Fatty Liver Disease: Stages, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty Liver Disease is a condition of storing a large amount of fat in the liver organs. Moreover, most people have no symptoms, and they fastly recover. Somehow, in many cases, it may lead to a big problem.

We will discuss how to take precaution before and after the Fatty Liver Disease Phase.

The lifestyle of human beings has changed not a few but vastly. People are catching the modern lifestyle and getting busy in it. None are worried about their health by eating junk foods, consuming alcohol, drugs, or smoking.

The fatty liver needs proper care because it is an essential organ that performs multiple tasks. Some take vitamin E and thiazolidinediones (drugs used to treat diabetes such as Actos and Avandia). Such as:

  1. It transforms nutrients into energy.
  2. Produces proteins for the human body
  3. Store iron
  4. Produces bile, which aids digestion
  5. Aids in infection resistance produce immune factors and remove bacteria and toxins (substances that can harm your body) from your blood.
  6. Produces substances that aid blood clotting (sticking together to heal wounds).

What are the stages of Fatty Liver Disease?

Four stages are considered in fatty liver disease.

  1. Steatosis is the low-fat stage where low harmless fat buildup in the liver. It is the starting phase of liver fat in which no symptoms usually appear in our body. However, low fat in liver cells is harmless for our body. 
  2. Stage 2: Steatohepatitis (NASH) is a more critical form of NAFLD, which is caused due to damage and inflammation. People who are overweight and have diabetes are more likely to develop NASH.
  3. Fibrosis performs when persistent inflammation causes scar tissue. In this stage, blood vessels and liver function work normally.
  4. Cirrhosis: the most crucial stage, where normal liver tissues are replaced by fibrosis. At the point where the structure and function of the liver are compromised. Moreover, the potentially leading sign of liver failure and liver cancer.

The liver test required for Diagnosis Fatty Liver Disease

A liver test is compulsory for everyone so that doctors can easily diagnose. However, the doctor may recommend a liver sample through a biopsy for screening. This liver sample procedure may be a little uncomfortable for patients.

The liver sample test was performed by injecting a pointer through the abdominal wall.

The following tests are used to confirm the diagnosis and determine the severity of the disease:

  1. Examinations of the blood
  2. Fasting blood sugar levels
  3. Hemoglobin A1C levels indicate how stable your blood sugar is.
  4. Lipid profile, which assesses blood fats like cholesterol and triglycerides.
  5. Total blood count
  6. Liver enzyme and function testing
  7. Chronic viral hepatitis tests (hepatitis A, hepatitis C, and others)
  8. Screening test for celiac disease

Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease

While the time liver damage there are various symptoms can occur, such as:

  1. Heavy pain in Abdominal Area
  2. Legs Swelling (edema)
  3. loss of appetite
  4. Regular weight loss
  5. Fatigue Weakness
  6. Vomiting
  7. Itchy skin
  8. Eyes and skin color get yellowish pale 
  9. Easy bruising or bleeding
  10. Dark urinated
  11. Blood vessels web under the skin
  12. Enlargement of the breast in men
  13. Pale stools
  14. Fluid accumulation in the abdomen (ascites)

Treatment: Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty Liver disease treatment starts with weight loss by dieting, eating healthy food, and exercising. Losing weight lowers the risk of fatty liver disease, Also assists the doctor in operating. However, weight loss surgery is a substitute for those who lose weight. 

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How can we cure Fatty Liver Disease at home?

Fatty liver occurred due to our lack of ness in our lifestyle. Eating junk foods and consuming alcohol leads to facing these problems. However, we recommend following these steps to cure your liver with home remedies. 

Following these steps, you can easily boost your health and reduce medical expenses.

Reduce your weight

Losing weight is not easy; you have to burn lots of calories. However, weight loss needs a proper healthy diet plan. Planning a diet assists in observing the daily consummation and burning calorie value. Taking care of a healthy diet may keep your body active and attentive. 

Choose a good nutritious diet value

Secondly, we take care of which diet value will be best for our body. Although, the dietitians plan a good nutritional diet. Dietitians make a plan to consume a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Moreover, keep track of all calories consumed daily.

Increase your physical activity and exercise

Daily exercise controls your body fitness. Physical activity assists the body in releasing unwanted toxins from the body through sweat. Therefore, the minimum body needs at least a 40-minute workout a day. But if you have fatty liver and are facing it firstly consult your doctor and begin slowly. Exercise activity increases pressure on your body organs and muscles too. 

Maintain control of your diabetes

Healthy diet greatly affects your lifestyle and health. Keeping care of health increases your immunity system. Diabetes problems occur due to taking sugar values in our body and stress. Controlling diabetes can be done by consulting your doctor, following a healthy diet, and exercising.

Reduce your cholesterol

Every organ needs proper blood flow and oxygen. Cholesterol blocks oxygenated blood flow in our arteries and veins. However, it occurs due to consuming an over-fat diet in our meals. Following healthy tips: Consuming a healthy, nutritious diet with low calories, proper exercise, and medicine. However, following these steps can reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Take care of Fatty Liver Disease

Regular following care will keep your health healthier. Avoid drinking, smoking, and an unhealthy diet that affects your liver. The drug puts a lot of strain on the liver. The following instruction may lead to stopping bad habits too. Consuming a healthier diet, including herbal products with doctor prescribed, gives liver strength.


As we all have read above, Fatty Liver Disease: Stages, Diagnosis, and Treatment. The liver plays a crucial function in our body and needs proper care. Therefore, The liver’s function keeps the body healthier and is considered to be a major organ in the body. Suppose you are facing the symptoms of someone. Don’t waste time trying to consult your nearest doctor, who is a specialist in the liver.