Charleston South Carolina: A Complete Travel Guide

Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina is one of the best places to explore. There are so many lovely places and adventurous activities which are attracting most visitors.  This is the most favorable place of the visitors in all over the world. Because of the amazing view and the adventrous experience of the place.

However, this place is the motherland of nature. The atmosphere of the country is refreshing and peaceful. While visiting there you will find there are many adventurous activities and some special events for the visitors. Here, is a complete guide for you that help you to have a really memorable trip. 

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Best Time To Visit Charleston South Carolina

Best Time To Visit Charleston Carolina

Actually, the real beauty of Charleston can be seen during the spring and early summer. At this time boats come up and down this month. There are so many things which you can do like riding bikes, outdoor bars and also restaurants. Where you will find lots of customers enjoying cold drinks when the sun shines. 

You will get the shine brighter and the water which is brighter and warmer as compared to the other months. In the city, there are so many sand castles and sunburns on the bank of the beach. Many of the local farmers set up to produce the tables.

Local People: You will find smiles on the faces of every single person. 

During this time you will get the weather with the range anywhere from the low 60s to the high 80s. While going to this place one should be ready for a random thunderstorm. But don’t worry about it, they come and go within some hours. 

Even a little cold timing is also a great time to go for it. At this time most of the markets downtown are open. While going there you will find so many amazing things to buy. Down king street the heat and humidity aren’t nearly as harsh as in late summer and fall. The only thing is sweating in the summertime. 

Peak Season Of The Visitors

While going to Charleston there are two seasons when the visitors can go to visit the city. It is the spring time which starters from the March to May. This is the time when you find lots of trees and azaleas with lots of lovely flowers. The temperature are mild, and the annual events are there which you can attend. Like the Charleston food and wine festivals, spoleto festival USA they are celebrating with a huge crowd. 

However, the city has large population but in this month you will find lots of the visitors. The rates of the hotels are also at the peak level, and different facilities you will get in high amount. Moreover, you can also find lots of other visitors in the months of September to November. At this time the temperature is cool off and has slight humidity in the air. Moreover, you can also explore the city during this time by walking and exploring the things because the weather is really lovely and good. 

Risky Season Of Charleston

This time starts from June to November 30. It is a risky season because of the many natural disasters. So, your life is at risk if you go to this month it will not be safe for you. However, the situation is at its peak from August to October. If you are there so you can go to the south area because the risk at this place is slightly low. 

On average you will find lots of landfalls and a high risk of death. Since the year 1851, this is the third most dangerous place worldwide so you should not go there. 

During the trip, you will have to face so many things at this time. Advisors also suggest not going this month for the tour. If you have booked the hotels and other things in advance, try to cancel them. Or if you are planning to book them try to transfer that for a different month. So, you can have such an amazing and wonderful trip with your family and friends.

Budget Friendly Season Of Charleston

During this time the crowd is not that much. The number of visitors started to decrease in this month and appear in the month of the spring. But there is a special benefit to going this month because at this time you will get all the facilities and things at such a cheaper cost. Because at this time there are not so much visitors or the tourist so the pricing are really low. 

However, this is to advise you if you are planning to have a budget friendly trip, so you can go this time with your family and friends. You should keep the warm jacket and the clothes with you at this time. And this time visiting the waterfront is difficult slightly so you should not visit that area. That place is so chilly and cool, you will get lots of warm things to eat which help you to be warm and good.

Low Budget Trip With Good Season

The summertime is the time to have a trip on a low budget with good facilities. This time you will get the weather to be warmer, hot and humid so there will be no plenty of problems which you have to face in the month of winter. It is lovely weather this is why you will get such a huge crowd at this time. In August you will see slight rain and that is the wettest month in the city.

Good Time To Visit The Beaches

Although spring is the best time to go, at that time you can also go to the beaches but at that time you need to spend extra money because of the travel season. At the end of the nova, you can go on a trip. But before going or booking anything in advance be aware of natural disasters like tropical storms or hurricanes etc. When you find all the things are clear and good than also book anything. 

What To Expect In Charleston South Carolina

What To Expect In Charleston South Carolina

Different countries have variations of things like languages, currency, payment things and facilities, climate, and local cultural things. Just like that if you are going to South Carolina then also you need to be careful about these basic things. Here are the basic things which you should know before going to Charleston.

Language: English

Currency: US  Dollar

Credit Cards And Banks: Accepted

Climate: Most of the places of Charleston city in the coastal region there are subtropical climates. There are hot summers and mild winter weather which are making the trip better and more convenient. Here, you will get most of the facilities to be more available. You can get many of the things here like so many things for the visitors.

Where To Stay In Charleston South Carolina

Where To Stay In Charleston South Carolina

While visiting any country you are getting so many hotels and Airbnb. So, how this service can not be available in the hub of the traveler spot? You can find many of the Hotels and Airbnb’s in the city also. On comparing both of these you can get the hotels for all the services and things but if you want to manage the budget also then you can choose the Airbnb also. 

Popular Hotels Of Charleston South Carolina

Charleston country is in the North Charleston metropolitan area. This city located Charleston Harbor just south of the geographical midpoint of South Carolina’s coastline, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean formed by the confluence of the Ashley, window rivers, and copper. Here, you will know about the best 5 hotels in Charlestown SC. However, you are traveling with your family, and friends and as a couple or looking for something budget-friendly.

Comfort Inn & Suites Patriots Point

If you are traveling with kids, a city like Charleston SC is the best option for you to enjoy. This is designed to host families. To be able to enjoy your vacation, you need a hotel that has spacious rooms, a child-friendly environment, and amenities you will use to relax. The Comfort Inn & Suites Patriots Point has it all. The comfort inn & Suites Patriots Point is a Hotel with 24-hour fitness, near Patriots Point. The hotel has a great location. This hotel is just 4 km from the center of Charleston.

There are a lot of attractions near the hotel,  including the Elite Escape Game, Mount pleasant pier, and Mount Pleasant Memories Waterfront park.

The hotel offers its guests many more things 

  • Free parking
  • Pool,
  • Free breakfast,
  • Conference facilities,
  • Baggage storage, 
  • Fitness center with workout room and more. 
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Attached bathroom,
  • Flat- screen TV’s,
  • Minibar coffee machine & more.

Francis Marion Hotel

Francis Marion Hotel is best for couples. The hotel has a great location. If you are looking for a honeymoon you can get away or you want to spend some nice time with yourself, then you need a hotel that has a lot of things they offer. An ideal hotel for couples would be a hotel that has cute rooms,  great views, relaxing areas, great food, and a spa.

The hotel rating is a 4-star hotel. It is just 450m from the center of Charleston. You will find a lot of attractions near the hotel. Nearby attractions are Pounce Cat café, the College of Charleston, and the Charleston Museum. They were offered 9 types of rooms you can choose from ranging from 24m2 to 45m2. Most of the rooms have a city view also the price can vary depending on the room size and the things the room has to offer. 

The hotel offers its guests many more things.

  • A valet parking 
  • Fitness center 
  • Work out Room
  • Bar/lounge
  • Taxi Service 
  • Free high speed internet 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Flat- screen TV’s,

Cambria Hotel Charleston River View

Cambria Hotel Charleston River View is famous for Trips.  If you are traveling for work or for Business meetings, For that this is the best option for you. Because of our busy lives, we don’t get too much time alone, and that’s why we need to get the most out of our time alone. However,  what you need in your business meeting is a hotel that is easy to access, has a good location, has meeting areas, and a  very comfortable bed that you can jump to at the end of the day. Cambria Hotel Charleston Riverview has all of that you want in a hotel. 

The hotel has a waterfront with an outdoor pool, near the Medical University of South Carolina. The hotel has a great location. You will find a lot of attractions here, including South Windermere center, Vintage Mercantile, and West Ashley Bikeway. The other is offered by the hotel to guests for free parking, pool bar/ lounge, tennis Court offsite, bowling off-site Fitness center with gym/ workout room, and more. Cambria Hotel Charleston Riverview provides you with 8 types of rooms you can choose from according to your budget.

The hotel offers its guests many more things.

  • A valet parking 
  • Fitness center 
  • Work out Room
  • Bar/lounge
  • Taxi Service 
  • Free high speed internet 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Flat- screen TV’s,
  • Wake-up service

Church Street Inn

Church Street Inn,  is one of the Luxurious Hotels. If you want to have the best time possible and have an unforgettable trip, then the church street Inn is one of the best options for you. This  is a luxurious hotel that offers almost everything which you want. I’m sure you will get an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a long time.

However, if you are traveling alone, with your family, or as a couple, this hotel is great for you. The hotel has 2 room types. You will choose one of them as per your budget. This hotel collection is a Historical hotel, a step from Charleston is 1.5 km from the center of Charleston. The hotel has many attractions, some of which are Escape in 60, Nightly Spirits, and The 34 we.st Theater Company.

The hotel offers its guests many more things.

  • Free Parking 
  • Concierge
  • Fitness center
  • Laundry service 
  • Bar/lounge
  • Taxi Service 
  • Free high speed internet 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Flat- screen TV’s,
  • Wake-up service

Best Western Charleston Inn

Best Western Charleston Inn is well known for its budget,  if you are on a budget and want to spend your earned money on activities in Charleston SC rather than paying large amounts of money you. This hotel offers you everything which you need at an affordable price and it has a good location. This hotel is probably the best value-for-money hotel in Charleston SC.

This is the best western Charleston Inn is a No frills Charleston hotel with an outdoor pool. The hotel has offered you 9 types of rooms,  you will choose one of them as per your budget. Also, it has lots of attractions nearby some of them are Break Out Escape Game, and Charleston 9 Memorial Park.

The hotel offers its guests many more things.

  • Free Parking 
  • Concierge
  • Fitness center
  • Laundry service 
  • Bar/lounge
  • Taxi Service 
  • Free high speed internet 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Flat- screen TV’s,
  • Wake-up service

Where To Explore Food And Beverages

Where To Explore Food And Beverages

There are so many foods and beverages which you can try in the South Carolina. Some of them are really special and hard to find that taste in different of countries. Proximately there are many of the things are available best of them are below:

Popular Restaurants In Charleston South Carolina

Charleston has played a significant role in the reputation of South Carolina’s hallmark meals. It is simple to come up with a list of famous foods and the best places to sample them because it is the center of some of the state’s oldest culinary traditions.

Bertha’s Kitchen, North Charleston

Iconic dish: Okra soup

Bertha’s, a recipient of the James Beard America’s Classics Award, is well recognized for its mouthwatering fare. However, the Gullah-inspired okra soup has received widespread praise as one of the most authentic and mouthwatering renditions of this highly regarded traditional stew comprised of diced okra, tomatoes, onion, and spices. excellent with rice.

Bowen’s Island, James Island

Iconic dish: Frogmore stew

This dish, which is also sometimes referred to as a “Lowcountry boil,” is simply built on a base of sweet, local shrimp. The boiling pot is filled with potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, and seasonings to create a filling dish that can easily feed a large number of people. This shrimp boil, along with the seasonally available roasted oysters, is a distinctive meal of Bowen’s Island even though it is from the small village of Frogmore close to Beaufort.

Timbo’s Peanuts, West Ashley

Iconic dish: Boiled peanuts

People who dislike boiling peanuts are enthralled with Timbo’s. These boiled peanuts are offered by the pound from the small peanut trailer and come in intriguing varieties like ham and Cajun. Locals who appreciate a good boiled peanut are familiar with this roadside attraction.

Fried Chicken, Leon’s Oyster Shop

Fried chicken is a Southern staple, and Charleston has some of the best. The finest way to prepare fried chicken is strongly contested in the south, where family secrets have been handed down for generations. This Southern meal is often deep fried to a brilliant golden brown before being soaked in a buttermilk concoction. The best fried chicken and hush puppies, another popular Southern dish consisting of fried cornmeal batter, can be found at Leon’s Oyster Shop.

Martha Lou’s Kitchen, Soul Food

If you travel to South Carolina, you must sample authentic soul cuisine. The term “soul food” refers to a wide range of cuisines that are popular in the South and have African, Native American, and colonial origins. Fried fish, collard greens, fried okra, cornbread, and other classic soul cuisine dishes are a few examples. 

Although this food isn’t excellent for your waistline, any grandma in Charleston will tell you that it’s definitely wonderful for your soul. The teeny, pink eatery Martha Lou’s Kitchen, which has been operating for more than 30 years, serves all the classics of soul food.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ, South Carolina Barbeque

Barbecue recipes vary from state to state in the south, and South Carolinians are pleased to claim that their sauces are what set their version apart. The preferred barbecue meat in South Carolina is pulled pork, which is typically covered with either vinegar- or mustard-based barbecue sauce at neighborhood barbecue shops.

If you want to sample some mouthwatering South Carolina barbecue, go visit Rodney Scott’s BBQ, which is located on Upper King Street in downtown Charleston.

Amen Street Fish And Raw Bar, Fresh Charleston Oysters

Fresh oysters from the Charleston region are worth trying if you can find them, as seafood plays a significant role in the local cuisine. Lowcountry oysters are often smaller and more brackish than their counterparts from the Northeast or the West Coast.

Charleston oysters can be found grilled, raw, fried, and stewed, among other preparations. For a really Charleston experience, try your hand at oyster shucking during an outdoor oyster roast. Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar offers a variety of local oysters (and other shellfish).

Best Cafes Of Charleston South Carolina

Best Cafes Of Charleston South Carolina

Can’t begin your morning, afternoon, or day without a big cup of caffeine? If you need a fix, visit one of these nearby coffee shops. There is a location for any requirement, whether it is free WIFI or a warm atmosphere.

Harken Cafe

Came across Harken Cafe quite a bit. And this place was underplayed. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ve entered some enchanted fairytale. Antiques, brass accessories, luscious plants, and green accents fill the space. It feels pretty romantic. Harken is the perfect downtown Charleston, SC coffee shop to relax and enjoy a good cup of Joe after meandering as if you couldn’t tell already. Try one of their cookies while you’re there, chocolate chip.

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu Coffee is the hipster Charleston coffee shop you never knew you needed in your life. The staff is super friendly and has no problem chatting you up if you snag a bar seat. You’ll love that they offer a variety of drinks, locally roasted coffee, and 20+ beers on tap. Additionally, their muffins are pretty great. However, the coffee cake stole the show. 

Clerks Coffee Company

Clerks were an instant favorite as soon as You set food inside. Located in the voyage-inspired hotel Emeline, Clerks Coffee Company. Serves up coffee perfection in the heart of historic charleston. The entire place feels so airy, fun, and bright.

It’s easy to imagine yourself cozying up in their plush plaid chairs, sipping a warm cappuccino on a rainy Charleston day and an apple coffee cake from them, and loving it. Try the apple coffee cake from them and you’re going to love it. It had the perfect spice and that gooey apple filling was perfect between the soft bits of cake.

Sightsee Shop

This next coffee shop looks humble on the outside, but it’s anything but on the inside Sightsee is a travel-inspired Charleston coffee shop with a perfect 5-star rating on google. Every inch of sightseeing is curated with hand-picked goodies. The sightsee team loves to promote local artists and creators, which is how they source most of the knick-nacks they sell inside. 

The coffee’s smooth, nutty and robust in flavor. So  if you are a super coffee lover, lover, you’ll enjoy their pours and vibes 

The Daily

The Daily is a modern coffee shop located on King street. It serves up a lot more than delicious lattes. They have wraps, bowls, burritos, smoothies, and pastries you can enjoy. And if you have a basic oat milk latte you can try one of their specialty drinks.

Try a milk tea, black sesame latte, and whipped coconut cold brew. This is the perfect pit stop for when you’re enjoying a day in Charleston and need something with a little more punch than the afternoon pick-me-up point 

Nightlife In Charleston South Carolina

Nightlife In Charleston South Carolina

Whether you want to enjoy yourself by attending a live concert or dancing the night away at a nightclub, Charleston’s nightlife offers what seems like unlimited choices for entertainment. The nightclubs in this city are state-of-the-art, some of which have eclectic settings and others that are simply extravagant with golden design elements.

Visit A Vintage Jazz Club ( The Commodore)

The Commodore is a chic jazz club that features live music in a setting with traditional decor in an effort to transport modern patrons to a bygone era. You’ll notice the retro atmosphere as soon as you enter, yet you can still count on enjoying the contemporary craft cocktail options.

The Commodore’s main attraction is live music, and they never let you down. The club features national jazz artists as well as a few funk bands. Off Meeting Street, between Radcliffe borough and North-Central, you may see it for yourself.

Dance The Night Away At Mynt

Mynt is a high-end dance club with a patio area, unique beverages, in-house DJs, and a huge dance floor. If you want to have a good time in Charleston, you should go to this club because it attracts a lot of young professionals and well-known club patrons.

You can always reserve a table for you and your guests so that you may have personalized service and drinks brought right to you if you’re hoping to enjoy a little privacy at this club. Mynt is located downtown directly across from Marion Square.

Relax With Cocktails

In addition to serving beer and wine, The Vendue’s Rooftop Bar features panoramic views of the picturesque Charleston Harbor and Waterfront Park. Award-winning mixologists create distinctive concoctions for these cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else, making them particularly stunning.

In addition to the cocktails, there is a sizable selection of beers, particularly if you prefer craft brews. There are many different native South Carolina beers to choose from, but you may also get your usual domestic and foreign favorites. This rooftop bar is located on the east side of the city, not far from Waterfront Park.

Enjoy live Music And Drinks At Henry’s Rooftop Deck

The state’s oldest continuously operating restaurant has a nightclub attached to it called Henry’s Rooftop Deck. It features a speakeasy bar and live music. You can dance wherever you like, but if you want VIP treatment, there is a private dance lounge.

Naturally, since you can go outside while still taking in the lights and sounds of the club, the southern porch and rooftop deck allow you to embrace the night a little bit more directly. Henry’s Rooftop Deck can be found downtown, directly across from Charleston City Market.

Visit A High Ends Dive Bar (Burns Alley)

Burns Alley is a bar where patrons may enjoy a variety of drinks, first-rate service, and reasonable prices while watching the game on flat-screen TVs. Burns Alley is well-liked by both tourists and residents because it is easily accessible and doesn’t require a cover fee to enter. Live music is playing inside the bar, and there are televisions showing different sporting events.

The musicians frequently play rock and other genres you would anticipate hearing in a typical bar, but they also experiment with more avant-garde sounds. The College of Charleston is only a short stroll to the east of Burns Alley.

Things Should Not Miss In Charleston South Carolina

Things Should Not Miss In Charleston South Carolina

Looking for some fun things to do or the best places to visit in Charleston?

Charleston is a waterfront city or it is the largest city in South Carolina. We can say without any doubt that this is the heart of the state’s history, entertainment, and art. Charleston has approx. 7.3 million visitors each year visit the beauty of this city 

Visit The Fort Sumter National Monument

If you want to know the history of Charleston then you should visit Fort Sumter it is the Place From where The Battle American Civil War was started. If you want to experience old-school cannons, historic brick fortitude line the area; this monument is visually impressive because of its location. This monument is located directly overlooking the water.

Step Back In Time At The Magnolia Plantation Or Garden

This garden has been open for almost 150 years for visitors which means maybe since 1870 this park is open for visitors. Mongolia Plantation Garden also has the title of the oldest public garden in America.

Approx it covers 464-acre property which includes a small zoo for kids, a maze, a cafe, a sun lounge, or a theater where visitors can watch a 30-minute film on the fascinating history of the old plantation

Take A Walk Under The Oaks Trees At The Drayton Hall Plantation

This hall was founded in 1742, and it is the oldest example of Palladian architecture. Around 125 acres of oak trees, ponds, and riverways surround the main house. This hall provides you with a beautiful atmosphere. Near Ashley river, this hall is located with the title of the oldest unrestored plantation house in America. Which remains publicly accessible at present.

Visit The Stunning Gardens At Middleton Place

This place is amazingly landscaped with gardens that are an attraction in their own right. These places also have houses or museums, farm animals, live entertainment, or offer a tour that takes visitors on an educational journey. The 65-acre, 300-year-old Middleton Spot offers an inviting place to spend an afternoon. It has some of the most superbly preserved gardens of any former rice plantation in the nation.

Have A Luxury Dinner Cruise

 A hassle-free dinner cruise on the harbor with a menu of delicious Southern food, live music, and a full-service bar is a necessity for any tourist to Charleston. After savoring the freshly prepared 3- or 4-course dinner, head to the outside observation deck (or remain inside in the air-conditioned area) for unrivaled views of the city’s most iconic buildings. A cruise is one of the top things to do in Charleston if luxury is your thing!

What To Explore In Charleston South Carolina

What To Explore In Charleston South Carolina

There is a list of some places you must visit if you are in Charleston South Carolina. Like Beautiful Beaches you must Visit like Kiawah Beachwalker, Folly Beach or some Waterfront you should visit like Joe Riley Waterfront Park , Waterfront park Charleston. You can Also visit Some Popular Gardens in Charleston if you are a nature lover 

Beautiful Beaches Of Charleston South Carolina

As you know Charleston South Carolina is well known for its great food and history, but it also has some of the nicest beaches in the Nation the Charleston area offers miles of pristine beaches like Kiawah Island, Beaches smooth sand, and great year-round weather. While there are no beaches in the city of charleston peninsula is surrounded by a barrier island, and there are multiple beaches nearby, as close as about 10-20 minutes from downtown Charleston.

Kiawah Beachwalker

Kiawah Island is a beautiful resort-style community, with about 11 miles of beaches, and 5 amazing golf courses, including the ocean course, where Phil Mickelson recently won the 2021 PGA championship, and is located about 30 minutes away from downtown charleston.

 Most of the beach accesses are located behind the gate at Kiawah, and they are not open to the local public, but there is a public beach access site on the west end of the island. This area is known as Kiawah Beach Walker County Park.

This is an amazing beach for showers, a snack bar, a restroom, beach chairs, and umbrella rentals. Kiawah is a great location to go on a bike ride, walk, or watch for dolphins. There is a good location too wide If you walk about one mile to the west once the end of the park.  Watch for dolphins feeding during low. You have to go early during the peak season so that you can get a parking spot. Kiawah is a great beach to go to if you are looking for an area with fewer tourists than some of the other beaches near Charleston.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach is one of the closest beaches to Downtown and has about 6 miles of beaches. You are looking for a fun beach town with a lot of things to do. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a fun little beach town with a lot of things to do. James Island borders Folly Beach, Beach is bordered by James Island and is about 11 miles away from historic charleston.

Folly Beach has many surf shops, souvenir shops, bars, and restaurants, all within walking distance of the Beach. Folly Beach also has the Folly Beach Pier, which is great for fishing, but it is currently being reconstructed, with an estimated date in the spring of 2023.

If you are looking for a little more privacy on Folly Beach and would like to Get away from the larger crowds, there are many public beach access sites along the island.

Folly Beach County Park Location on the Southwest end of the island. There are restrooms, a beach chair, outdoor showers, a picnic area, a snack bar, and umbrella rentals. On the northeastern side of Folly Beach, you can visit the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve, and view the Morris Island lighthouse, which was built in 1876. If you want to vacation on Folly Beach, you can stay at the Tides Hotel right on the beach, or a vacation rental in Folly Beach.

Sullivan Island Beach

Sullivan S Island is the smallest beach as compared with the other Beaches. This is a great Sullivan S Island home of the historic Fort Moultrie, a preserved maritime forest, On this Beach you will see a lighthouse, and some amazing restaurants, including Poe’s Tavern, which was given the name because Edgar Allen Poe once lived on Sullivan S Island. It does not have any hotels and the most expensive real estate in the area. Sullivan S Island has multiple public beach access sites along the island and is my favorite.

In fact, South Carolina got its nickname as the Palmetto State from the battle against the British navy attacked during the Revolutionary war, the British at Fort Moultrie.

The Palmetto logs constructed the fort, and Americans repelled the attack at this location. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty and very little commercial development and also enjoy the sun and sand in this location by sitting on miles of shoreline to sit back. During summer, there are a lot of beach activities, so you can engage in them.

Isle Of Palms

Isle of Palms is another great beach town to visit near Charleston Isle of Palms also has multiple public beach access sites, about 8 miles of beaches, a country park, a resort style gated. Isle of Palms has a great little downtown area with restaurants ,bars, and live music at the Wind Jammer. If you would like to play a game of volleyball in the sand, you can go to the Isle of Palms County park or to the Windjammer. 

The County beach also has snacks, beach chairs, umbrella rentals, restrooms, and outdoor showers. Similar to the other country Parks on this list. You will need to pay anywhere from $5 to $20 for the day to park at this location, but there are other parking options available nearby if the Country park is full like Folly Beach. Also, it is a short walking distance from the beach, so there is a lot to do nearby. Isle of Palms has a variety of real estate for sale, including beachfront property, condos, homes with a golf course view, Fractional ownership home, boat and slips for sale at the marina.

Edisto Beach

Edisto Beach is known as a coastal island destination, Edisto is one of the largest barrier islands in South Carolina, it is located approximately 40 miles south of Charleston and east of Walterboro. Historic Highway 174 stretches across the island through rich agricultural land and unspoiled marshes.

Edisto Beach is the furthest beach away from Charleston on this list and is about a one-hour drive from the downtown Charleston area. Edisto Beach is a great little beach town with about 4 miles of beaches, and is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for an area with fewer tourists than most of the other beaches on this beach. Also, it has a State Park located on the Beach, you can bring an RV and go camping right next to the beach at Edisto. This beach also has much more affordable real estate for sale than the beaches near Charleston. 

Edisto Has Beachfront Homes, homes for sale on a golf course, condos, a Fractional ownership home, and a marina. This beach is also pet friendly, and dogs are allowed anytime and year-round at Edisto Beach while they are on leash, and there are certain times during the winter months when dogs are allowed off-leash. This is a unique Beach covered with draft wood and seashells, you can’t take seashells from the beach in this area. Make sure to visit, as it is also a Wildlife Management area, and is sometime costed for hunting

Lovely Waterfront Of Charleston South Carolina

Lovely Waterfront Of Charleston South Carolina

As you know Charleston is a waterfront city in south Carolina , here you can see many of the waterfront offering the different things and facilities. you can visit the Joe Riley Waterfront here  you can feel the best view of Cooper river or Ravenel bridge or you can visit the waterfront Park Charleston this park is so popular in residents or tourist of  Charleston city.

Joe Riley Waterfront

This park is not to be missed when you visit Charleston. It has wonderful views of the Cooper River and the Ravenel Bridge. There are big swings, ideal for kids and adults where you can relax while you watch the boats go by. There’s the famous Pineapple Fountain, as well as a fountain at the foot of Vendue Range where children are encouraged to play. And when you’re done with the park, you can visit the wonderful gift shop Indigo which offers beautiful, one of a kind, mostly local items.

Waterfront Park Charleston

Waterfront Park in Charleston is a popular park with residents and tourists, and is one of the most visited parks in the city. The park is located a few blocks from the Charleston City Market and offers fantastic views of the Cooper River Bridge and Charleston Harbor. The park has a pier, where visitors can sit on family-sized swings and watch large container ships enter and exit the harbor. The park also has two fountains, a splash fountain and the famous Pineapple Fountain. These fountains are a great place to cool off on a hot summer day, and are beautiful to watch when lit up at night. This park is a great place to visit in the evening after dinner. You can sit on one of the swings and enjoy the nighttime breeze, while taking in impressive views of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge lit up at night.

Famous Gardens In Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is so famous for having the oldest gardens in South Carolina. If you love to spend some time with nature or want to know about the old plant or trees you should visit these gardens. like Middleton Place this garden is start in 1741 with 110 acres of land or Charleston also have more gardens like this which you can visit. 

Middleton Place

Middleton Place National Historic Landmark is home to America’s oldest and most important landscaped gardens. Began in 1741, the historic site today encompasses 110 acres including the Gardens, House Museum, Stableyards, and Eliza’s House. Together they tell the inclusive history of all who lived, worked, and died here. The stories of the Middleton family including two Founding Fathers and generations of enslaved people are interwoven throughout the property. Visitors have opportunities to experience those stories with both guided or self-guided tours.

Battery & White Point Gardens

This is a beautiful area of town. The park features massive trees with a lush canopy. There are paths and benches to enjoy the shade. Along the edge, the old canons and ammunition can be seen. The waterfront features a stone embankment and walkway that lets you enjoy views of the harbor and the islands nearby. It also provides nice views of the city and the historic homes.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

South Carolina’s Most Visited Plantation and Gardens. National Registry of Historic Places. Ancient Oak Avenue. Tours full of History World Famous Gardens of the 19th Century Romantic Style. Selected by Travel  Leisure as the only South Carolina garden deemed one of America’s Most Beautiful Gardens. Reconstruction Period Plantation Home Tour. Award Winning Slave Cabin Tour. Very popular Nature-Train Tour. Rice Field Boat Tour. Family Oriented. Petting Zoo and Nature Center. Audubon Swamp Self Guided Tour. Amazing Nesting Rookery. If you have only one Plantation to see don’t miss us

Washington Square

Washington Square is the oldest public park in Charleston, South Carolina, dating to 1818. Located in the heart of the city’s beautifully landscaped historic district, behind City Hall at the corner of Meeting Street and Broad Street, it is noted for the planting beds and red brick walls that were installed in 1881.

With plenty of shade and seating to relax on a hot summer day and admire the flower displays and oak trees and historic monuments, visitors also are close to some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants. Most notably, in the center of the park is an obelisk shaped memorial to the Washington Light Infantry, a military and social organization located in Charleston. One of the oldest militia groups still active in the United States, it was founded in 1807.

Made of Carolina gray granite, the 42-foot high memorial, a smaller model of the Washington Monument in Washington DC, was unveiled in 1891 and is inscribed with the names of important military battles. Along the east wall of the park is a monument to Confederate General Pierre Beauregard, who was in charge of the city’s defenses during the Civil War in 1862-1864. Finally, a life-size sculpture of George Washington was unveiled in 1999.

What took so long? The park’s name was changed from City Hall Park to Washington Square on October 19, 1881, the centennial of the British surrender at Yorktown, ending the Revolutionary War.

Historical Places Of Charleston South Carolina

Historical Places Of Charleston South Carolina

Although the Charleston South Carolina has so many exploring and amaizng things to do. But the hstory of this place is also so amaizng and interesting to see. 

Abbeville Opera House

Abbeville, SC has its very own Phantom of the Opera. Fortunately, this resident haunting doesn’t have the same taste for murder as the classic character. Her legend has been passed down for over 100 years.

In 1914, a leading actress in the current stage production fell ill and had to be replaced by an understudy. Later that evening she felt well enough to watch the end of the show, but retired to the Belmont Inn and passed away that night. The Belmont Inn also has its fair share of ghost stories.  Now her chair on the second floor balcony is always reserved and a ghost light shines over it at all times.

The Old Jail Abbeville Country

The Old Jail is the oldest public building in Abbeville, South Carolina. Standing at three stories tall, the ground floor was originally the Sheriff’s home, and the upper two floors the jail. The third floor was reserved for the worst criminals, with high rafters perfect for hanging. One medium visited the third floor and identified a ghost named Earl Miller. These days, the building is now the Abbeville County Museum.

Slade Lake And The Legend Of Becky Cotton

When you peek inside Carolina Moon Distillery in downtown Edgefield, South Carolina, you may be fortunate enough to hear the tale of Becky Cotton Gin’s namesake. Now, the description on the bottle goes a little overboard, Martha McDonald, the manager at the distillery, reminds us from behind the counter. She didn’t murder four husbands, she only murdered three.

Around the year 1795, Becky Cotton took an ax to the head of John Cotton, hid the body in the lake, then fled the upstate. Eventually, she was caught and put on trial but was said to be so bewitching that the jury completely acquitted her. The legends say she had two husbands before this, one stabbed and one poisoned. She went on to marry a member of the jury but was murdered on May 5th, 1807 by her own brother on the steps of the courthouse. It’s said you can still hear the screams of the murdered men in Beck’s Hole, now a part of Slade Lake.

Ghost Creek Road

This one is a local favorite in Laurens, South Carolina. As the story goes, a young man died in a car crash on this road the night before his own wedding. Driving down the road, you will encounter a sharp curve, then a small bridge over a creek. If you stop, turn the car off, then walk around it clockwise, your car will not start and you will see a white apparition in the trees. So the legend says anyway.


Charleston South Carolina is one of the best places to go because this place has so many things to explore. The place is having lots of adventurous activities, electric cars, etc. However, while going to a particular place the first thing we notice is the language and currency. Rather than this what kind of facilities they are providing us as a traveler. In all aspects there you will find specific management which will help you to have such an amazing journey.

However, there are so many things and activities not only for the youth, couples. But this place is also good to go with family and friends. In short, this place has something amazing for everyone to explore. 

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