Steps to Save Instagram Story with Music

how to save instagram story with music

Instagram doesn’t offer a feature that allows you to Save Instagram Story with songs, but you can use some apps or websites to download and save your Instagram stories. However, This guide will show you how to save Instagram stories in a gallery with music.

Imagine that you’ve worked hard to create an Instagram Story. It has many stickers, GIFs and music. In conclusion, Now you want to save it to your phone.

Instagram users can save Instagram Stories as videos by selecting the save option.

However, when you attempt to download your Instagram Story, there will not be any music. Therefore, Instagram doesn’t allow you to download stories with music.

You can also download and save Instagram story with music. Although, Third-party apps and websites allow you to save or download an Instagram story with music.

Meanwhile, Follow these steps to save your Instagram Story with music to your gallery.

How do we save Insta stories with music in the gallery?

You can create an Instagram Story quickly by saving your favourite audio and adding it to your Instagram Story as you create it. These steps will help you do the same.

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone and locate the reel with audio you want to use in your Story.
  • Tap the song title at the bottom of your reel.
  • To save the song name, copy it somewhere else. However, the song is saved to your Instagram account by clicking on the Save Audio button.
  • Navigate back to your home screen, and swipe to the left to open the camera to create an Instagram Story.
  • To click a photo, tap on the shutter button. Long-press the button to record the video as Story.
  • To add music to your Story, tap the sticker icon at the top.
  • In the search bar, type the name of your song from the Instagram reel.
  • You can adjust the duration of your music and select the format for your music display to be added to your Story. To add music, tap the Done button in the upper right corner.
  • To upload your Story, tap on the Your Story button at the bottom.

How can you save music to Instagram with music?

There are two options to save Instagram Story: third-party apps such as Story Saver for Instagram and Video Downloader For Instagram. These apps can cause privacy issues as they require unnecessary permissions from your phone.

We strongly advise that you do not use them. Instead, you can use websites like as InstaServer and W3Toy or SaveFromNet.

Save an Instagram Story with Apps:

You can download many apps from the Play Store to easily save and download Instagram stories with music. InstaStories Viewer and Stories are available. SaveFromNet is also available.

  • Install the Story Saver app for Instagram on your phone.
  • Log in with your Instagram account to open the app.
  • You’ll now see a list of stories.
  • Tap to save any story you like.
  • You will now see a download icon. Tap on it.

It will save your Instagram story with music to your phone.

Steps to Save Instagram Story using a Website

You can save Instagram stories and music with a few clicks using various websites. This tutorial was created using InstaSaveOnline. However, InsPorter and W3toys are also available.

  • Open your Instagram.
  • Copy the link to your Story (from the three dots in the upper right corner).
  • Go to Instasaveonline.com with your browser
  • Copy the link and click on Download.
  • Now, tap on Play or Download again.
  • We recommend that you use Google Chrome or any other browser that supports video playback.

How to Save Instagram Story with Music without Posting

If you attempt to save Instagram Story with Music, you will get an error saying, “Saving isn’t available for stories that have songs.” Simply, It means that your Story won’t be saved because Instagram doesn’t offer an option to save stories with music.

  • Open Instagram on your device
  • To add a story, tap on the top+ icon
  • Click on the three dots button in the upper right corner
  • Next, click to save

You have successfully saved an Instagram story with music to your gallery. However, also save other Instagram stories with music on your gallery using the same method.

However, everyone can save your Story with music using some additional strategies and tips. Therefore, we will show you how to save Instagram Story without having to post.

Do you want to save Instagram’s Story with music but not on Android or iOS? Below are the steps.

How to Save Instagram Story with Music on iPhone

Only 3rd-party downloader apps can be used to download Instagram stories to your iPhone. Downloading Instagram stories on your iPhone is not possible due to the features of your device. Visit StorySaver.net to access the download link.

How to save your Story with music on Instagram

Instagram has been a great tool for sharing and making memories. Hence, an advertisers use this tool to create engaging campaigns. Influencers use it to create non-copyright reels. Meanwhile, Instagram does not allow us to save stories using music from our phones.

You won’t be haunted by Instagram stories later on in your life. However, After 24 hours, they disappear automatically from your profile. Since, may want to save Instagram stories with music from the gallery on your phone. There are several ways you can do this.

How can I save an Instagram story with music in the gallery

Your Story can be downloaded even if you don’t want to post it. Hence, the video can be saved as is, but you won’t get the full video. Instagram prohibits users from downloading the video and music together due to copyrights.

  • Tap on Add a Story to your Instagram account.
  • Edit your stuff.
  • You will see the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click on it, then tap Save.

How do I save an instagram story with music? Gallery android

You can save it by using video.

  • Open the Chrome browser and click on Storysaver.
  • Go to your Story and tap on the three dots to copy the link.
  • Copy the link and click on “Download”.

How do I save my Instagram story with music in the gallery

These are the five ways to save an Instagram video with music. They’re

  • Web-based applications.
  • Archive your stories.
  • Manually Download Your Stories
  • Keep Your Stories Alive.
  • Send us your Story, and we will publish it.

Archive your Story

It is easy to archive your stories. You can also manually activate this option. To do so, go to:

“Settings > Story Settings” > “Saving”. Now activate the option to “Save to Archive”.

Web-based apps

Web-based apps are one of the best ways to save Instagram stories. Hence, These are some of the top apps to save your Instagram stories:

  • InstaStories viewer
  • Stories IG
  • Embed stories
  • Story saver for Instagram
  • IG Live

Save stories

These steps will allow you to save stories manually:

  • Save the Story that interests you.
  • There will be three dots at the bottom of this Story. Therefore, Tap on the dots to save.
  • To save a specific picture or video, click the “Save” option.
  • Click on “Save Story” to save the Story. This will allow you to save all your videos as one video.

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Share your Story in a post

You can also share your Story as an article. However, everyone an view your active Story. Moreover, you will see three dots at the bottom of your Story when you view it. Meanwhile, Click on the three dots to save your Story. You can then choose to share it as a Post.

These are simple tips! These tips are easy to follow. Let us know if you find them useful!

How to save your Instagram story using music

Sometimes you might find something that appeals to you in someone’s life. You want to save it. Although have the option to save it. The best part is that you can even save them with music.


We hope you found this article helpful. Therefore, Now you can easily save your Instagram stories with music. However, these apps and websites work online, so it is important to download your Instagram stories as soon as possible.