Fourth Day of Navratri 2024 : कुष्मांडा माता

Kushmanda Mata: Fourth Day of Navratri

The goddess is worshiped as Mata Kushmanda on the fourth day of Navratri. This goddess is nicknamed Kushmanda because of her slow, mild laughter that created the universe. When there was no creation, there was darkness all around, then this goddess created the universe with her godly humor. 

In his seven hands, Kamandal, bow, arrow, lotus, nectar-filled urn, chakra, and mace are respectively. Because Goddess Kushmanda has eight hands, she is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi. It is thought that her Jap Mala has all of the ability to confer Siddhis and Niddhis.

It is said that she created the whole cosmos, known as Brahmanda in Sanskrit, by only flashing a small portion of her grin. She also like Bali of white pumpkin named Mata Kushmanda. Because of her connections with Brahmanda and Kushmanda Mata Kushmanda is her popular name.

The vehicle of this goddess is a lion and she loves the sacrifice of pottery. In culture, Kumhada is called Kushmanda, hence this Kushmanda.  The radiance and radiance of the body are as radiant as the sun.  Its effulgence pervades the universe and all beings.

Due to this, the illnesses of the devotees are destroyed and he gets life, fame, strength, and health. These goddesses are pleased only with little service and devotion. 

After worshiping according to the law, the devotee starts experiencing a subtle sense of grace within a short time. This goddess liberates Aadi and gives him happiness, prosperity, and progress. Ultimately the devotees should always be in worship of this goddess.

Origin of Kushmanda

Fourth day of navratri
Fourth day of Navratri

“Ku” stands for “some”, “Ushma” stands for “heat” and Anda stands for “The Universe”. According to regional books, Mata Kushmanda has destroyed all the darkness and negativity from the whole world with her divine smile. When she smiled and the brightness on her face was a sign of all sorrow. 

The Significance of the Fourth Day of Navratri

Mata Kushmanda provides the path to the sun and she is the ruler of the sun. People believe that worshiping Mata kushmanda removes the darkness and negativity from the life of a person. Which also represents the victory of good over evil. That means if we worship Mata kushmanda maa she will remove all the problems from an individual life such as sorrow, anxiety, and negativity, and provide strength, a positive path, and blessings.

Things You Need for Worshiping the Goddess

Things You Need for Worshiping the Goddess
Things You Need for Worshiping the Goddess
  • Statue of Mata Kushmanda
  • Fully Unpeeled Coconut
  • Milk
  • Tamba Kalash
  • Mango leaves
  • Some Fresh flowers
  • Some varieties of Fruits and sweets

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Pooja Vidhi

If we worship kushmanda mata we should keep a few things in mind like its process and things you may need for pooja such as prasad, flowers, and sweets for Goddess.

  • The puja begins with Lord Ganesha’s blessings to gain strength by finishing the Navaratri vrat.
  • Shringar goods such as sindoor, Mehendi, kajal, bindi, bangles, toe ring, comb, aalta, mirror, anklets, perfume, earrings, nose pin, necklace, red chunri, Mahavir, hairpins, and so on are used to worship Mata Kushmandas idol.
  • After the puja, prasad is served in the form of malpuas, halwa, and curd, which is shared with the Durga temple priests.
  • keep the statue of Mata Kushmanda in your temple.
  • Put wheat grains on the floor outside your temple.
  • Place a Kalash fully filled with water on the wheat grains.
  • Tie mango leaves on the neck of the Kalash with the kalawa and put coconut on the top of the Kalash
  • Then worship the Goddess by doing aarti and chanting the powerful mantra and conclude the pooja by distributing prasad.

Benefits of Worshiping Kushmanda Mata

Lord Vishnu, with the assistance of Goddess Kushmanda, created the whole cosmos. Mata Kushmanda created the cosmos in the form of an egg with her lovely and magnificent smile when there were no creatures and just darkness in every direction. Her heavenly grin emerged, illuminating the entire cosmos in all directions like the sun’s rays. She is known as Adi Shakti because she created the cosmos in the shape of an egg. It is thought that her brightness supplies light and guidance to Surya Dev (Sun God), and hence she lives at the center of the sun. Her physique is gorgeous, and her face is gleaming. She takes away all of your worries and sorrows.

Worshiping goddess Kushmanda keeps all the negativity, sorrow, and anxiety, losses away from you.

Worshiping goddess Kushmanda increases the possibility of a healthy and happy life and also enhances wealth and fame.

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