How to Cut Star Fruit

How to Cut Star Fruit

Star fruit or carambola is a little cool. This is a sweet and sour fruit. Which has the shape of 5 points of a star. Ths skin is edible and the flesh has a mild sour flavor. Moreover, this makes it more famous in many dishes. Star fruits are yellow or green. This comes in two different varieties one is sweet and another one is sour. A larger sweeter one-star is one of the most sought-after uses. Due to the nutrition density and antioxidant level. Here, are the simple step-by-step ways to cut star fruit.

One of the interesting facts about star fruit is they can plant In the backyard also. They do well growing in pots also. So, Can have it in the patio garden also. 

Steps to Cut Star Fruit

Make sure the star fruit is ripe before cutting into it for the best flavor. A ripe star fruit will be primarily bright yellow. Along the five ridges, it can also be accented with light green and dark brown. Despite its reputation for being juicy, the flesh should be firm to the touch. After you’ve found your ideal star fruit, it’s time to cut.

Before, cutting Star fruit order prepare it to make sure to wash it. A vegetable brush can also be used.

Put it on the chopper: Take a knife and chopping board to chop. And put star fruit on it as the picture is showing. This is the horizontal way to cut it. There will be star-shaped slices after cutting. After washing it put it on the table just as the image is showing.

Star Fruit

Cut a Slice vertically: See star shape slices of it. Put a knife on it and cut the first slice from the corner of it. Here, after that, you will get a star shape slice. That is showing the reason for its name.

Star Fruit

Cut from the next side: Turn it 180 degrees then cut one more slice from the corner. a new slice you will get just like before.

carambola cutting

Peel upper layer: From its upper part peel a thin layer from there. That is the waste part that can not use to eat. Just like this one peel another more five parts. This will remove the waste and now the entire fruit can eat.

Peeling Star Fruit

Cut vertically Star shape slices: Now this is the fruit without any waste. Just like before cut the slices vertically and repeat it to get multiple slices as the image is showing.

Cutting Star Fruit

Cut more slices: Repeat the cutting and get more slices to eat. This is the last step and your fruit is ready to eat.

carambola slice

Enjoy your delicious fruit: Now your fruit is ready to eat. Sprinkle some salt or spice on it to enjoy the taste. Also can decorate your slices by putting them in a proper way. And add some colorful spices to give a taste and an amazing look to it.

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11 Amazing Benefits to Star Fruit

Not only to Cut Star Fruit is important but also to know why to eat it. This fruit is in the category that promotes health. Bulla fruit or a Star fruit is a rare commodity but is mostly available in supermarkets. We can also make the bull juice a smoothie or straight. Enjoy the exotic fruit. Health beauty benefits, Carambola fruit has to offer that will convince you to add it to your daily diet. 

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Carambola fruits or our star fruit have exceptional amounts of anti-inflammatory properties. And in oxidants that may also prevent a skin disorder. Like dermatitis the presence of Vitamin C also flourishing out toxins and maintains a healthy body. 

Good source of Fiber

Women should consume about 25 grams of fiber a day. And a star fruit is a good way to have it. 100 grams of serving gives two point eight grams of fiber. While citrus fruits have 2.3. Star fruit also contains insoluble dietary fiber. Which adds bulk to the digestive system. And helps keep as regular tire fiber prevents the absorption of LDL cholesterol in the intestinal lining.

This reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. obesity three heart-friendly the current bowl of fruity is rich in Sodium and Potassium that acts as an electrolyte in the body which in turn help in maintaining blood pressure. These minerals ensure regular heartbeat rhythm and healthy blood flow in the body. However, this also helps to reduce cholesterol levels. The fruit has little fat and a high level of dietary fiber. Which help in managing cholesterol level. So, Cut Star fruit and try its amazing taste.

Heart friendly

Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and obesity three friendly diseases and obesity. The current bowl of fruit is rich in sodium and potassium which acts as electrolytes in the body. Which in turn helps maintain blood pressure these minerals also ensure regular and healthy blood flow in the body and help reduce cholesterol levels the fruit has negligible fat and high levels of dietary fiber that is great for managing cholesterol levels thereby reducing 

The risk of coronary heart disease stroke heart attack and other disorders may improve respiratorily. So, cut star fruit and get the benefit.

Improve Respiratorily

May Improve Respiratory health her bowl of fruit has cooling properties and anti-inflammatory properties that promote salivation and inhibit the production of mucus or phlegm. It makes for ab great remedy for a great remedy for respiratory infections and overall health alleviating sore throats and other underlying health problems. 


May improve metabolism

Star fruit improves metabolism carambola fruit is rich in folate and riboflavin that positively alter your metabolism ensuring that enzymes attic and hormonal processes take place smoothly in the body.


The insoluble fiber in the fruit can prevent the release of glucose after eating which can further help in controlling insulin levels in the body that making it can deal with snacks for diabetics or people who are at risk of developing conditions.

Regulates Blood Pressure 

Regulates blood pressure the presence of calcium reduces the risk of heart problems. Like heart attacks and strokes by relieving stress on the blood vessels and arteries by eliminating the pressure, your heart will be able to relax making circulation more effective. This way the fluid balance in the body. 

Promotes Weight Loss

Star fruit has negligible calories to Adapt to therefore, it makes for a great evening snap. When hunger pangs strike. Moreover, the fiber content in the fruit helps speed up the metabolism. This supports efforts to lose weight. Fiber also helps to keep fuller for long lowering their chances of overeating.

Boost digestion

The entire fiber percent in the carambola fruit plays a vital role in boosting digestion. It can stimulate the movement of stool through the digestive tract further living symptoms of bloating and cramping. 

Skin-looking, Young

Star fruit might keep skin looking young another reason to eat it. It has antioxidant properties which are good for the skin. the vitamin is present in bulk which plays an important role. Vitamin C per seat in Gallic and other Holly phenolic flavonoids the antioxidants counter the effects of oxidative stress and it relies on free radicals. Before the damage to the skin, Vitamin c plays a role in collagen production. Thus, it can also prevent and minimize the appearance of wrinkles while also keeping the skin radiant and blemish-free. As with this free-from age factor. 

Safety and Side Effects of Star Fruit 

This may cause adverse effects in some people mainly due to its high oxalate content. Therefore, people with kidney problems should avoid them to eat. Or they have to consult with the doctor first. Or people with giving knee problems eating star fruit regularly may lead to kidney damage as well as star fruit toxicity. Which may cost neurological problems such as confusion seizures even death.

People also taking prescribe drugs should also avoid it. Similar to grapefruit star fruit can alter the way a drug is broken down and used by the body. Try It’s sour with a sweet taste, so cut star fruit and get all benefits.

How to Consume Carambola

Star fruit can be eaten as a healthy snack on its own or used to make a smoothie or even a cake. Consider the following methods for eating star fruit:

1. Fresh: Combine star fruit with other tropical fruits such as papaya, kiwi, and dragon fruit in a fruit salad. Star fruit slices can also be used as a garnish for drinks.

2. Pureed: Puree star fruit with orange juice to make a tropical smoothie or cocktail.

3. Cooked: Star fruit can be cooked with peppers and limes to make a sweet chutney to serve with savory dishes like chicken or seafood. Starfruit can even be baked into a cake, replacing pineapple in an upside-down cake. For this first cut star fruit and make something delicious to eat with health.

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