What is Thanksgiving Day and Why it is Celebrated

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is meant to be an annual national holiday in European countries. It is celebrated in the United States and Canada. However, the celebration was held because of harvesting crops and the blessing of the past year.

History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday festival celebrated every year. However, it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Although, many Americans take a vacation from Friday to make a four-day weekend. 

Thanksgiving Day started in 1621 when the puritans arrived in Massachusetts. Puritans come to Massachusetts to do religious activity without any disturbance.

Therefore, tragedy happens. More than half have died during rough winters. Puritans started planting crops such as wheat, crops and rice. Afterwards, they began work on the constituency of Indian cropping plantations. 

Although, when the crop was ready to harvest, the pilgrims started to thank god. However, the Thanksgiving Day feast has become a national festival. So many other pilgrims sacrifice their life in terms of freedom of the country.

During Thanksgiving Day, people arrange breakfast, lunch & dinner for their families and acquaintances. It is a festival where farmers serve their crops food in their meal: corn, mashed potatoes, green peas, etc.

Before begin the dinner, families hold their hands and thank god for their blessings. As a result, after Thanksgiving, they begin their meal and enjoy the joyful event.

Usually Thanksgiving day festivals are celebrated at home with family or the community. Occasionally, varieties of food are present so members can enjoy the feast.

Although, the best thing which we feel about the Thanksgiving Day occasion. On occasion, people meet with families and friends for a reunion. Also, people enjoyed the day with thanks and celebrated the freedom of Americans. 

At the time, Americans got the platform to express their feeling of freedom. People start preparing their meals so that they can disturb food for the needy.

The Tradition of Thanksgiving Day

The American tradition of Thanksgiving goes back to 1621. However, The pilgrims praised their first harvest of bounty from Plymouth Rock. However, the first settlers arrived in the 16th century. Therefore, the settling month was November 1620. It established Plymouth Rock as the very first English colony located in the New England region.

After barely making it through during their initial winters, pilgrims meet Squanto, who instructed the pilgrims.

How to grow corn, recognize toxic plants, and capture fish.

The month of November in 1621 was their first good harvest with the governor William Bradford. However, it invited nearby Native American friends to a meal. The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted over three days with pilgrims. Although, settlers enjoyed feasts with indigenous people on dry fruits, cooked pumpkins, turkey, venison, and more.

On Thanksgiving Day, people give their meals to a community charity, the poor and churches. However, it is the start of the holiday season, which celebrates Christmas and New Year. Moreover, it is a sign of thankfulness for food and peace.

Americans enjoy the beautiful occasion with a happy smile. The harvest feast is introduced by migrant pilgrims. It plays an important role in American history. However, it has a unique symbol of having foods in human life. 


When discussing Thanksgiving Day dinner isn’t Joyful without turkey. Turkey is cooked with whole body including different vegetables and fruits.

Generally coated with spices and herbs to add aroma flavor. Afterwards, the turkey dish started baked in an Oven. The turkeys cooked in the range are tender and delicious. However, this cooking process of roasting needs a proper attention. Somehow peoples can refuse for it dryness.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes are a popular food item for many families throughout the season. Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day to enjoy these fluffy, creamy potatoes of heaven to shine. However, Mash potatoes are an exquisite binder. Therefore, it can be used to pick up that ideal spoonful of stuffing, turkey, and Cranberry sauce. We can also use potatoes as perfect

gravy pots. People can customize mashed potatoes in dishes as per the recipes. It’s the most delicious side of Thanksgiving.

Gravy Cranberry Sauce

Gravy Cranberry Sauce delivers a different taste to your meal. However, some enjoy the jellied, canned, and bottled cranberry sauce (with the ridge marks still intact). Therefore, some prefer to create their own. Cranberry sauce gives a luxurious feel to the dinner table and a perfect presentation. Cranberry sauce includes a striking deep red color and its delicious tartness. In conclusion, cranberry sauce is a must to complete the Thanksgiving meal. If you are looking How to Thicken Alfredo Sauce.

Delicious Thanksgiving Day Corn Food

Corn Bread rolls are a different important element (a critical component) of Thanksgiving Day dinner. Most of the time, the rolls are Cornbread. First corn convert into corn floor then the cornbread making process starts. During the period corn dish can be served in different ways to your family member. You can enjoy cooked whole corn or creamed corn made of mashed corn soup or sauce.

Green Bean

The Green Bean recipe becomes a little complicated while cooking. However, Green Bean casserole delivers the salty, creamy and delicious taste with crunchy onions. Suppose you are planning to otp in green peas to dishes.

However, you can make a green bean casserole dish. Another thing you can use to dress up the different recipes. Green Beans never feel disappointed with this classic dish, and its popularity is apparent.

Candied Yams

Sweet potatoes are creamy, yellow varieties of potatoes known as yams. The sweet flavour texture of sweet potatoes makes them highly versatile. However, it can be baked in a casserole or mashed up like regular potatoes. Moreover, they are simple in various situations as a side dish to accompany the main dish.

In the recipe, you can season them up with brown sugar, spices, and butter. Secondly, bake them to produce candied yams, Which is a delightfully sweet dessert. 

Pumpkin Pie

In America, an autumnal pumpkin is a sign that autumn is upon us. Most everything has the pumpkin spice flavor! Although you can find pumpkin spiced coffee and pumpkin spice cookies. Moreover, you

can even find sausages made with pumpkin and bagels! Surprisingly, the flavor doesn’t contain the actual pumpkin flavor. We must be the only ones who enjoy pumpkin spice so much during the fall! The delicious pumpkin pie with a warm spice within the flaky crust will keep you warm.

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Glazed Carrots

Glazed carrots is most difficult recipes to be ready at shorter time. However, glazed carrots can add gorgeous sweetness and a bright hue to any dish. It can serve a purpose served by other well-known favorites. Such as sweet potato and cranberry sauce, making these vegetables an easy side dish to eliminate.

Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is flexible, which keeps your presentations good. It is an easy method to incorporate tons of iron into the Thanksgiving dinner. There is nothing unique or festive to this dish. However, we can prepare a meal of creamed spinach and can serve it in the evening. 

Brussel Sprouts

This is a controversial vegetable that may cause objections. Objections from the younger crowd during Thanksgiving. If perfectly cooked and slathered with bacon and Maple syrup, the tiny cabbages.


Thanksgiving Day is an American origin festival. Thanksgiving Day celebration is also enjoy at another European countries. This celebration is held on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Mainly Thanksgiving Day celebrations were to thank the god for food and freedom. It is an occasion where people celebrate together and enjoy meals. However, Thanksgiving allows them to enjoy the experience with their family and friends. However, people spend healthy time with their families.

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