What is Bio-gas: Advantages and Uses

Biogas its Uses

Biogas is a  methane-rich gas. which produces anaerobic breakdown or digestion of biomass with the help of methanogenic bacteria. What is Biogas? Biogas contains methane (50-70%), and carbon dioxide( 30-40%) with traces of nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen. This article gives you clarity if Biogas usage & benefits.

Methane gas can produce 50% of the combustible energy inherent in organic waste. This gas is also famous as Gober-gas in the Hindi language. Different gases combine to form biogas. This gas produces in the absence of oxygen when the compounds get break-down. Biogas contains various organic molecules discarded from agriculture, food waste, and other sources. Majorly it contains waste and biodegradable natural materials.

Basically in the absence of oxygen, some small species work on that compound and compose it resulting in produced gas providing a really good fuel. Biogas is nothing it’s a mixture of CH4, CO2, and H2S(a small amount of it), also has some moisture in it & also contains CO( carbon monoxide). This product is biogas.

Bio- Gas is compressible the same way natural gas compresses and this is in motor vehicles. It can use for any heating purpose. The main thing is that in the use of this gas the produced material is also compossible. when this gas is used the product is CO2 which is also a natural thing. Hence this is a clean fuel.

Good for Sustainable Rural Development

We are most famous country for agriculture but due to lack of education & low literacy rate normal people are not very much aware of the fruitful usage of agricultural waste for example in that area the cow waste, farming waste just going to be waste due to the lake of knowledge of actual usage of it.

They need to be more aware of it for example there are some areas that are transporting this waste to Bio-Gas plants. This is really also a very good way to provide natural fuel. Biogas is a clean sustainable, eco-friendly source.

How Bio-Gas Produce?

It is produced in an anaerobic digester which contains organic waste like animal waste and food waste into two products:-

  • Bio-Gas: mainly used in the rural area for lightening, eating cooking food
  • Organic fertilizer: for plants, it uses to replace chemical fertilizer
  • Asia’s Largest Bio-Gas plant: The main base of the economy in the whole of India and agriculture is the main source of material for this. Since ancient times India is the most popular country for agriculture purposes we are the largest provider in the world. We have a very large number of agricultural waste.

Other clean fuels

There are several factors that show that usage of fuel is far more than the production of it. Oh! We have so many other fuels also but they produce harmful chemicals which are resulting in Global warming  & air pollution etc. We can compare area quality now and from the previous things. This clean fuel is giving us such a very good amount of energy at no higher cost, resulting in there is no bad impact on nature also. 

We are looking for alternatives because fuel is a necessary part of life. This is really the best way to reduce the usage of petroleum fuels. We can say this is a cleaned fuel.

Advantages of Bio-gas plant

No Harmful Chemicals or gases are produced

While using bio-gas there is no harmful chemical produced. It results in products being only eco-friendly gases so, there’s no bad impact on nature. We can also resolve Global warming types worldwide problems also.

Nature-friendly fuel

This fuel is made from animal waste or agricultural waste. This is helping us to get free from those waste in a positive way. This source is cleaning nature. The main thing is it’s not costly.

A great alternative to other polluting fuels

This energy can convert into heat, electrical, or any other one. It can also use in transportation vehicles easily. Bio-gas usage & benefits. Thus we are getting a very good alternative of Petroleum Compounds. This is the way to sustainable development.

Pocket-friendly fuel

This fuel is not very costly. It can easily be Afford by any normal citizen also because its manufacturing plant doesn’t have so many things to be maintained.

Renewable resource

This fuel is renewable because the waste will gonna produced in a continuous manner. So, we don’t need to think about our sustainable resources. Also with coming technology, we can transfer this way to the new generation also.

Provide a good amount of energy

From this fuel there’s a good amount of energy is released which we can use for so many purposes.

Energy easily can convert into other forms

This energy can be transferred to other forms like heat, light, electrical, etc. This is its main advantage of it. There’s a practical example of it like in rural areas or any other backward region we are using. Bio-gas usage & benefits Because in the near location it’s more beneficial to have a power plant of this due to the availability of waste material. This reduces the cost of manufacturing it.

Disadvantages of Bio-Gas

Lesser technological advancement

It is not really based on such advanced technology. This is the main reason for its failure in India. Somewhere people are not very much aware of it or if the awareness is there people don’t think that deeply about it. The reason is as a business purpose it should be more developed than only people will support it.

Nature or surrounding dependent fuel

basically, this is a natural phenomenon. Naturally, some small bacteria work on it and decompose. Which is producing Bio-Gas. For the proper working of bacteria, there must be a suitable environment in simple terms temperature will be the dependent factor for this. We can moderate the plant so that it can maintain temperature internally otherwise we need to work according to the natural phenomenon.

Produces foul odor

This plant produces a foul smell. That is so The reason is that’s the main drawback of it. It is waste which we are using here. That produces a smell that can’t control because it will be produced during the duration of the decomposition of the compound.

How to do business with biogas.


This fuel is a really very good source of energy. It depends on the area & availability of raw materials because in this there will be not so much profit to go very far. This is a good way to use waste resources in a productive way. We don’t need to have so many things to use it. Hence it’s a helpful resource to fulfill the demand for energy Biogas usage & benefits.