Why does my Knee Hurt when I Bend It

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Nowadays, walking is no longer normal for us. At the age of 30-35 people lost the ability of walking properly. The knee joint carries the entire weight of our body. If there is a problem in our joints, then you have difficulty in walking and you feel handicapped. But nowadays, even for young people, there are a lot of problems when bending the knees. Knee pain becomes common in young people. A knee injury or pain may result in sharp, shooting pain, a dull ache, or a searing sensation, depending on the underlying reason. Your knee can swell and feel sensitive to the touch. Additionally, you can find it challenging to bend, straighten, or put weight on your knee, and you might have knee sticking.

Causes of Knee Pain

If the joints are getting degenerated and the muscles are also getting weaker. So, the pain starts, here mentioned some of the reasons for this:-
  • Unhealthy food
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Overweight your Body
  • Tight Shoes
  • Tight Fitting Cloth
  • Lack of Exercise
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Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy foods are not only harmful to your knee pain but also for the whole body. You should reduce eating unhealthy foods or fast foods. Try to add Nuts and Seeds, Garlic and root vegetables, whole grains, and lentil and beans to your diet. Healthy foods are not only good for knee pain but also good for keeping your whole body active and healthy. Eat healthy foods as much as possible.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Another reason for having knee pain is your sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, we exercise our mind more than the exercise the body. And a lot of people have to do the work sitting down, because of this we are not able to do the movement of the body properly. Even if you work while sitting, you must do something to stir the body.

Overweight in the Body

Your entire body weight is on your knees. Due to the excess weight, all the weight comes on the knees, and due to this also the knees’ pain getting starts. When you bend your knees, you get a lot of pain. Sometimes there is redness and swelling in the knees.

Tight Shoes

If you wear shoes that are smaller or bigger than your size, then your nerves become narrow, which causes pain in the knees. You should always wear shoes according to your size.

Tight Clothes

If you wear too tight clothes, then you can get pain because tight clothes do not allow your body to relax and sometimes you also feel uncomfortable or something tight. As a result, this causes problems in the nerves and arteries in your body. And you start getting pain in different parts of the body along with knee pain. That’s why it is always advisable to wear comfortable clothes.

Lack of Exercise

Not doing body exercises can be a problem for your whole body. Exercise helps you stay fit and active. To keep your body disease-free, if you do some exercise on a daily basis, then you get a lot of relief from pain in the body.

Tips to Reduce the Knee Pain

Nowadays we hardly exercise our body, we exercise our mind too much. So if your work is related to your mind, here are some tips to move your body while still working in the office.

Reducing Long sitting position

Go for a walk, and stretch your legs every half an hour. If you are working in the office, then you go to drink water and try to move your body. You have to try to reduce your long sitting position.

While sitting, move your chair back and stretch your legs

When stretching, try to lift the legs straight up. Also, While sitting on the chair, try to bring your leg up. Keep your legs straight up on another chair. These two tips will really help to move your knees.

Don’t mentally affected

Knee pain is just a not physical thing. Your mind gets disturbed anxious, angry, and hurt that’s what happens your muscles become tight, arteries become narrow. When muscles tight joints come closer and nerves are getting pressed to give you more pain. Irrespective of your pain but you have to work, that itself would help you, when the mind is in pain,  it increases pain. So remove that mind and focus on your work.

Give warmth to your knee

Try to warm your knees as much as possible. You can cover it with a hot bandage using any ointment. In addition, you can use a hot water bag, to get relief from the pain.

Body Movements

  • Do some knee movements if the pain is because of degeneration in muscles and nerves.
  • In the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis, gives rest to the affected area.
  • In the case of Osteoporosis practice all the exercises related to knee pain but do not repeat them.
  • Do not overdo exercise.
  • The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the knee joint become strong by doing exercises.
  • Blood circulation is also improved which releases the stress in the knee joint.


When we take things mentally, we tend to make small problems too big and create more problems in a negative way. So don’t let any problem dominate your mind. You may not always be able to cure conditions like osteoarthritis. by doing exercises, treatments, or medications you can reduce your pain and get relief. You should temporarily stop bending and engaging in other activities if you experience severe knee discomfort while doing so. Stopping the overuse of the affected body part is the best strategy to lessen pain. Also, you should try to maintain your weight, its weight will also make you feel less. Also Read: How to Reduce Lower Back Pain Neck pain exercises and treatments
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