How To Activate Airtel Sim: A Complete Guide

how to activate airtel sim

There are two types of connections prepared and postpaid. Both have their benefits, So In this article, we will discuss about how to activate the airtel sim card.

Prepaid connections require recharging before telecom services, but postpaid connections require payment. These are the main difference between prepaid and postpaid connections.

Things to remember

You don’t need to change your phone number to during this SIM process. Just go to the nearby airtel store where you can upgrade to the new Airtel 4G SIM at the nearby Airtel store.

You will receive a new 4G SIM when you upgrade to a new Airtel 4G SIM. The new 4G SIM will have adapters that can make it compatible with the Micro and Mini slots in SIM-based handsets, which will be provided to you without charge. Follow the instructions below if you already have a new SIM and are just waiting to activate it.

Instructions for activating an Airtel 4G SIM

Send a text message to 121 with the 20-digit SIM number associated with your current Airtel connection.

To confirm your request, type 1 in the reply 

Give sufficient time for the phone to disconnect from the network.

Replace the new SIM in the slot after removing the old one.

Turn on the phone, then wait 5 minutes.

Your brand-new 4G Airtel SIM is now active.

How much time it will take to activate

Your new prepaid connection will be activated in 4 hours once the airtel executive receives your all documents.

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How to port sim in Airtel 

To switch to Airtel and pay no activation fees, follow these steps:


By choosing “purchase now,” you may select the plan of your choice and submit your information to arrange for the SIM and KYC pickup.

Sending the brief SMS message “PORT to 1900” will generate your porting code or UPC. The code will be sent to you by 1901 through SMS. Please be aware that the code is only suitable for four days.

Our representative will come to your place during the scheduled time for SIM delivery and activation.

Keep your identification and address proof documents close at hand. Here is a list of acceptable documents.

Give our executive the unique port-in code, a genuine address, and identification documents.

We will move the number from your current operator to Airtel in about 48 hours (within the same state) & 4 days (interstate).

At the shop

Send an SMS with the keyword PORT to 1900 to create a Unique Porting Code (or UPC).

The code will be sent to you by 1901 through SMS. Please be aware that the code is only suitable for four days. * Bring your documentation to the nearest Airtel location to complete the KYC process and receive a FREE SIM. Click here to view the list of required documents.

Give our Airtel friend at the store your specific port-in code, your current address, and identification documents.

Within 48 hours, your SIM will be activated after successful address verification.

I really hope you to all understand the process of how to activate airtel sim in 2022 and that you are successful in finding what you seek. You can leave the comment below asking for more posts like this, and I’ll respond in the next blog post to assist you. Please contact us if you have any more further questions or concerns about this subject, or you can leave a comment below with your queries.