How to Make Money on Onlyfans without showing your Face

how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

OnlyFans popularity among the general public has surged. Men and women alike are flocking to the site in the hopes of acquiring clout, notoriety, and making money on OnlyFans, including top-tier influencers, models, and celebrities such as Lisa Raye Mcoy, and Chris Brown, and Cardi B.

Many people are making adult content for only fans and many wants to start so we will discuss how to get started and how to earn money through Onlyfans. You may have noticed people do not show their full faces online whether that’s on youtube or only fans on Instagram or Twitter.

The Onlyfans site has certainly grown in popularity in recent years. This is because they provide their consumers with a service that is both simple and appealing: the possibility to earn money through content production on Onlyfans.

On the other hand, Some content producers do not want their relatives and friends to know they are operating OnlyFans to make money. Despite the fact that you may make a lot of money from Onlyfans.

To develop such information, one must, of course, be detached from any possible shame that this type of exposition may cause. You just must be able to project a “screw it” attitude and carry on.

You should never reveal your full face that’s only to protect your anonymity and you should also very careful about what details you share online which is something that you recommend no matter if you’re showing your face or not being very wary of what you present online because you never know who is looking at you who is looking for information and it’s important that everyone stays safe.

Discovering OnlyFans

OnlyFans was also a place where adult models, sex workers, sugar babies, and individuals (both men and women) looking to make some extra money selling risqué or naked pictures could advertise and make money online. So before starting you should choose or we can say come up with a catchy username that is available on all the different social media platforms. I definitely recommend you don’t use numbers don’t use underscores, just trying to come up with something that maybe encompasses your personality a little bit or your niche for you.

Maybe you are very natural, you might have large breasts and a curvy body so it will work out really well for you. So that accordingly you can come up with a catchy and attractive username that can very easily grab people’s attention.

Some Different platforms where you can also create accounts are Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. So you have these three social media networks in addition to your only fans page.

Before starting there firstly it is important to get content on your only fans and you should get some up there because then when a user goes and clicks on your profile they can see the number of posts and the amount of media that have on your page and you want to make sure that it’s something worthwhile enough for people to subscribe to but a big part of advertising is social media.

You have to be careful on different platforms because they each have their own rules and restrictions Reddit is very useful in finding information about how to promote your only fan’s account, as well as just tips on doing only fans.

You should also have a tripod and a camera or mobile camera with good pixels so you can click some pretty good photos.

Steps to Make Money on OnlyFans by Hiding your Face

Here are some very important steps to make money on Onlyfans by hiding your face.

Steps to Make Money on OnlyFans by Hiding your Face

Try not to use your genuine name and make new web-based entertainment accounts

You may use social media accounts (obviously with the same “stage” name as the Onlyfans account) to help promote your work.

Make an extra email address to connect to these “stage” web-based entertainment profiles if you need to be additional mindful. These social media networks utilize algorithms that may promote your new account to individuals you know, so if you want to stay entirely anonymous, create a fresh start on these platforms.

Consider utilizing a cover or be shrewd with your camera points

You may wear any form of mask you want to disguise your face with, or just employ camera angles that show you solely from the neck down.

Try not to show your pigmentations, scars, or tattoos

If you want to be extra security on the anonymous saga, you might also try covering birthmarks, scars, or tattoos.

This sort of behavior can readily reveal your identity, especially if the person observing already knows who you are.

Avoid showing places your acquaintances might recognize

You should also avoid any significant exposure to the area where you reside. Keep the angles on the room you’re filming in as near to each other as possible (just show the vital stuff, if you know what I mean), and don’t show any other rooms in the home.

Compensate for the absence of face collaboration with great cooperation.

It’s not uncommon for an audience to feel detached from a person who creates material without displaying their face. It can make the entire subscription experience feel more remote and impersonal.

Some individuals may be interested, while others should not. However, it is prudent to make things as nice and flexible with your OF audience as possible.

You may accomplish this by responding to people’s DMs, addressing requests, and generally being attentive to your audience. Understand that people want to be noticed on some level and that at least some amount of attention is required for them to return for more of your material.

Use OnlyFans Geo hindering component to obstruct your home’s IP address or even your whole area

You might also utilize Geo Blocking technology to disguise your IP address (or location) from other users or to ban certain users based on their IP address or region. You may also block users on OF by their usernames.

When you access the OF platform, the Geo-Blocking option is already available to you. You should simply explore Settings > Security. There, you’ll enter the areas or IP tends that you need to keep from getting to your material.

“Dedication” from certain people on OF might easily evolve into harassment, so don’t be afraid to block anyone who you later regard as a threat to your well-being or the maintenance of your anonymity.

Consider using a voice changer

In fact, if you want to be absolutely clear, consider changing your voice with audio software or not speaking at all in video or audio content. You never know who could be viewing it and recognizing your voice, do you? This may be overkill, but if you’re truly concerned, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

How might you bring in cash on OnlyFans?

To make money with OnlyFans, one must figure out how to provide a certain niche of an audience with value in exchange for their hard-earned money via a monthly subscription.

While this might include twerking videos or publishing naked images without revealing your face if you’ve found this site after Googling “how to make money on OnlyFans without a following,” congratulations! Second, I believe you can be a little more creative than that.

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Ways to make money on OnlyFans that don’t necessarily entail going nude.

Ways to generate money on OnlyFans that don't necessarily entail going nude.

Teach someone anything. Send out exclusive lessons.

Selling education or online courses is a thriving industry now more than ever. Maybe you’re extremely talented at something; why not establish a subscription base of individuals who want to learn how to do that thing from you? Here are some suggestions:

English instruction (or another language).

Teach others how to cook or create recipes.

Show your understudies how to make DIY undertakings or artworks.

Consider all of the topics that individuals teach for free on YouTube. On OnlyFans, you could do something similar to make money. You may set yourself apart from the free content on YouTube by putting your own spin on it. Make your material so useful that people are ready to pay for it.

Post exclusive content.

 Exclusive material is stuff that you would not share on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. You get to choose what makes the material “exclusive.” While it does not have to be openly sexual in nature, it should be distinctive.

 What types of information or art can you produce? What makes it valuable, and why is it valued? Why should someone pay to view this material?

Post daily/regular workouts

If you’re a professional personal trainer or fitness expert, this is a fantastic concept for OnlyFans. Even if you’re not a professional, you may create exercise videos for people to follow and earn money with OnlyFans. Here are some suggestions…

Organize a yoga class.

Organize an afrobeat dancing class.

Teach people how to roller skate.

Get “frisky”

Many content makers on OnlyFans make money by being a little (or more than a little) flirtatious.

 Selling sensual images of your foot is one way to make money on OnlyFans. You may even sell naked photos of yourself without revealing your face. What you can do on OnlyFans to make money is limitless, whether you’re a guy, a lady, or even a couple.

Consider checking out Frisk if you truly want to get down and frisky. Frisk is similar to OnlyFans, but in many respects, Frisk is superior. This is especially true if you want to make explicit material.

Frisk is a social networking platform and app that allows users to submit photographs and videos to their profile. Interact with their followers, and share private stuff with them.

Ways to make money on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is primarily used by content providers to earn/make money by gaining paying monthly subscriptions or followers. However, there are other methods to make money on OnlyFans.

Some persons who join OnlyFans without a following, for example, give subscribers free access to their unique content. They may then make money on OnlyFans by seeking tips or selling pay-per-view content on an individual basis. If you want to make money on OnlyFans anonymously and without a following, this may be a smart technique.

Consider this: some individuals may be hesitant to pay for a membership without knowing what they can anticipate from the content developer. Allowing unfettered access encourages others to follow and get to know you, hence increasing your following.

Below are some of the methods to earn money on OnlyFans.

Get paid for each monthly subscriber.

Allow fans or followers to pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for unrestricted access to your unique material. This method is really simple.

Create tips from the substance in your feed.

You might think about making access to your profile free, especially if you’re starting from scratch with OnlyFans. You may then earn money by asking your Onlyfans admirers for tips if they love the stuff you provide.

 Sell very select or custom substances by means of tips in the Dm’s.

You could sell photos and videos, but you could also offer digital things like ebooks and PDFs, or you could even distribute actual products to your customers. OnlyFans would simply act as an intelligent installment processor all things considered.

 Pay Per View messages.

Teasing your followers with access to pay-per-view content is one of the finest ways to make money on OnlyFans. You could even send out restricted pay-per-view videos that your subscribers would have to pay to access.

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 Live streaming

If you have a free OnlyFans account (you do not have to pay a monthly charge). You may have payment-gated broadcasts. Which effectively allows you to set an admission price to join your stream.

The “ticket price” starts at $5. This is ideal for musicians, dancers, and actors performing live. As well as any artist who wants to stream something exceptional.

Tipping is another excellent method to earn money while live streaming on OnlyFans. It works in the same way as super chat on YouTube.

How much can you make on OnlyFans?

It is difficult to say how much money you can make on OnlyFans. OnlyFans content authors may choose their own pricing for their work. In that sense, you have influence over how much money you make from Onlyfans. You may charge between $2 and $50 per month, or even more. To allow individuals to access the material behind your barrier.

OnlyFans pays content authors up to $1000, $50,000, and $100,000 money each month. This, however, is not normal, especially if you are new to OnlyFans and wish to make money without a following. You may, however, work your way up if you put in the effort and are persistent.

However, keep in mind that OnlyFans keeps 20% of the amount from your earned money as a commission and distributes the remaining 80% to the profile owners.


It is possible to remain anonymous on OnlyFans and earn money without revealing your identity. Even if you are camera shy or simply prefer to stay out of the spotlight. There are several methods for you to earn money.

Many individuals may not seem to notice your face. Especially when it comes to developing adult-oriented content. If you may still be able to earn a nice living if your physique is visually beautiful.

Personal preferences exist among OnlyFans subscribers. This is something to keep in mind while advertising your OnlyFans. You don’t want to advertise your page to the incorrect people.

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