Corn Flakes: Background, Benefits & Uses


Corn flakes are the favorite breakfast among people. It is really very beneficial for health. It has a excellent nutritional value and it is very straightforward to prepare. So, people prefer this as their everyday meal. 

Corn flakes are manufactured with the treatment of corn. It is generally taken with hot or cold milk and sugar. Usually, we have a habit to eat lightweight food in the morning, this is the reason that cornflakes are among the favorites and as a lightweight meal it is suitable for all ages.

Nutrients present in Corn Flakes

Because of its high nutritional value, it is consumed by many people in the world.

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Iron

Background of Corn Flakes

Background of corn flakes

The idea behind the making of Corn flakes is by John Harvey Kellog. He was an American nutritionist. He believes in good health and knows the benefits of a balanced diet. In the late 1800s, he started the sanitarium in Michigan to make corn flakes. He made this especially for the patients as it is easy to digest and if you are ill, you will definitely face digestive issues. It is a very good thought of him and its ready-to-use facility makes it even more beneficial. 

Making of Corn Flakes

Corn flakes are made with a cereal known as corn. It goes through processes to convert it into the final product.

  • In April, corn seeds are sown. It should be sown in soil rich in nutrients.
  • It takes two months for the corn plant to reach a height of five feet.
  • It is harvested in the month of October and November.
  • After harvesting, it was transported to a manufacturing place where they are first washed, filtered and then corn mush is rolled to get the flakes.
  • Then, they are dried and toasted and at last, packed so that they can be delivered to the respected stores.

Health benefits of corn Flakes

Benefits of corn flakes

1. Rich in protein

Protein-rich diet always helps in boosting immunity, repairs body tissues, and also improves the structure of red blood cells. If we add corn flakes with milk, fruits, and dry fruits, it will add more protein benefits to your diet and this protein-rich diet is beneficial for people of ages. It should be added to your regular diet.

2. Helps in weight loss

The calorie intake in corn flakes is limited so it is very beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight. Adding this to your diet can be an addition that will help you in your weight loss journey. We usually go to the gym and do exercise to maintain the body but a healthy diet also plays an important role in losing weight. Adding them to your diet is a must.

3. High nutritional value

It is an excellent source of all types of nutrients important for the growth of the body. Nutrients like folate, vitamins, proteins, fiber, iron, and carbohydrates present in them prevent various diseases that happen due to their deficiencies. The carbohydrates present in them help in energizing the body. Vitamins and minerals present in them help in concentration and increase red blood cells and lutein content which improves your eye health.

4. Improves heart health

We usually eat junk food that is unhealthy for our body and increases cholesterol levels. Corn flakes are light food and have low fat contributing to controlling the cholesterol levels in the body. Heart health is very important. 

 5. Easy to digest

 Improper digestion always spoils our mood. There are many reasons for improper digestion. But the main reason is the low fiber content in your diet. Fiber is important as it helps in digestion. 

If the food has good fiber content it will absorb the water, bulk up the stools, and easily sets in the intestines for digestion. They are easy to digest because it is rich in fiber content and this makes them more advantageous.

6. Rich in Niacin

Corn flakes are rich in a nutrient called Niacin, a member of the vitamin-B family also known as Vitamin B3. It has several health benefits including boosting the function of the brain,  controlling cholesterol levels, and maintaining the functioning of body parts. Niacin also prevents the skin from sun damage.

7. An Antioxidant

There are harmful molecules present in the body known as radicals that can cause various heart diseases. To prevent the body from harmful diseases, food rich in antioxidants is necessary. 

Corn flakes are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and Carotene which helps the body fight against radicals. These antioxidants are also necessary to form collagen, neurotransmitter production, and iron absorption.

8. A source of Riboflavin

Riboflavin, known as Vitamin B2 present in corn flakes is a water-soluble vitamin that helps in the growth and development of the body. It basically releases the energy from the food and keeps our heart, muscles, and nerves healthy. It also resolves skin-related issues. So, regular intake is important to get all the benefits.

9. A good source of iron

Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from iron deficiency. Iron is important for hemoglobin and helps in the supply of oxygen to the other body parts. Iron deficiency can be a reason for various pain in the body. You can also feel the weakness in the body which can also cause heart failure. To prevent these causes an iron-rich diet is important. They are also rich in iron. It can complete all the needs for iron in your body.

10. Rich in folate content

Folate is a nutrient necessary for the formation of blood cells, production of DNA, and proper cell division. It also plays an important role in the development of fetus of the pregnant women as fetus development is totally dependent on folate. The deficiency of folate in the body can cause anemia and depression problems. It are rich in folate content and pregnant women can take them for fetus development. 

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Uses of Corn Flakes

uses of corn flakes

As we have mentioned above, corn flakes are used as a breakfast but because of their nutritional value, they can be used in different ways:

  • As it comes in a variety of tastes, including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, mango, almonds, honey, bananas, and cinnamon, to mention a few, this can be used for pudding.
  • Corn flakes-based is a nutritious low-fat crunchy snack.
  • Honey, peanut butter, and fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples, etc. taste great in a bowl of cornflakes with skim or full milk. For a crunchier flavor and added nutritional value, nuts can also be added.
  • The breadcrumbs can be replaced with crushed corn flakes.
  • Pudding can have corn flakes added to it.
  • People of all ages can enjoy this deliciously nutty treat made of the benefits of cornflakes combined with walnuts and the sweetness of honey topped with peanut butter.

Tips for storing Corn Flakes

  • Storing corn flakes can be a task. Once opened, keep the packaging well packed and keep it in a cold, dry place.
  • The advised storage period is for best quality only; after that, the cereal’s texture, color, or flavor may change, but if it has been stored properly, it will usually still be safe to eat.
  • Cereal should be thrown out if it has a nasty smell, odor, or look; if the fungus appears, throw the whole thing away.
  • In most cases, the cereal will still be safe to eat after that date, provided it has been stored properly and the package is undamaged. 
  • The “Best By,” “Best if used by,” and “Use By” dates on commercially packaged foods sold in the US represent the manufacturer’s estimate of how long the product will remain of good quality and taste. Make sure you check that date before eating.

Is it safe to eat corn flakes on regular basis?

Corn flakes are famous for their many health benefits. Generally, it is safe for people of all ages to eat. But there is an exception if you are suffering from diabetes, it is not preferable to eat it because of the glycemic index.

They have a high glycemic index, and taking high glycemic foods can cause an increase in glucose in the blood, You will feel more hungry, and also fat may be stored at a high rate. People taking medications for different diseases also consult the doctor first before consuming them.

Products of Corn Flakes

There are many products available in the market from which few of them we have mentioned below:

1. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Crumbs

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Crumbs


  • With Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Crumbs, you can easily add the irresistible flavor of golden corn flakes to all of your favorite salty and sweet recipes.
  • Perfect for including in a variety of dishes, including cookies, cake toppings, pie crusts, baked and fried poultry, pork chops, casseroles, and skillet dinners.
  • Good source of seven vitamins and minerals
  • Fat-free
  • You can add them to snacks, meals, breakfasts, and desserts.
  • Consists of 1 box (21 ounces) of Corn Flakes Cereal Crumbs. packaged for exceptional taste and freshness

2. Great Value Organic Frosted Corn Flakes Cereal

Great Value Organic Frosted Corn Flakes Cereal

Great Value Organic Frosted Corn Flakes Cereal Features:

  • Fat-free
  • USDA certified organic
  • Sweetened with cane sugar
  • 110 calories per serve

3. Nature’s path organic corn flakes

Nature's path corn flakes

Nature’s path organic corn flakes Features:

  • Vegan 
  • Cholesterol-free 
  • Fat-Free 
  • Kosher Certified 
  • Organic 
  • Gluten-free


Whether you prefer them hot or cold, corn flakes make an easy, delicious, and crispy breakfast. If you buyit with lots of nutrients and little added sugar, they are healthful. Anything in excess is unhealthy, so aim for balance at every meal and stay clear of processed foods for a healthy immune system and longer life.

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