Carlsbad Flower Fields: An Incredible Travel Guide

Carlsbad Flower Fields

The Carlsbad Flower Field covers an area of fifty acres having lots of amazing flowers. You will see lots of the Ranunculus flower set near the hillside. This place is the perfect choice for different private events like weddings, corporate gatherings, lush gardens, etc. They are inviting you to enjoy the wagon rides, and visit the 1500-square-foot greenhouse. Throughout the complete season, you can see so many of the events organized here. The best things about this place are that there is something for everyone.

Many of the music events and art events are organized here. Some are seasonal but some are for the visitors, every year you will get something new. This is the place where you can see the history of the many flowers, and most effectively you will find real peace and refreshment at the place. For the protection of the flowers and the interior, pets are not allowed to come here. Rather than this, there are so many things and amazing facts about Carlsbad Flower Fields.

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When The Carlsbad Flower Fields Open

When The Carlsbad Flower Fields Open

Usually, this place is pretty busy on the weekends. But freely you can come here from Monday to Friday. There are plenty of tickets available at this place. Officially, spring is a good time to visit the place. The best time to visit the place is in March, this is springtime here. 

However, the flower field is the jewelry of the nation. The manager of the field also says that the spring season is one of the most spectacular and coordinated displays. This place has natural colors with beauty which is good for providing real peace. 

Mother’s day of the place is in March at the end of the month time of this all the staff is requested to come. It is the most amazing season and popular for escaping time into the color. Visitors remember this place to have the experience that the beauty of nature is still alive. They are sharing the mission that they are planning to provide a place that elevates mood.

Carlsbad Flower Fields Weather

Carlsbad Flower Fields Weather

The Climate in Carlsbad is very beautiful and pleasant. The winter session is good with an average temperature that is 60s degrees (Fahrenheit) and the summer sessions are also great with an average daily temperature in the low 70s (Fahrenheit). Only a little bit of rain falls in the area each year, on average it is 10 inches a year. 

Carlsbad is a great place with such desirable daily temperatures you will visit any month of the year. However, there are certain times of the year when Carlsbad visitors can partake in more frequent festivals and events.

Visit Carlsbad Flower Field In January

Usually, many visitors like to come in January because this is the location of the San Diego Marathon. Many tourists visit Carlsbad or at least drive through to see all of the beautiful flowers that bloom in March and April month at the time of the year.

Visit Carlsbad Flower Field In May and November

The Carlsbad Village Street Faire attracts a large number of tourists. Another region has the biggest single-day street festival and entry is free. Be prepared for large crowds, challenging parking, and lots of fun.

Visit Carlsbad Flower Field In the months of July and August

Carlsbad organizes free live jazz performances in the city’s parks for the enjoyment of both locals and tourists. Throughout these two months, this performance is held every Friday, and large crowds attend this program each Friday. 

Different Ticket Prices

If you want to visit the place now you need to book your online tickets in advance. Here are some prices for the tickets, which you can buy from the official site.

  • Ticket Price For Adults   $22
  • Ticket Price For Seniors    $20
  • Ticket Price for Children aged 3-10  $10
  • Ticket Price For Child Under Age 3  Free Entry for children under 3 age

Seasonal Passes Charges

  • For Adults $46
  • For Seniors  $42
  • For the Military  $42
  • Children Ages 3-10  $20
  • Under age 3  Free For Children Under 3

Area And View Flower Field Carlsbad

Area And View Flower Field Carlsbad

The fields are near to 50 acres of the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, a flower the most famous one due to its large size. This is a bloom with large double petals sitting at the top, it is so tall and has straight stems. There are more than 70 million flowers set and blooming there. 

However, mothers day is 8 March. The fields are the results of more than 85 years of efforts of different people. Who managed all the flowers and the things that resulted in us getting this amazing view? This field has been there since the year 1920 for nearly decades, now operated at the current location 5704 Paseo Del Norte.

There are so many outdoor music events and local circuses for entertainment. Rather than this, there is a theater group also, American Flag for Flowers if there. You will find the tractor wagon rides, and artists performing at the stage of the garden. There are many aviaries that have a sweet pea maze, Cymbidium Orchid Greenhouse. 

Sea Of Flowers

You will find here the sea of flowers which is spread over an area of five acres. Only here you can see many of the different rare species of flowers that are aligned in a specific manner. Many of the visitors also say that the size of the place is similar to the small moon. 

Unique Activities Of Carlsbad Flower Fields

Unique Activities Of Carlsbad Flower Fields

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch is open for the 2021 season between March 1 – May 9 Mother’s Day. After a year, you’ll be delighted to know that familiar activities are up and running in addition to a new U-Pick Blueberry experience.

Get ready to flood your Social Media feed with coordinated displays of natural color thanks to the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus and other blooms spread across 50 acres.

You must purchase time and date-specific tickets in advance online because they are not for sale onsite. Season passes are also available and do not require reservations.

Face coverings are required for everyone ages 2 and older, and The Flower Fields is operating at a reduced capacity. You’ll see hand sanitizing stations, enhanced cleaning measures, and reminders to maintain distance from other guests in the area.

Payment for additional experiences and merchandise will be taken only by credit card or mobile device. Wear walking shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Remember, the display areas are a working farm, and flowers grow in the dirt.

Take Plenty of Photos

This is your opportunity to take the perfect holiday card, family, or social media photos against a backdrop of orange, yellow, pink, white, and red ranunculus flower rows and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. You will see plenty of visitors doing the same thing 

Pick Your Own Blueberries

New this year is a U-Pick Blueberry activity. Buy a pint ($5) and fill it with fruit that you select from the 2-acre blueberry patch. The Flower Fields, but guests not visiting The Flower Fields can access the patch for free by parking in a designated lot and using a different entrance.

Tour Ranunculus Flowers

Every season, guests look forward to the Antique Tractor Wagon Tours, where you can ride through the fields in a towed wagon while listening to the history of this unique San Diego attraction. You’ll buy wagon ride tickets when you arrive. The wagons are disinfected regularly and the seating is arranged so that people in separate households can safely be seated in the same wagon.

Santa’s Playground

Well, some of the playhouses and other displays now live at The Flower Fields.

No eating or drinking is allowed inside so everyone keeps their face coverings in place. If there are other visitors waiting, guests are asked to limit time to 30 minutes.

Greenhouse Poinsettia

Until the 1960s, this land was used by the Ecke family who still owns the land to grow their famous poinsettias. Long story short, they moved their operations to greenhouses, but Paul Ecke Jr. convinced his friend and local grower to plant his ranunculus flowers here. It was Paul Ecke Jr. who came up with the idea to open the ranch up for tourism to keep the location economically viable. So, it only fits that a rather large greenhouse at The Flower Fields showcases rare and unusual poinsettias along with the history of this important Southern California site.

Improve Your Green Thumb At The Demonstration Garden

The Master Gardeners of San Diego County display ornamental and edible plants for visitors to browse and learn more about how to grow at home. You’ll also walk away with a few garden design tips. It’s neat to see how companion plants are paired together by experts.

Take a Field Trip

Field trips for ages Pre-K to 3rd grades are available that cover topics like composting and gardening but include fun hands-on projects and art. And, don’t forget that you can download age-appropriate activity sheets to complete at home.

Spend The Night

You have some choice when it comes to Carlsbad hotels near The Flower Fields. The two closest, which are located above the Carlsbad flower fields, are The Cassara Carlsbad and Grand Pacific Palisades. A shuttle will take guests to The Flower Fields The Cassara Carlsbad is new and popular with families for their two-bedroom Karlsbad Suites. Grand Pacific Palisades are vacation rental condos with full kitchens and one to three bedrooms.

Things Should Not Miss In Carlsbad Flower Fields

Things Should Not Miss In Carlsbad Flower Field

It is the perfect place if you are trying to find such a flowery place that is not only good to go but also has something really unique to see. This is actually what you are looking for, all over the world, this is famous for its real beauty. There are so many things like the wagon rides, stroll through the artist gardens, and many amazing games, etc. Rather than this, there are some things which you should not miss if you are visiting this place.

American Flag Of Flowers

This is one of the most amazing things about the United State Of America. The American flag has a red and white color with the blue petunias strategy. Just like that in the garden, there is a pattern of red, white, and of blue flowers which is representing the Flag of the Nation. The straight path of that is giving such a really nice view. And if you see this from the top you will find this to be similar to the flag of the Nation.

The Artist Gardens And Bird Aviaries

Can you imagine yourself sitting in such an amazing and beautiful place? This is true here you can watch the concert of your favorite celebrity and you have a chance to enjoy that with your favorite snacks. The display of the garden is really amazing with lots of different colors and with the fragrance of nature. It is the place where you cannot stop to sing aloud and enjoy the amazingness, and refreshing things of nature. 

Many of the different birds are chirping by finding the amazing nature around them. In this hectic nature and the noise, you are getting the place where not only you are traveling. But also resting by your soul. So, why should miss this kind of amazing opportunity?

Cymbidium Orchid Greenhouse

Visit the Cymbidium Orchid Greenhouse and the amazing view of this with your loved one. Orchids are also available for selling at this place, so if you love them make them a part of your family also.

U-Pick Blueberries

The Name of the place is telling the meaning and what will be there at the place. This is covering an area of 2 acres. If you try to get the blueberries from outside you will not get any experience or fun with them. But here you are getting a chance to pick the blueberries on your own. However, the crops are available for you from where you can get that and try the amazingness.

The best thing bout his place is that if you are trying to get the blueberries from anywhere after paying so much also there is no chance to get the pure one. But the fields are having crops that you can use to have real blueberries.

Strawberry Shack of Carlsbad

The Strawberry Shack of the Carlsbad Flower Fields features sweet treats crafted with fresh, locally sourced, sun-kissed strawberries. Specialties include award-winning fresh strawberry shakes, strawberry shortcake sundaes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, strawberry sundaes, and premium quality soft-serve ice cream.

Historic Poinsettia Display

This is the memory lane of the entire country from where you can get the history of the country. There you will get 1500 square feet of the greenhouse the worldwide famous Paul Ecke Poinsettias. So, enjoy more than the hundreds of exciting species of flowers. Here, 20 rare species are also available. Learn the history of the different species from the best swelling spot of the plants.

Santa’s Playground

Santa’s Playground is the home of the different whimsical Playhouses and gigantic mushrooms. Many of the children and the adults are delight in the guard shack, doll houses, crooked treehouses etc. Here you will get lots of the variety of the mushrooms the taste of them gives you the real memory of the culture and amizngness. Remember this is near to the Lake Arrowhead.

Carlsbad Mining Company

Find your polished gemstones using the miner’s old method of sluicing water through boxes of sand. Fun for all ages Sluicing can be done at $4 per guest. Take one dollar off ($3) for kids.

Sweet Pea Maze

The sweet pea maze is the floral maze which will gives you the experience of the fragrant and colorful old fashioned sweet pea blossoms. It is such an amazing and the most world wide wondering things which is the dream destination of the most of the people in the world. So, many people are just visiting this place to try this one.

Demonstration Garden

Although the flower field is the master garden for the visitors. There are many of the featured gardens which are good to provide the appropriate small spaces or helpful for those people who love to be in nature. However, the master garden has the best things, lots of fun and the amazing things of nature.

Areas And Activities To Check Out In Carlsbad

Areas And Activities To Check Out In Carlsbad

The entrance of the garden is from the Armstrong garden center right next to the Outlet. 

Special Added Facilities For The Visitors: For the visitors, there is a new facility for reservation. This is a half hour or increment to your time so that you can enjoy the garden. However, this is also helpful to reduce the crowd in the afternoon. So, that everyone can enjoy themselves here and get the proper time with their loved ones without any crowd or disturbance. Seats also have space between each other. There are lots of other benefits to going there like:

Pictures In Flowers

If you are visiting the garden there are so many benches just near the flower garden. The pattern and the infrastructure are really good and you don’t need to find any difficulty in place. By sitting on the bench directly you can take pictures. If you are going there in the season, you will get the flowers blooming with such a nice color.

Fountain Area

At the entrance, you will find such an amazing fountain area. From there you will get the perfect view to click the pictures. From here you will get lots of chains of flowers of different colors. 

Besides the fields of the garden, you will get a clear magnificent view. 

Historical Place

There is a Historical Place that is helping people to realize that here in southern California. There is Paul Ecke Family who are contributing such an amazing thing to the place. They are having their own property here and are developing the market of the modern-day poinsettia and through efforts now this is turning into the symbol of Christmas. They are displaying all the different kinds of flowers and the species over here. With the information and the origin of that particular species. 

Most Favorable Flower

Ranunculus is one of the most famous flowers in the entire field. They are really beautiful and amazing to see. However, they are white in color. When they are blooming at the peak the view is such an amazing and nice one to see. 


The field is really huge and amazing so if you are feeling tired and looking for the restrooms. There are many of them available for visitors, they are just beside the fountain area. From the entrance, you will get a map of the entire garden. Which will help you to know the path. 

Strawberry Shake Shop

Near the place, there is a strawberry shop that you can go and visit. Here, you can sit and enjoy the strawberry shake. However, a lunch facility is also available so if you are looking to have lunch so by sitting there you can enjoy the lunch. 

Bird Cages

In the Garden, there is a birdcage, in which you can see society finches, Orange Weavers. They are really lovely to see. Near to it there is a gazebo which is a really nice place for the Instagrammers. 

Concert Hall

There is a huge concert hall where such great performers are coming and performing on stage. Many of the families and kids are coming here to attend the event. Especially for the kids, there are special activities. 

Sweet Pea Maze

This place is a quarter mile of walking place. However, this is a good fragrant piece that is really cool which grandma usually loves to grow. This is pretty good to have all these varieties which are giving cultural value to the place. 

Photo Spot

There is a particular photo spot where you will get such a giant photo. Many of the artists are coming there and displaying their art here. There you can sit and get an amazing view. However, this view looks like somebody shrunk the kids. This is really lovely, awesome, and funny to visit.

Blueberry Picking

There is a spot from where you can do the blueberry picking. Generally in the second week of April, you can pick them. If you go and buy it then you need to pay 5 bucks for the basket off blueberry. But if you are picking your own blueberries you will see they are having different tastes. Especially you have to make an effort for them, so you need to have a chance to pick the amazing one. 

Private Events In Carlsbad Flower Fields

Private Events In Carlsbad Flower Fields

The lush greenery, and colorful arrays of flowers in the garden, with impressive outdoors. Every year many people book Carlsbad Flower Fields for their private events like weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate, School celebrations, Nonprofit fundraisers, or Festival parties. This field comes alive with millions of ranunculus flowers during the spring(March-May).

Weddings Or Special Events At The Flower Fields

If you are looking for a memory palace to throw your next party or event. Then why not do it in The Flower Fields? It provides you the 50 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus with additional three acres of roses, orchids, petunias, poinsettias, and sweet pea blossoms with the best ocean view. They set the stage for weddings and many more special events the stage will set in the newly built Paul Ecke jr. Barn. they also provide catering services for your events. 

Interior Of Carlsbad Flower Fields

Interior Of Carlsbad Flower Fields

Entrance: Maine entrance gate for the private party is white in color. Near the gate, there is a parking lot. If you are having a private event there so you and your guest can. This is really a nice place and has proper management. While entering from the main gate you will get a walking path from where you can enjoy the lovely garden view. 

Golf Cart: Here, you will get two golf carts for you and for your guest. So, anyone who needs to ride up to the venue can have that. This is really a good way to get these all things. The best thing about it is that this is not only beautiful but also a nice ambiance place for you. 

Guidance Facility: At the entrance, you will get guides who will help you to be on the right path.

 Facilities: In the garden, there is a proper space where you can get the proper space for catering and other facilities. 

Beginning Of Your Event: From the entrance to the venue, the view is really amazing and nice which is really a good way for the beginning of the event. 

Visiting Tips For The Flower Field In Carlsbad

Visiting Tips For The Flower Field In Carlsbad

The ticket pricing for the flower field is $22 Per person. So, make sure that you have booked the ticket first online before sometime when you want to visit the place. Recommended time to visit is from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM. There you will get the huge land, but there are lots of thighs to see. You can enjoy it here for an entire day. This is such a cool place to visit, you will find the area to be really good and worth it.

For just 2 months each year, a large swath of land in Carlsbad, California, bursts with color as thousands of ranunculus blossom at The Flower Fields. It’s a joy to see the flowers from the car while speeding along on the Interstate but the best way to enjoy them is to purchase tickets and roam the fields where they are planted. 

85 years of cultivation has resulted in the many-layered ranunculus in 13 different colors that visitors see today. Over time they expanded a basic growing operation into a much-beloved spring destination for locals and tourists alike.

Getting To The Flower Fields

Located about 30 north of San Diego and 90 minutes south of Los Angeles, the flower fields are best accessed by car since public transport is limited in this area. The entrance is just a short distance off Interstate 5, next to the Carlsbad premium outlets. 

Open For Just Two Months

Ranunculus are in bloom for just 2 months each year typically in March and april. So if you want to see then be sure to check the opening dates on the flower fields Website and snag your tickets. If you’re looking for a really special way to celebrate mother’s day consider visiting on the closing day browse the many acres of flowers with mom.

How To Avoid Crowds

Fields of flowers in pink, orange, red, yellow, and white are sure to attract large numbers of visitors. In fact, over 100,000 people visit each year. However, Anyone wanting to avoid the busiest times should plan to come Monday through Thursday, preferably at opening time.

While you can’t pick the flowers, you can purchase them after your visit at the adjacent Armstrong Garden Center. Moreover, This popular Southern California gardening store sells small bouquets of ranunculus in all the available colors.

Attend An Event

Each year The Flower Fields hosts a variety of public events making it possible to experience the venue from a different perspective. This year will include Tea In The Garden, Sunset Wine Tasting & Music, Kid’s Day, and Girl Scout Day.

Explore Carlsbad Village

If you’ve driven a distance to visit The Flower Fields, explore the nearby Carlsbad Village. However, This charming part of town borders the beach and offers boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants. However, It’s perfectly flat, making it easy to walk anywhere.

To relax on the sand or wade in the water head to South Ponto Beach or Carlsbad State Beach. Both are popular with surfers, so keep your eyes on the water to see who’s catching a wave.

For a hearty breakfast head to Beach Break Cafe. Although,  If it’s comfort food you prefer, try Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe. If you happen to be around for dinner and want something really special, try Campfire, recently recognized with a Michelin Bib Gourmand award.

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What To Wear And Bring To The Carlsbad Flower Fields

What To Wear And Bring To The Carlsbad Flower Fields

Wear a pretty sundress and a straw hat. For some dashing photos,  Look at the part. The sun gets harsh midday so you’ll want the sun to protect your eyes anyways.

  • Bring a light jacket as it can get kinda windy at times. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are pretty close to the Pacific, so you’ll get that nice ocean breeze.
  • Slather on the sunscreen the sun is strong here. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting sunscreen and bring a pretty good subscribe with a high level of SPF For better protection. Sun is super harsh and you don’t want your skin to burn.
  • Wear comfy shoes/sandals while you don’t need to do much walking, it’ll be way less crowded the further you go into the fields. And definitely Wear flat soles Because sometimes due to water sprinklers it gets super muddy.

Generally aimed to get there exactly for Your timed ticket, but Try to arrive 30 minutes early. Even Though you might get a long line for entrance, the staff is great. If you do get bitten late or early the staff will let you enter.

Rules And Regulations Of Carlsbad Flower Fields

Rules And Regulations Of Carlsbad Flower Fields

This is a place which is having the real blessings and the beauty of nature. Here, are some of the rules or some necessary things which one should not miss while going there. They are for the safety of the place.

Pets are not allowed

This is for the safety purpose of the garden and also for the health of your pet. Because they are not so friendly with the new human this is why also pets are not allowed. 

No Alcohol or Tobacco Environment

These are the things that are spoiling nature. Generally, people who are chewing tobacco are seriously so bad. Which is not pleasant for many other people. Just like that alcoholic people are also not liked by most others. This is why they are also not allowed to go there. 

There are some more basic things which you must know about the Carlsbad flower fields:-

  • No Bicycles, Hoverboards, or Drones are Allowed: For safety purposes inside the field bicycles, hoverboards, or drones aren’t allowed. 
  • The wheelchair facility is not available: Right now wheelchair is not available. This service will be added to the place.
  • Free Parking Facility: For the visitors, you will get a free parking facility. So, that your vehicle will be safe and easy for you to park it. 


The Carlsbad Flower Fields is the best place to go if you want to explore such an amazing, cool, and calming place. This is to advise you to book your tickets online so that you can save half an hour and enjoy the trip. 

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch is a fifty-acre dazzling rainbow of beautiful ranunculus flowers set on a hillside overlooking the striking Carlsbad, California coastline. The outdoor space is idyllic for planning weddings, events and corporate gatherings held among the lush gardens, or you may choose to nestle indoors in our 200-seat Paul Ecke Jr. Barn for special occasions!

This Place invites you to enjoy our tractor-driven wagon rides, our 1500 square foot greenhouse filled with world-famous Ecke poinsettias, the sweet pea maze, Santa’s playground, an orchid greenhouse, and many themed gardens. Throughout the season they also hold special events and music designed for visitors of all ages.

Picnic tables are on site and parking is free. Located in North San Diego County, a region with a rich history of growing flowers going back to the 1940s.

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