How to Delete a TikTok Video

How to delete tiktok video

TikTok has launched in 2016 and in 2018 the application gained popularity and become the most downloaded app in the USA. TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps all across the world. Which allows users to upload 15-second videos.

That they can share with the world trends include lip-syncing to an archive of popular songs, dancing, and collaboration which allows the user to get along with others also. Sometimes due for any reason, we have to delete the Tiktok video. There are simple steps to delete the TikTok video.

This is very easy to download the application. Also, this is very easy to use for free and can create the user’s name and upload the content in a simple way. It is just like Instagram, Facebook, or any other application. Once you logged in automatically it will start to play the videos to you. There are multiple language options also that are helping uneducated people also.

This is one of the most random apps I have ever been on you. Once you open up the app then it will take you to a 15 sec of video. Then just by swiping up, you can move to another one. Once you start to watch the video there is an algorithm that will automatically show you the video that you like so. This is really just a collection of weird, creative, amazing, bizarre videos ever come across. Lip sinking and shooting by finger are some popular trending topics.

There are really creative people also there. Like dancers, singers, etc. This is just a random app with lots of creativity. There is no limit to content. We can upload to TikTok now they make it incredibly easy to shoot edit and upload a video call.

There a literally such a great motivation for the creator. Just like there are so many videos that just posted and got 50k views on the same day. That is really insane for the creator. For a YouTube video one should have to add lighting, camera, mic, etc. But there is no such thing as TikTok. This is the application have minimum effort with good results. That is really great way for the artist to build their career if they use it in a good way. Here are the effective steps to Delete Tik Tok videos.

Steps to Delete TikTok video

Sometimes we are left with some editing in videos that we post. Or maybe we have a new idea which we want to add. Maybe some graphics issue or something can also be the reason. Sometimes by mistake, the video gets posted. Which we want to save as a draft only. That can also be the reason for deleting them.

Open the TIK TOK application

delete tiktok video

At the bottom check the account option. Click on it

delete tiktok video

Scroll down and you will see uploaded videos

delete tiktok video

Click on the video that you want to delete

Pause it first by clicking once on the screen

On the right side there are three dots, click on them

delete tiktok video

There will be so many options, slide it there

Scroll the option from right to left

delete tiktok video

There will be a bucket icon that is for delete

delete tiktok video

There will be a confirmation dialogue box, click on confirm

delete tiktok video

Now you see the video has been deleted. This is the last step to delete the TikTok video.

delete video on tiktok

Sometimes videos get deleted by mistake. Here, are the steps to recover your video. Tik Tok also deletes the video sometime. If someone is breaking the policies, rules, or guidelines of TikTok. However we are trying to add some other options in that, or we are checking something that also this could happen so here are simple steps to recover your Delete video on TikTok.

Steps to Recover Deleted Video of Tiktok

If you like your video then there is a simple way to save the video.

Open the Tik Tok application


Click on the profile icon on the right bottom side

tiktok profile

Click on the save video icon

There will be your video if you like

Click on the heart on the right side

tiktok profile

At the right near the bottom, there are three dots click on them

At the bottom first option is to download

download tiktok video

Click here and download the video

But if you didn’t like your video then need to report to TikTok for recovery. This is the request which you do to TikTok for the recovery of your video. sometimes due to some technical issue, this can happen also. Sometimes due to disobeying the guidelines of TikTok. There could be any specific reason for it. Just like delete a TikTok video here are steps for recovery of deleted video from Tiktok.

Steps to Recover Deleted Video on Tiktok

Open the application


Click on the profile icon (showing at the right bottom)

profile tiktok

First, take a screenshot of your profile

because at last need to submit a profile screenshot in the report form.

report problem to tiktok

At the top right, you can see three dots click on it

Delete Tik Tok Video

Scroll the options and click on report a problem

Delete Tik Tok Video

Again, scroll down and click on the video and sound option

In the next list click on the missing video option

feedback form

There are two options, if tik Tok has deleted the video as per guidelines so click on the first option. But if not

feedback and help

Then click on other

Delete Tik Tok Video

Then click on still have a problem

report problem to tiktok

In the next step, you will receive a report form

Delete Tik Tok Video

Add the detail or quarry what actually is?

Also mention the date, humble request to tik Tok form

Then click on the image icon and upload the screenshot of your profile


Click on the Report icon

Recover Tik Tok Video

Then confirm your report

This is how definitely you will receive your video. After the reporting, there will be a time period after that they will check the details and recover the video for you. This is the ethical way to recover your delete video on TikTok. Then you can again say hi to your video. And get your content very easily.

How to Delete Tiktok Account?

Until recently, the only way to remove your TikTok account was to contact customer service. Before you could delete an account, they had to approve your request. This caused many issues for users because the process could take several days.

That’s why TikTok created the “Thinking about removing your account” feature, which streamlines the entire process. Remember that you must first add a phone number to your account before you can delete it.


Tiktok is the most famous and easy-to-use application. It totally depends on us how we are using this application for our self-growth benefits or just for entertainment. This can be best and wors both just likes internet for us. In this article, there are simple steps to delete your uploaded video. Also how to recover the deleted video.

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