Best 7 Affordable & Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

A wedding is not just about dressing, shopping or something else. The best part of the wedding is the planning for a honeymoon. Whether you plan your honeymoon for weeks or months but you should visit the best destination to celebrate your wedding in the best way. It is a little bit harder to find the best destinations at affordable prices. So, we have provide the Full details on Affordable Honeymoon Destinations.

But you can explore a lot of destinations to spend your honeymoon. Also, you can also choose the location where you want to spend your honeymoon according to your budget as some of the top affordable honeymoon destinations are described in detail. So, you can know in detail about affordable honeymoon destinations and don’t have to search a lot on the internet.

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Bali : A Romantic Place For Scenic Spots


Bali is a small island located in Indonesia. And it is one of the best destinations for a honeymoon outside of the united states. It is famous for its beautiful scenic spots and a lot of couples visit here every year to spend their honeymoon. The private beaches as well as the volcanoes won’t disappoint you and you can make your honeymoon one of the best memories of your life. If you are thinking the Bali is an expensive place but it is one of the affordable honeymoon destinations.

Why Bali Is A Popular Honeymoon Destination

Bali is so famous and affordable destination for honeymoons as well as for tourist places. A lot of couples visit here because of its beautiful attractions and private beaches. Also, there are a lot of things that together make Bali a famous destination. You can experience a lot of things on this awesome island like Cultural treasures, The most iconic landscapes, and landmarks. 

Also, you will find innumerable temples along with historical places and spots of natural beauty. It is also famous for its traditional festivals and cultural activities. You can signup for cooking classes, explore the Tirta Empul water temple, visit museums, explore the popular Tegalalang Village as well as you can learn the traditional crafts.

Average Cost For Bali Honeymoon

Average Cost For Bali Honeymoon

Bali is a magnificent and affordable Honeymoon destination with stunning beaches, perfect waves for surfing in the ocean, and beautiful places. Also, anyone can visit here to explore the beauty of Bali and its beautiful places. But you may be wondering about the cost of the Bali trip. You can plan for your Honeymoon to Bali according to your budget as we have mentioned it.

If you are planning to visit Bali by airplane then it will cost you about $850 and you are expecting to spend about 19 hours and 52 minutes. Traveling by flight is one of the best ways to visit Bali because you will find it most comfortable and you can save a lot of your time. You will need a resort or hotel to spend your night when you will land in Bali. So, you will be expecting to spend about $480 for a luxurious hotel room for 6 nights.

Anyone who visits Bali will definitely go to explore that beautiful island. So, you will have to spend a little more money on transportation to go from one place to another and to explore the whole island. Hence, the little cost of transportation will be about $120. Further, there are a lot of Restaurants and shopping places in Bali that are one of the things that makes Bali is one of the awesome and famous as well as affordable honeymoon destinations. Therefore, you will also spend a lot of money on shopping places and Restaurants that will cost you about $200.

So, you may know by now that Bali is not so expensive destination for a Honeymoon and you can afford the trip to Bali very easily according to your budget which will cost you about $1,800.

Best Time To Visit Bali

Best Time To Visit Bali

All the seasons are best in Bali but everyone has their own choices to visit because maybe you won’t like the seasonal time in which you visit there. There’s one thing that Bali is located very close to the equator which leads to its warm and tropical climate. The average climate of Bali ranges from 26°C to 29°C. There are mainly two seasons in Bali that are the wet season which ranges from November to March. And the second is the dry season which ranges from April to October.

If you don’t like the summer season and the bright sunshine then you should visit the wet season of Bali. Visiting Bali in the wet season will be also best as the beaches and other places. They are less crowded because a lot of people prefer to visit Bali in the summer or dry season. So, since you are planning for the affordable Honeymoon destinations then it will be the best time for you. You can experience the beauty of Bali in a peaceful way and you can go to the less crowded beaches. Also, a little rainy season can raise your romantic desires.

You can also save a lot of your money on flight prices as the prices get moderated to very low cost during the wet season because very few people visit during this time period. However, you should visit at the beginning of the wet season because you can stuck in the heavy rain for days if you visit during this season. But you can experience this place in a less crowded area and if you love the cool season then this is best for you.

Besides the wet season, the dry season is the best choice for a lot of people. If you don’t like the cool environment and you don’t want to be stuck in the heavy rain of Bali’s wet season then you must visit in the dry season. You can enjoy the awesome beaches and the bright sunshine and you can also dive into the deep blue ocean. Also, you can go to surfing and hiking on the mountains. But there are a lot of things that can ruin your honeymoon trip in the dry season. You will be expecting to spend a lot of money on flight prices. 

Things To Do In Bali

Bali is an amazing and best destination and it is known as the Island of the Gods. You can do a lot of things on Bali island whether you visit here to spend your honeymoon or to spend your holiday vacation. You can go to surfing in Kuta, can visit Ulun Danu Temple, dive in Padang Bai, spend time in Sidemen. Also you can relax at Yoga Barn, go for snorkeling, go to Bali zoo, and also you can climb on the great Mount Batur. All these things are great and they can make your honeymoon trip one of the best memories of your life.

Maldives : Famous For Its Romantic Beaches


Maldives is a country of the sea, it is a safe country, the sea resort of Maldives will attract you a lot, but it will be the largest fish whale in the world. This is one of the world’s five best sights because of dolphins and whales. Here you can also take the experience of scuba diving. The romance of romance happens in the air of Maldives itself. You can also choose this hotel on the shore of Samadar. Also, you can also enjoy the sun set and sun rise, this will give you a very masical experience. Here you also have excellent food, you can also try different types of dishes in Maldives. You can visit affordable and awesome honeymoon destinations in Maldives.

Why The Maldives Is Best For Honeymoon

The world is full of beauty and the beast is full of attraction. And if you are a newly married couple and you are planning a Honeymoon Destination then here are some beautiful destinations for you. This can help in your honeymoon planning.

According to us Maldives is the ideal spot for a honeymoon. Its beauty will make your honeymoon playing just right. The Maldives is a very famous destination of honeymoon, many places here are evaluated for honeymoon. 

So there is no doubt that Maldives is not good for your honeymoon. Maldives is a beautiful country in Asia. It mesmerizes the beauty of the sea. Here you will also find restaurants in the sea, here the best place for vacation and honeymoon. 

Average Cost For Maldives Honeymoon

Maldives is one of the wonderful and affordable honeymoon destinations with splendid beaches, perfect waves, what should be the budget to visit here. If you are planning to visit Maldives by airplane then it will cost you about $888 from New York and you are expecting to spend about 18 hours and 40 minutes. Traveling by flight is one of the best ways to visit Maldives because you will find it most comfortable and you can save a lot of your time.

Mallya : Best Place Of Maldives For Spending Honeymoon


Honey Moon’s Maldives is famous for its private islands and beautiful beaches and white sand. Hotels in Maldives will also get you very affordable prices.

Where you can roam in Maldives, but you can stay in Mallya. There is also a budget hotel in Mallya. In Mallya you can find local market, artificial island, national museum. You can also roam and go to the beach from Mallya, then you can cover a distance of 7 kilometers from him and go to Hulhumale Beach. You can go by ferry. Ferry is also less priced than other transport. 

One can do a lot of activities at Hulhumale Beach, out of which water activities like fly boat, sailing banana boat right, jets can also do scuba diving. And you can also enjoy the local special food of Maldives on it. This is the most affordable and budget place in Maldives. Here you can enjoy the attraction beaches and white sand tasty dishes and evenings. For Honeymoon Couples this Mallya Place is a very beautiful place. You can make your honeymoon even more beautiful in Maldives with their romantic Masical winds.

  • Your expenses in Mallya will like some for 3 days and 3 nights. For $109.43 
  • Food & restaurant Expensssive $87.54
  • Transport Expensive $ 60.80

Maafushi Island : A Romantic Maldives Island

Maafushi Island

The imposing resort here and the sea with blue water, and adventure activities too. Masafumi Island is located on South Male Atoll. Here you can do Jet Ski, Banana Boating Ride, and other water activities, Mafashi Island is one of the best Honamos Key Islands in the Maldives. It’s a charming touch that adds a rejuvenating and positive atmosphere to your honeymoon.

How can you get have a romantic experience mentioned below 

  • Here You Can Explore the Marines
  • Enjoy the Sandback Tour
  • You can also see more creatures with dolphins here
  • You can also enjoy the floating bar
  • Here you can also get a bikini sun shoot    

Best Time To Visit Maldives

April To November

One of the best to go to Maldives, the season between April and November is from from 29°C to 31°C on sometimes it keeps going up and down, sometimes the temperature rising and sometimes it falls down. 

October And November 

This month, warmer temperatures and prolonged light imbalances result from an increase in the likelihood of rain and storms. Whale sharks and manta rays, which come to feed on plankton, can be seen in abundance between October and November. This time of year is a great time to visit as there are so many excellent deals to take advantage.

January To April

As these are the wettest months, with limited rainfall and only occasional temperatures. From May to December, temperatures are still moderate, but there is a greater chance of rain and storms. But even at this time, long periods of strong sunlight often occur. However, good prices and offers mean it’s still time to visit often.

Weather in Maldives The rainy season lasts from May to November. In this situation, less people come to Maldives, due to which you get an affordable time and your expenses will also be less, neither you will get too crowded nor too much.

You can also enjoy scuba diving in this rainy season. In this rainy season, there may be heavy rain and strong storms. And the storm passes through this island with great speed. And this time can be a good trip for them to Maldives.

There will be a different fun of scuba diving in the rainy season. The season proves to be good only for scuba diving, it is not necessary that this rainy season is a romantic season which can be very romantic for a couple.  So if you want, you can plan a honeymoon during the rainy season.

France : A Beautiful Honeymoon Destination


France is a country in Western Europe. This is also a famous for their beautiful honeymoon destination. Also, france is one of the affordable honeymoon destinations. It was settled in the Middle Ages when a single king had for several duchies and princely states to join forces. But the regions of the country have recently been given some degree of autonomy. Even today the central authority remains with the state as before. The French see the state as the principal guarantor of their independence, and the state provides its residents with a variety of benefits, including free health care, pensions and pension plans. Nevertheless, the dependence of the French nation on the sovereignty of the individual often contradicts this central tendency.

Its city, Paris, is famous for its designer boutiques, museums of classical art, such as the Louvre, and landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. Including Mediterranean beaches, alpine villages and historic capitals. The nation is also recognized for its fine gastronomy and wine. Its long history is attested by the prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux, the Roman Theatre of Lyon and the sprawling Palace of Versailles. There are many affordable honeymoon destinations in France which are mentioned below

Paris : Famous For Eiffel Tower


One of the most well-liked and affordable honeymoon destinations is Paris, which draws a lot of visitors each year to its memorable environment. One cannot help but fall in love with the ambiance of Paris—from its people to its culture, fashion centers to museums, art galleries to exquisite dining establishments. Everything about the city of Paris is enigmatic, from the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower to the mystical architecture of the Louvre Museum.

Why Is Paris A Popular Honeymoon Destination

We must discuss Paris because a lot of tourists visit here every year that is more than 20 million. Paris, a famous honeymoon destination, is home to romantically evocative architectural attractions such as the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. To appreciate the uniqueness of Paris, consider sidewalk cafes and small shops.

  • Romantic Places: Notre-Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Garden, and The Louvre.
  • Places to visit Experiences: Dine on the Eiffel Tower, shop at Le Marais, visit the Musée d’Orsay, take a tour of Disneyland Paris, and more.
  • Nearest Airport: Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Hotels for stay: Best Western Plus Hotel Sydney Opera, COQ Hotel Paris and Hôtel Aiglon.
  • Places To Eat: Paris offers a surplus of restaurants that serve everything from nouveau bistro fare dishes to Asian fusion cuisine. Check out the upscale establishments around the 1st arrondissement and the Marais as well as the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower. There are many cheap eateries and cafes in the 2nd arrondissement.
  • Best Time To Go: The best time to visit Paris is from June to September. From June to August the weather in Paris is just about perfect.

Annecy : A Popular Honeymoon Destination Of France


Due to its ville, which has cobblestone streets, winding canals, and pastel-colored cottages, Annecy is one of the top and affordable honeymoon destinations in France. More than lakhs of tourists come here just for the honeymoon. One of France’s largest lakes, the Lac d’Annese Lake, is set amidst snow-capped mountains, and the charming old town offers breathtaking views of it.

Annecy has a charm that sets it apart from other French villages and towns. You must have a great experience at Annecy during your entire stay as the medieval core and picturesque surroundings of the city have been maintained.

Why Is Annecy Famous Destination For Honeymoon

Like other affordable honeymoon destinations in France, Annecy is one of the happiest, light-colored homes. Lake Annecy takes you to a paradise that sounds so much better than your most vivid dreams, with a wow element waiting for you in every nook and corner of the city. So, if you are hoping for all peace and quiet during your holidays in France then this hill town is the place to go.

Average Cost: $300

Best Time To Visit Annecy

Best Time To Visit Annecy

If you are looking to travel to Annecy for your honeymoon trip but are not sure when to go, this article will help you choose the best time to visit.

During the warmer months, the temperature in Annecy can rise to a maximum of 27 °C (80), which causes not much snow. In colder months such as January, temperatures usually drop to an average low of -4 (25). Due to the low temperature in these months, many snow related activities are seen.

March And April: At this time of year, hiking trails are more accessible due to temperate temperatures and less snow on the Alps. If you visit during this time of year, you can find a variety of tour companies, in addition, events like the Venetian Carnival make Annecy an ideal destination for a getaway during the off-season.

May To September: At this time of year, events like the International Animation Film Festival and the annual Lake Festival Fireworks draw huge crowds. So the chances of getting a good deal while booking the accommodation are very less. This makes exploring Annecy much easier for tourists. Swimming, waterskiing, boating, and diving become popular activities around Lake Annecy during this time of year.

October And November: This time of year also sees the popular October festival known as the Return from the Alpine Pastures Festival. While strolling the streets in Annecy during this off-season, you’ll find plenty of activities to do.

December To February: In this French city, winter means taking advantage of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and seeing snow-capped alpine peaks.

Things To Do In Annecy

There are some famous things to do for your Experiences. Kayaking on Vézère River, is one of the most popular things to do in Annecy to make your honeymoon memorable. Traveling by kayak through the Valley of the Vézére for a few hours, a day, or even several days at a time is a great way to take in the natural beauty. And also you can explore the Aquarium du Périgord noir, visit the Lascaux International Center of Art parietal.

Corsica : Famous For Natural Beauty

Corsica located in France is a perfect honeymoon destination. It is the natural beauty of the island of France – it is blessed with nature with soft rolling hills, misty lavender mountains, herb-scented air and irresistible sandy beaches – and the boutiques and quayside restaurants that dot the island, boutiques and quayside restaurants. We do. Island Dot. Known for the season. Enjoy and make a perfect honeymoon.

Why Is Corsica Famous Destination For Honeymoon

Is it better to spend a romantic vacation in Corsica? Whether you like to indulge in boat tours and cultural excursions or secluded beaches or just a candlelit dinner with your partner, Corsica is the perfect destination for you.

Surrounded by the famous Mediterranean Sea, a perfect example of a rich history blending artistic and maritime beauty. The Corsican culture along with French and Italian influences make this place a perfect holiday destination. This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful and affordable honeymoon destinations.

Things To Do In Corsica

Things To Do In Corsica

Corsica is popular for both its mountainous center area and white sand beaches. It has a wide range of activities and attractions; you will go there for your honeymoon it will provide you with a great opportunity to discover the unique character of the island. There are many affordable honeymoon destinations in Corsica.


Porto-Vecchio is one of the best beach vacation destinations in Corsica. It is situated on the southeast coast of the island, this small town is reputed for its stunning beaches such as Palombagia and Tamariksiou. The 16th-century walls and yacht-filled marina overlook the backdrop of the old town occupied by the Genoese citadel. This is definitely famous for the photographs.


Bonifacio Citadel is the oldest fortified city in Corsica. This is at the southern tip of Corsica which gives you the sophisticated Italian feel of its palm groves and upscale restaurants. There are also a number of expensive bars and restaurants around the port that will quickly put you in the holiday mood.

Singapore : A Love City For Couples


The most beautiful city of Singpore known over the world , the beauty of this place is very amazing. This is a very full tourist attraction city. It has big buildings. There is a mall building which is very beautiful to see and is attractive. It is a country known for tourism, the name of Singapore is one of the top countries, whether it is for tourism or for wealth, Singapore is ahead of them. This is a safe country, due to which people come to visit. It is a safe tourist city. There are many bilangadas here as well as ground places which can make you enjoy the beauty of very good nature. With the beauty of nature here, it is also known as Garden City. Tourist is the biggest part of the income here.

  • Average Cost
  • Hotels  – $ 72.93 
  • Transport  – $60.78
  • Meals – $72.93
  • Entry fee – $243.11
  • Flight – $882

Why Singapore Is A Popular Honeymoon Destination

Singapore is a good travel country for newly married couples. This is a very good country for a honeymoon. Many people like the place for honeymoon. And Singapore offers wonderful Honeymoon programs for couples. Which means a lot of joy to them. Singapore is known for being diverse and cultural, here you can find beautiful Mosques, Temples. And take the experience of Lining Street. 

Even though it is a small country but this heart account is very big. There are many romantic places and places to eat, as well as Atrangi Bars. Also, they are very popular for celebrating love, some of the popular here are Marina Bay. Also, you can experience all the dimensions of Singapore. Huge Bridge in Marina Bay which gives a view of the skyline, Marina Bay is very famous in the sand world. This is Merlion Park, here there is a statue of Merlion which is known to the world. The body of the idol is that of a fish and the head is of a lion. This unique idol makes Singapore a more popular and attractive place.

Singapore A Modern Paradise Island The beauty of this place is known all over the world, it is a wonder city. It is an attractive place full of nature, as well as it is a man-made place. This is a very blissful place for couples hangout, so honeymoon hangout will be a fun place for you, as well as a romantic place. You can visit The Garden of Bay among the most popular places. There is an interesting place for everyone here, you can also enjoy roller coaster here. Here you can also enjoy shows and places to eat and drink. You are the birth place of Singapore.

Things To Do In Singapore

Things To Do In Singapore

You can visit The Garden of Bay among the most popular places. There is an interesting place for everyone here, you can also enjoy roller coaster here. Here you can also enjoy shows and places to eat and drink. You can also visit the famous place of Singapore, which is a statue of Half Fish and Half Lion. And you can click the photo, which will be the whole of going to Singapore. This place is absolutely free, you will not incur any cost. Singapore is fuller, you can enjoy a big swing, from this swing you will also see the beautiful views of Singapore.

As much as it is beautiful to see from afar, the more you have to explore the beauty of Singapore by sitting in it, is a $33 entry ticket. Here you can also visit the Aquarium from the Amarin Life Park, for transport, you can use the taxi, metro, bus. You can get this one day unlimited travel pass. You can do more activities in Singapore with Gnome. These activities you can enjoy in singapor

Best Attractions Of Singapore Island For Honeymoon

Best Attractions Of Singapore

There are too many attractions affordable honeymoon destinations to explore in Singapore. Singapore is the best place for romance. Mentioned below are the best places for a honeymoon as well as on an affordable budget. 

The Zoo In Singapore

Popular places in the world. Along with the beauty of the building, there is also a natural place, if you are planning a honeymoon trip and are thinking that where to go Said no. So you can roam here which is very affordable. Will be in your affordable too. There are more than 6000 animals in the zoo, out of which 40 are dangerous species. Mississippi to the Yangtze which is complete, which is visible to the abode of rivers all over the world. 

Along with Orangutan Island in Singapore, there are more exciting attractions here. In this zoo you will get to see the world’s largest trees and living mammals. Where you can enjoy breakfast with them. If you are planning your honeymoon then you can visit this zoo and make your honeymoon good. The zoo in Singapore is one of the attractive places. 

Also, it is a clean place and at the same time it is full of vegetation, there is also a large family of chimpanzees, zebras, meerkats, komodo dragons, moles, white tigers, kangaroos and many more, to complete your visit to this zoo. It may take you at least 3 hours for this. You can enjoy your honeymoon at this fun place, it will cost you less. It also has a night safari, a river safari, nearby. There is also Jurong Bird Park, which you can visit the nearby place at low cost and prove your honeymoon as an affordable honeymoon destinations

Sentosa Island Or The Merlion

One of the attractions of Singapore Sentosa Island is also. This is not a middle ground, it is becoming deserted, but it is. This place has the island of Sentosa where you can find some sunshine, sand and sea. It is a man-made beach. It is also considered to be the home of Underwater World Aquarium of Singapore, where you can enjoy swimming as well as watching the marine dolphin there. 

This is a very iconic statue of Singapore on Sentosa Island which is also famous in the world. The body of this satute is fish and the head is of a lion. This Singapore is the most power place, if you go here, then the photo will be clicked which will be proof of visiting Singapore. This is one of the best affordable attraction place for your honeymoon. 

Best Time To Visit In Singapore

Best Time To Visit Singapore

You are waiting for the right weather to visit Singapore and wondering which season will be better for Singapore life. So we are telling you the solution of this problem, which season is best for you to go to Singapore. Singapore experiences a tropical climate throughout the year. It rains a lot. Which will be very romantic for a honeymoon couples. The month of April to June is the best month to visit. This is the driest time of the year. 

It can be sightseeing, a film festival is held here in the month of April, which attracts tourists. The month of June-September is favorable for visiting the city. Food festivals running in this month attract tourists. From October into the Navarra month, this rain lasts and lasts until Nowerber. As there are fewer tourists, if you do not like to go to the crowd, then come this month, the accommodation prices are less and you will find less crowd in the places.

Thailand : Best For New And Old Couple


Thailand is one of the most well-known native of the world. It is very famous for tourism. Most people like to come here for tourism and enjoy the beauty of this place and take a wonderful experience. It has natural, big buildings, white beach and wonderful hotels in the attraction here. It has many historical temples, which attracts you. Along with the places to visit, there are also delicious dishes here, which will give you a different taste. And if you are thinking that this is the right city then you are absolutely right.

Why Thailand Is A Popular Honeymoon Destination

Why Thailand Is Famous

Vacation plan and honeymoon plan will be very good in Thailand, you hardly get better and cheaper place for your honeymoon. There are many famous things here which have been mentioned below which will help your honeymoon vacation. Thailand is a wonderful, diverse country that is known for many things which are as follows. Also, there are many affordable honeymoon destinations in thiland.

The Elephant Riders

It is well known for its elephants. There is a craze for elephant riders here. And here elephants are kept freely. Which tells a positive trait towards the animals of this country. The buildings of Thailand are 20,000 years old.

The Ancient Cities

Cities like Bangkok, Sukhothai and Chiang Mai are home to many ancient ruins. The buildings of Thailand are 20,000 years old. These are also known as many Thai arts. As much as the beauty of Thailand is spoken about, it is one of the world’s well-known contries. It is also a popular and romantic awakening for a honeymoon. You can also visit in a low budget. This is a very affordable place for travel and leisure.

Best Food Of Thiland

Thailand is also known for its cuisine which is very tasty. Many of the food here is well-known, one of which is Thai gastronomy, which is named as one of the best dishes around the world, which is questioned all over the world. If you go there, then you must try these dishes there, Tom Yum Gung, Pad Thai. Thailand is cheap in many things, it is also cheap for travel, here you will also find some cheap restaurants on the roadside. The Erawan Museum of this is also very famous, which is of Puranic times.

Buddhist Devotion

Thailand is also known for its Buddhist devotion, it is very famous all over the world for its Bodh Bhakti, 95% of the population here is of Bodh religion, but there is a lot of devotion after realization, here you will find many temples, these around 40, There is a Bodh temple around 40,000 up  and also a pilgrimage site.

Average Cost For Thailand Honeymoon

Average Cost For Thailand Honeymoon

If you plan to visit Thailand by plane, it will cost you about 728.35 USD and expect to spend about hours and 52 minutes. Traveling by plane is one of the best ways to visit Thailand because it is the most convenient for you and you can save a lot of time.

Thailand is one of the best place and you will find here many beautiful as well as affordable honeymoon destinations. It is a romantic place where you will get a great experience here. It will prove to be an affordable place for your honeymoon destination. The journey here will prove to be very exciting. Some of the best places there is Bangkok, Chiang is a tourist place here, which is a great place for your honeymoon, Thailand hotels are also very cheap, so you can stay here. The cost of hotels here can be around $100, per night. 

The resort and the food and drink places are also fantastic, the food of Thailand will give you a different taste. You can keep $400 in your food cost. It is very cheap to eat in Thailand. The cost of eating and drinking for a day depends on your appetite. Here one day’s cost can come to at least 40-50$, After going to Thailand, you can also do public transport there. Bus and train can cost you 30-50 $ Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Ferries in Thailand can cost as little as $30 to $40

Things To Do In Thailand

Things To Do In Thailand

If you are going to Thailand then you can see its attractions and make your honeymoon very nice. There is no doubt that there is no answer to the beauty of Thailand. You can enjoy the travel of Thailand in a good way. You can go there to Kanchanaburi and the Bridge which is 130 less than Bangkok. It is one of the famous and historical place of Thailand. This bridge has a sad past. Railway Museum, a Jeath War Museum about the history of the “death railway” and the harsh living conditions of the prisoners. There is also a park near it, which is very attractive, there is Erawan waterfall where you can take a dip as well as you can walk and have fun on the vegetation path along the river. 

Also there are some caves nearby which can be seen. Siam Park is located in Bangkok, Thailand, spread over about 130 acres, Siam Park is the largest park in South Asia. There are 20-23 rides in this park and all that is fun in itself which can be a lot of adventure for you. You can also enjoy cycling in Thailand’s Lymphini Park. It is one of the affordable honeymoon destinations. This park is absolutely free. Couple of a Honeymoon Sunrise time here can be very beautiful, here you can go to safari world and drive here which can take you at least 45 minutes, you will find all the animals in the world here. 

You can enjoy Thailand’s Kanel Ferry, you can enjoy the big aquarium of Salif Ocean World here, from this aquarium you can. You can also enjoy the Mbak Mall here and do some of your shopping, and enjoy video games, you can also visit the Grand Place here. Your honeymoon in Thailand can make for a great experience by exploring a lot of activities and things to do.

Best Time To Visit Thailand

Best Time To Visit Thailand

If you are planning for Thailand and are wondering which season to go to, then we are giving you a little idea about the weather there, so that you can do an extensive tasting of its weather. The best season and months to visit Thailand are April and November. Here the rain stops in November, due to which the weather remains quite clear and warm, so that you can enjoy the sea there, the mountains, the river can enjoy the beach here. Here you will get to see everything. This is the coldest place in the world in the month of November. 

It rains lightly in October and September in Thailand, if you like the weather, then you can go this month. And in this month there will not be much crowd on the seashore. The winter month in Thailand is February and the temperature ranges from 32 degrees to 18 degrees. A lot of tourists come here in winter. If you like frost, then you can give a chilly atmosphere to your honeymoon in this month Sun, surf, dry weather and low humidity all make it the best time to visit Thailand. Rainy month is a romantic month for honeymoon couples, so you can also come to Thailand to make your honeymoon better.

The Philippines : A Romantic Gateway For Couples


If you are planning to visit the most romantic getaway for your honeymoon, or couple’s trip! Read out this article and find out which places in the Philippines offer the most intimate and sweetest escape for couples. There are countless places to visit in the Philippines. Its staggering 7,000+ islands, a vast selection of paradise-like beaches, expansive landscapes, and breathtaking views make it the ideal destination for a charming, romantic getaway.

There are lots of options for you in the Philippines. Whether you are looking for the best place to propose, you are planning a honeymoon or looking for a romantic spot for a special romantic date. So there are many affordable places in the Philippines. like Benjie, Siargaop, and Batangas are the best affordable Places.

How To Reach The Philippines

You have two ways to go there first you will choose by flight. It is an easy and comfortable way to travel anywhere. And second is by ferry. The ferry is a great way to assimilate the local culture and it is also a convenient way to travel in comfort. It will take about 18 hours to reach the Philippines

If you Prefer to travel by the Flight, then it will cost you about $890. You will be expecting to spend your money for about 8 to 10 days, for a longer and more relaxing honeymoon, 2 weeks is good! You might choose to take a ferry to Uson Island Public Pier, Coron’s main pier. 

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations In Philippines

There are many affordable honeymoon destinations in the Philippines; Some are overrated, some are underrated, and some are still overlooked. You explore in detail some of the awesome and affordable honeymoon destinations like El Nido, Coron as well as Siargao which are described below. I am sure you will have the best time of your life. The Philippines is the only perfect place to spend your special honeymoon moments together.

El Nido : Honeymoon Destination Of Philippines


El Nido is also considered to be the last frontier of the Philippines, and if you are looking for great beaches for spending your honeymoon, so this is the perfect place for your memorable vacation.

Why EI Nido Is So Famous

El Nido Island is famous for being the star attraction of Palawan. The city is characterized by small swiftlets that build edible nests from saliva in the huge limestone cliffs that surround the city and are also known as white nests, hence the city’s name El Nido. Is. The town has a simple beach offshore Kadalao but is home to a thriving restaurant and bar scene.

At El Nido, they serve almost every dish kissed by the flame of our custom wood-fired grill or Italian brick oven. For wood-fired fare, they source the best ingredients from Mexico for flavoring.

Things To Do On EI Nido

The allure of El Nido, Palawan is something that never gets old. Its crystal-clear waters and spectacular tunnels couldn’t be more enchanting. Beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, lakes, and more are included, so you can find pretty much whatever type of water formation you’re looking for. A long list of tasks also exists. Palawan is an ideal place for cliff diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and cave exploration. You can also take part in the spectacular jungle tracks. Joe El Nido turns into a wild party scene at night where you and your partner can have a great time.

  • Hotel:- Some affordable hotels in El Nido are somerset central Salcedo makati, Jinjiang inn markati, and Conrad Manila this hotel’s charges are under $ 80 only.
  • Where to eat: You can visit Big Bad Thai, Ristorante LaLupa, and Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine. its Charges are $2 to $30.
  • Flights charges: Approx $ 899 From New york to ElNido.



Siargao is preferred by tourists for several reasons. This island is also considered a beautiful and affordable honeymoon destination. Many couples come in large numbers throughout the year. The island has hidden lagoons and crystal-clear waters where couples can spend time alone. Lasting memories are made on this island as it will never run out of activities for two. Visitors to these tourist destinations should follow health precautions, such as wearing face masks and maintaining proper social distancing.

Why Siargao Is So Famous

Blue-green waters, picturesque islands, snorkeling and white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves and lagoons are perfect for diving. The island offers delicious local and international cuisine. Travelers usually prefer to visit General Luna to enjoy surf spots, but the Sugba Lagoon has made Del Carmen popular as well.

Things To Do On Siargao Destination

You don’t miss a chance to visit Siargao’s tourist attractions, which include pristine beaches, surfing spots, beautiful lagoons, and more. You can indulge in water activities such as surfing. Popular leisure activities including surfing, kayaking, leisure swimming, and much more are open to tourists, but only to a limited extent.

  • Hotel: Some affordable hotels in Siargao, Greenhouse Siargao, Kermit Surf Resort Siargao, and Siargao Inn. This hotel’s charges are under $ 120 only.
  • Where to eat: You can visit Halika Siargao, Aventino’s Pizza, Pasta and Vino, and BLISSRestaurant, it’s Charges are $2 to $30.
  • Flights charges: Approx $ 996 From New york to Siargao.

Coron Town is a fishing village with a population of just 50,000, but it is becoming a popular tourist destination year after year. Palawan was recently named the most beautiful island in the world and we have to believe that Coron Beach is a beautiful beach.

Coron : Famous For Mangroves And Beaches


Coron is a great starting point for an excursion, especially for divers looking to investigate Japanese shipwrecks from the 1940s. Atwayan Beach offers guided kayak tours through the mangroves, or you may perfect your kill spike on the beach volleyball court. Your appetite for the ultimate outdoor experience will be further sated by jungle treks, horseback trips, and island camping.

Why Coron Is A Popular Honeymoon Destination

In the province of Palawan, there lies an idyllic wedge-shaped limestone island called Coron. A honeymoon trip to Coron includes visits to lakes, lagoons, coral gardens, and beaches with snow-white sand. Coron’s nature is somewhat undeveloped but offers a lot of adventure for a honeymoon location, making it worthwhile to spend some time exploring it with your spouse.

It has attracted the attention of many because of its beautiful rock formations and incredibly clear water. It is believed that Coron definitely has a unique charm in the Philippines and you can add this unique experience to your list of memories.

Things To Do In Coron

Enjoy a day at sea as you explore Coron Island on a boat trip. You can visit Las Islas, Sunset Beach, and Kayangan Lake de Coral or just watch the beautiful scenery. It is one of the affordable honeymoon destinations. 

One can also explore Coron’s stunning coastline as you cruise around its off-bay islands, stunning beaches, and swim-up spots, including Atwayon Beach, Quin Reef, Green Lagoon, CYC Beach, and Kayangan Lake. 

Go for a swim in Barracuda Lake and Twin Lagoons Discover the picturesque islands of the Calamian archipelago on this full-day boat trip from Coron that will be just as exciting for you. Relax on the day trip to the beautiful sandy Smith Beach.

  • Hotel: Some affordable hotels in Corno, Coron Westown Resort, Coron Ecolodge, and Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel, these hotel’s charges are under $15 to $200 only.
  • Where to eat: You can visit Pacific Coron, Kawayanan Grill Station, and Hermanos Tapas and Wine Bar, it’s Charges are about $4 to $17.
  • Flights charges: Approx. $ 1,284 From New york to Siargao.

India : A Perfect Romantic Destination


If you are planning for honeymoon and looking for an affordable country for your honeymoon then you can go to India. Which will cost you less, it will cost less, you can explore many things here, India is a very beautiful country, with natural beauty, you can also experience culture things, and also taste good cuisine. Variety of dishes are available here. The weather here is also good, there are many places to make honeymoon here, India promises to give you many attractive views, it will give you the snow-capped Himalayas and the Average Cost for India Honeymoon

Some people think that India is only for its historic monuments and pilgrim places, but India is also one of the best places to spend a honeymoon. The historic places, monuments, beaches, mountains, and pilgrim place of India attracts tourist as well as honeymooners a lot. If you are thinking about the Cost of an India Trip then we surely say that it will be affordable and you will enjoy it a lot.

Why India Is Popular Honeymoon Destination

India is popular and famous for its many amazing things. It is known for its fantasy. Here you can also see many religious places. Married couples from all over the world come here for blessings. It is a religious place as well as a honeymoon destination, here the Kumbh Mela is known all over the world, the people here use their quality and prepare hand made things, among which are carpets, clothes, sheets, In all this, they shows the talent of his hand art.

Along with its handmade art, it is also known for its delicious dishes, you can taste different types of dishes here. There is no doubt that India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Some of the favorite food here are Dosa, Poha, Chole Bathure, Curry Rice, these are the best dishes you can enjoy during your Indian travels.

There are many states in India, each state has its own weather, it is Manali, Shimla, Kashmir is a cold place, this Rajasthan, Gujarat is a little hot state, you can go here for your honeymoon in many states of India, and can experience the beauty of this country. There are countless things to get information. So you can come here and explore the beauty of many states here and make your honeymoon better.

Average Cost For India Honeymoon

If you are planning to visit India by airplane then the cost will be within your budget and you will enjoy most of the places in India at affordable prices. Traveling by flight or by road is not very expensive in India. Although, you can save a lot of money if you spend your honeymoon. There are countless places to visit in India.  You will find the best and affordable honeymoon destinations  in India.

If you come to India your money will only spend in to go one place to another. You can see many places at a limited cost. The average cost of Hence, the little cost of transportation will be about $100. Further, there are a lot of Restaurants and shopping places in Inda that are one of the things that make India an awesome and famous destination. Therefore, you will also spend a lot of money on shopping places and Restaurants which will not very expensive. If you spend a luxurious life then you have to spend a little more money otherwise a Trip to India is very low on budget and less expensive.

Things To Do In India For An Honeymoon Trip

India is an amazing and beautiful destination to spend the honeymoon. There are many things and activities to do in India. If you are a nature lover then Kerala and Uttrakhand in India is the best place to explore the natural wonders. Additionally, you can do the water activities as well like surfing, and scuba diving. The Bungi Jumping, Paragliding is also very famous in India. 

If you want to experience some adventure then these activities are the best for you. The beaches of goa are also a very nice place to spend the honeymoon. Also, the newly married couple who wants to take blessings of god then no one place is better than India. Also, the culture of India attracts people a lot. Hence, India is the best place to spend the honeymoon. 

Best Time To Visit India

Best Time to Visit India

All the seasons are best in India to visit but everyone has their own choices to visit because maybe you won’t like the seasonal time in which you visit there.  In India, there are five seasons summer, winter, autumn, spring, and rain. Winter and the Summer season are the best places to visit in India.

Besides the winter season, the dry season is the best choice for a lot of people You can enjoy the awesome beaches, historic monuments, and pilgrim places in bright sunshine. Also, you can go surfing and hiking in the mountains. But there are a lot of things that can ruin your honeymoon trip in the dry season. You will be expecting to spend a lot of money on flight prices. 

If you don’t like the summer season and the bright sunshine then you should visit the wet season of India. Visiting India in the winter season will be also best as the beaches and other places are less crowded because a lot of people prefer to visit India in the summer or dry season. 

So, since you are planning for the Honeymoon destination then it will be the best time for you. You can experience the beauty of India in a peaceful way and you can go to the less crowded beaches. Also, a little rainy season can raise your romantic desires. 

Desert filled with sand mountains. India can prove to be the best honeymoon destination for you, which is very cheap, it is one of the best and affordable honeymoon destinations.


We have mentioned the affordable honeymoon destinations on your budget which makes your trip planning easier. These destinations are also popular for newly married and old couples. If you ignite some spark in your relationship, you can choose these affordable destinations that make your honeymoon memorial. 

If you are exploring the Luxurious Honeymoon Trip then Greece provides one of the best honeymoon destinations. You can read our article on Greece Honeymoon which will help you to get full details.

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