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Magnesium is a type of mineral which is associated with different numbers of analytical thinking functions in our body.

There are various functions in our body and regular mechanisms like bone metabolism, energy production, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and other mineral production systems.

Unfortunately, our daily life does not have proper nutrients and minerals, and our physician always recommends the daily intake of this as it is essential for an energetic day and life functioning.

People who don’t take proper nutrients and vitamins have to take supplements so that their magnesium levels are up to the mark.


These supplements are the appropriate way to meet the requirements of magnesium levels in our body.

That supplements help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle by controlling our sugar levels and reducing anxiety, stress and weakness in the body.

Many physicians recommend this supplements to different people who are suffering from low levels of Magnesium in their bodies. They sometimes feel fatigued and suffer from blood pressure regulation problems.

 They can have those supplements which have multiple benefits to cure their magnesium levels and provide different health benefits.

But you want those supplements on your own and generally go to the Market to buy them. In that case, it becomes quite complicated to buy which brand of those supplements so that all our necessary nutrients will become good.

Generally, we all buy the supplements prescribed by the physician and take them.

Nowadays, multiple types of these supplements are available in the Market.Magnesium

Various forms of magnesium supplements are readily available for our dietary needs.

1.   Magnesium Oxide

It is an inorganic form of salt, Magnesium, and oxygen. Additionally, it is basically found in the dietary supplements of our daily life. It is a type of this which is quite effective in treating several common issues like headaches, constipation and others.

Many studies show that this one can treat migraine headaches also, but if the patients take a small amount of magnesium oxide, like 500mg, then it is possible to cure it.

When we give 1.5g of magnesium oxide to a constipation cause, then, it is very effective in inflation the bowel activities in your body, and you will be free from constipation problems.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that it has a low absorption rate, which directly affects your gastrointestinal activity and causes diarrhoea problems.

2. Magnesium Citrate

This type of Magnesium contains the salt of Magnesium and citrate. Also, it has various vitamins and minerals which help deal with different types of health conditions like anxiety, metabolic syndrome and blood sugar levels.

When anyone has 400mg of magnesium citrate, then it works significantly, and the results lead to a reduction in blood sugar levels and also increase the vitamin D in our body.

3. Magnesium Acetyl Taurate

Magnesium acetyl Taurate is the best and most natural way to overcome any anxiety and stress levels.

It is a combination of this and the amino acid taurine. It is quickly absorbed by the patients who have brain problems, which increases their magnesium tissue and thus enhances the levels of concentration.

Finally, it works great who have depression issues by reducing anxiety. They prevent brain tissue damage respectively.

4. Magnesium L-Threonate

It is a form of that which is more easily absorbed than other magnesium chloride, citrate and others.

 Also, it generally helps in neurology by treating neuro diseases and gives relief in neuro pain. It is also helpful in treating constipation.

Why do we need Magnesium supplements?

This is a rare deficiency in most of the people. Still, those who do not take sufficient amounts of green leafy vegetables like beans and other vegetables rich in this will definitely have low levels of this in their body.

To maintain a balanced amount of that, you have to take these supplements for sure. It’s a good source of Magnesium and benefits us.

People who have high blood sugar levels or blood pressure problems can take these supplements.

 Numerous diseases like celiac disease are cured by taking these supplements.

Benefits of Magnesium supplements 

There are a lot of benefits of these supplements. Therefore, it benefits various people who have certain medical conditions like restful sleep, stress, a free, healthy life and strong bones.

 It helps in treating anxiety issues, which leads to other diseases.

These supplements manage the inflammation and increase it to a certain level that is associated with different health conditions like diabetes, low blood pressure, and certain types of cancer disease.

 Osteoporosis is a type of disease which specifically occurs when there is a low level of Magnesium present in our body.

We need to get rid of it just by having a sufficient amount of those supplements.

There are distinct types of these supplements available, like intravenous, but which is particularly used to treat eclampsia in pregnancy and asthma.

This is termed the antacid and laxative main ingredient.

A deficiency of this leads to various kidney problems, thyroid, and digestive issues, which have adverse effects on your body.

Risk factors of high magnesium levels in the body.

  • It is believed that if anything is good or medicine or supplements are overdone, then any disease will occur in future.
  • When you overdose the Magnesium through supplements, it causes nausea, diarrhoea, fatigue, and weakness.
  • But when people get high Magnesium from food like vegetables and fruits, then there is no harm in it. Your bodies equally balance them and consume them effectively.
  • Excessive intake of those supplements leads to diarrhea, nausea and even cramps in the stomach by softening the stool.
  • These supplements can interconnect with different medicines which you daily intake like heart, liver, kidney and others.
  • Before taking any those supplements, you should definitely consult with your physician or health care provider.

How to choose the best magnesium supplement?

When you lack some vitamins, minerals, and Magnesium, then it functions slowly and has proper signs of some deficiency.

To get the right amount of this, you need its supplements. But before taking any those supplements, you need to look after certain types of things.

You should make up your mind before choosing any of those supplement.

It is available in different forms. There are a lot of distinct salts available in the Market. But, you can select it by checking the right amount of absorption levels.

Many experts advised that an intake of 400mg of this supplements effectively results in tissue penetration.

Natural source of Magnesium

Nowadays, most adults and children are not getting adequate amounts of this in the food that they eat. When they get a disease or are diagnosed with a low level of its in their body, they start taking that supplements as prescribed by their physicians.

We have to look at it another way. Also, by adding natural sources of this to our diet, we can easily manage our this levels for daily life. We can get it by having the right amount of balanced diet including vegetables, fruits, fibre rich food, nuts and seeds and others. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Various good and natural sources of Magnesium are:-

Green leafy Vegetables

 India is full of agriculture and herbs. We can get green leafy vegetables easily in the Market. Spinach, beans, and peas are rich in that. Also, we can have them in different ways like curry, soup, or even add them to our healthy salad.

Different types of nuts and seeds

We have plenty of seeds and nuts available in our country. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds are the best ways to have this.

You can have them by sprinkling in your fruit salad or just by taking a handful of them and having them. What a lovely treat to have dark chocolate. Yes, you read it right. Dark chocolate is a pleasant source of this. The cocoa present in chocolate is a high source of that.

Milk chocolate has less cocoa, which is why it is not a good source of this, but if you love dark chocolate, your body will never lack this.

Multigrain breads are a good source of Magnesium

When we are talking about natural sources then, fortified foods spontaneously add to them. Multigrain bread and various cereals have that which enhances the immunity level.

Fruits are well known for their magnesium content

The most likely fruit banana, has a rich source of potassium and Magnesium. When anyone is facing foot cramps, then a banana is a great food to help you, and many dietitians recommend you eat it. Berries and papaya are also good sources of this.

Each of all supplement has its side effects, which can adversely affect our bodies and cause serious illness.

Just make sure if you are taking any of these supplements, you should consult your doctor. If you are taking any antibiotics, then it will affect your stomach, and you will get diarrhea and bloating issues.

Healthcare provider always explains to you the best and help you with what kind of Magnesium supplements you should take.

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