How to Cut a Dragon Fruit

how to cut a dragon fruit

dragon fruit is delicious and this fruit is mostly used to garnish when serving. But cutting a dragon fruit is difficult. The steps of cleansing dragon fruit, and precautions while cutting, and we will focus on some ways to serve are mentioned below. Although the leaves appear sharp and dangerous, they are simple to cut through. You’ll be surprised to discover flesh flecked with tiny black seeds after you cut it open.

Why does dragon fruit look difficult to cut?

how to cut dragon fruit

Despite having scaly, projecting leaves that give the exterior the appearance of being resistant, it is simple to cut through. Like a mango, the skin’s surface is delicate and smooth. Right underneath, the pulp is easily separated from a thicker, softer, waxier, and more malleable peel.

Precautions while cutting a dragon fruit

  • Take a sharp or chef’s knife to cut
  • When cutting it, dragon fruit is lightly pinched in the hands when cutting it. It is better that you wear some gloves on your hands or cut them comfortably.
  • Keep in mind that when you remove the peel, it can get into your nail at that time, so do it comfortably.

Cleaning of dragon fruit first

Dragon fruit is a tropical superfood that is loaded with nutrients and minerals. It is high in antioxidants. It May help fight chronic illness. May help improve gut health. Can boost your immunity.

  • Take a Bowl Add a teaspoon of salt and a cup of water before mixing it.
  • Now that the dragon fruit is submerged in water
  • remove any tags and make sure to soak the dragon fruit in the salted water.
  • If extra water is required Give it around 30 seconds to soak

After that, Using your gentlest touch, scrub the dragon fruit. Use salt water to remove any stuck-on dirt on the strange portion of the dragon fruit. Run that afterward with clean water and the dirt is trapped there in the constrictive region of the driving.

Steps to cutting dragon fruit

Find out how to cut a dragon fruit, also known as a pitaya, with this straightforward how-to. The tropical treat’s delicious speckled flesh is a nutritious snack or a tasty addition to other dishes.

How to cut a dragon fruit: Method 1

cutting of dragon fruit

Step 1:-The dragon fruit should be put on a chopping board. Fruit should be cut in half lengthwise using a sharp chef’s knife.

Step 2:- I advise beginning at the top and working your way down through the thicker stem. Using a spoon, you can consume the pulp directly from the cut-in-half.

How to cut a dragon fruit: Method 2

skin removing of dragon fruit

There are two ways:-

  • Skin removal
  • Peel the skin

Steps 1: Skin Removal

Scoop out the flesh using a spoon. You now have two choices because there are two halves. Like an avocado, use a large spoon to scoop out the flesh.

Step 2: Peel the skin

As an alternative, you can peel the fruit’s thick skin with your fingers. When cut into fourths, this is simpler to complete.

How to cut a dragon fruit: Method 3

dragon fruit

Cut into smaller pieces

There are three ways:-

Step 1: Slices

The sized of the slices you can cut the dragon fruit into will depend on how you plan to use it. I prefer to chop it into pieces but leave the skin on like I would an orange for a great presentation.

Step 2: Cubes slicing a fruit piece into dragon fruit cubes

Slice the food first, then cut it lengthwise, turn it, and cut the other way to make cubes. To use in a smoothie with dragon fruit.

 Step 3: Spheres

For spheres that are spherical, I find it most easiest way to scoop out the flesh use a melon baller while the skin is still on.

The fruit can also be divided into wedges rather than just being split in half. 

At first, Start to cut the fruit in half and remove the top and bottom. Put the fruit on a cutting board and, using any available knife, slice off the two ends, discarding them afterward.

After that, you’ll continue by slicing the fruit horizontally down the middle. After that, you can slice the fruit into wedges. You may just use your hands to take the skin off the flesh after it has peeled off rather easily. Instead of trying to eat around the skin like you would a watermelon rind, it is easier to pull off the skin.

 Ways to serve dragon fruit

ways to serve dragon fruit
  • Sliced or cubed red dragon fruit can be placed on top of a glass or added to a smoothie.
  • Make spheres with a melon baller and add them to a fruit salad.
  • Grilled when cut into big slices or large chunks.
  • Add a few pieces to yogurt, overnight oats, or oatmeal.
  • Add to the salsa mango or pineapple.
  • Cubed for smoothie bowls or fruit salads


The flavor of dragon fruit has been described as “tropical,” being sweet and delicate. It has been compared to a hybrid of the kiwi and pear or the watermelon. Like kiwifruit, the texture is fairly creamy and contains tiny seeds. Before you’re ready to consume it, wait to cut your dragon fruit. Like most sliced fruits, they must be refrigerated in a tightly sealed container after being cut. Depending on how ripe it is, it can stay fresh for a day, probably a bit longer.

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