is sort of a marvel herb in case you need to boom your immunity. Boil tulsi leaves with a few black pepper and has it daily. This will combat off infections and increase immunity. These leaves have antibacterial homes and sell right movement because it facilitates in liberating sweat.

Therefore, Boil 10 to fifteen Basil leaves in water, cool it and drink the basil water for at the least 2 to three instances in a day.

Avoid this combination in case you are tormented by low blood pressure.

7. Drink Sufficient Water

 Excessive sweating, exertion all through dengue fever can result in severe dehydration. As a result, make sure which you take a number of fluids and live properly hydrated. Drink water at common durations to hold your frame properly hydrated. Staying hydrated additionally reduces the signs of headaches, in addition to muscle cramps. When you’ve got got dengue fever, the pollutants on your frame complicate the effect of the viral pathogens. Water additionally facilitates in flushing out those extra pollutants out of your frame that will help you recover. With the supply of some of RO water cleanser machine in India, you could without problems set up a cleanser at home, make sure which you keep away from every other supply of water. Similarly, RO water is freed from contaminants and decreases the probabilities of contacting every other diseases.It is the one of the best Dengue Fever Home Remedies

8. Orange Juice

Citrus end result are very useful while stricken by dengue fever. Vitamin C found in those end result, particularly organs and orange juice, enables enhance immunity, detoxifies the frame, initiates mobileular repair, and combats infections. Oranges are wealthy in antioxidants and nutrients which assist in treating the secondary signs of dengue. Orange juice additionally enables in removing dengue virus. Therefore, the brilliant drink promotes antibodies withinside the immune system, will increase urination, thereby freeing pollutants from the frame. Orange juice additionally maintenance your frame cells because it has Vitamin C that is vital in developing collagen.

9. Immunity boosting meals

A robust immune gadget assist you save you dengue and additionally assist in short healing from dengue fever. Strong immunity may even deal with the preliminary signs of dengue. However, You ought to upload immunity-boosting meals for your weight-reduction plan like citrus meals, garlic, almonds, turmeric and lots of more.