Complete Guidance on Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks

Yoga Blocks are helping tools for the more accessible poses, and for body support. This also helps to develop strength. If you take proper classes experts also suggest buying it for better results. Although they are not compulsory but now necessary somewhere.

At the beginning level, our muscles cannot stretch easily, We also feel the strain that demotivates us. The wrong position during any yoga also causes some serious pain and injuries. But the use of Yoga blocks reduces serious injury factors.

Benefits of Yoga Blocks

Benefits of Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks are a helping hand for people who cannot afford an expert trainer, and also for those who cannot join proper Yoga classes. There are several health benefits of doing yoga. This is a natural way to be healthy and fit but while starting yoga or doing it there are several things we need to be careful with.

Several stretching activities and other exercises are there which are really beneficial. But there is a risk factor also that if it is not done in a proper manner it can cause to some serious health issues also. These injuries are not for a short duration it can be permanent also. There are several more benefits to use Yoga Blocks like:

Helps to Avoid Injury

When we use Yoga block this reduces the muscle pressure, also pressure between the joints. Sometimes this pressure also results in serious injuries also. This block helps to maintain the pose. This is really helpful if you are a beginner. 

Special thing to note: When we are just started to do Yoga Especially at home. To stretch our body we have to try hard and sometimes we also stretch in the wrong way. This can be harmful to us. In this Blocks are helping. To have expert results without expert guidance also. 

Some Yoga Poses

Camel Pose

Camel Pose is beneficial for the backbone and heart open stretching. If this posture is done regularly it improves the spinal flexibility. But at the initial stage we try to stretch without any support this can even cause lower spinal damage. 

However, if we place the yoga blocks on both sides, as indicated in the above image. It is a great way to protect the lower spinal cord and also reduces injury risk.

Pidgen Pose

This is Beneficial who have tight hips. Keep your body in the given position. The stretching of your thigh and the strain developed in this posture also cause to serious injuries. If one is not careful with the posture. 

By putting this block using the knee the surface comes nearer than before. The body gets balanced and a result of this posture you can be for long duration than before. Hence, more fruitful results with low-risk factors.

Helps to Release Tension

Many possess are there which require more stretching posture. But in that, we feel unbalance position and also High strain. This resulted in we cannot staying in that posture even half of the required time. This also depends on a person’s body type. If the skin is tight or there is excess fat. They need to do more efforts. 

Yoga Block helps to have a balanced position with less strain. Although this has a special benefit it extends the time to keep in the position. Which helps muscles to stretch more. 

Some Yoga Poses


This is the most demanding and the easiest Yoga Pose. However, It is really beneficial for those who have tight hips. In other postures many times we feel strain and pain. But this posture has relaxed and comfortable. Yoga block helps to maintain the exact position and stretch easily for the body.

Hero Pose

Hero pose required more intense. By ourselves, we need to give more effort to maintain our posture. Yoga Block helps to modify the posture with fewer efforts. This reduces the individual efforts to hold the pose. While this block is placed underneath automatic intensity of stretching gets reduced. Hence, easily maintain the pose for a long time. 

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Helps to More Closer to Ground

In many poses, we need to stretch and touch the floor. To maintain the posture. But in that phase, a high strain is applied to the particular joint. Therefore, it is quite difficult to maintain the pose for a short time also.

If we want to have the complete benefit of this pose. However, We have to maintain that stretch position for such a long time. By using this Yoga block easily with time you can touch the ground without any external help and support. The most important benefit is that this will reach with reduces strain and effort by an individual. 

Some common Yoga Poses need to touch the ground

Fold in a Forwarding direction

This posture is good to have a properly shaped physique. This not only helps in the stretching but also to have a more balanced body. This reduces spinal pain also. And resulted in the elastic and stretch spinal. Just by standing straight and then try to touch the feet without folding the knee. 

But we feel a strong strain in the knee area. Although, This is a hindrance in the duration of this pose. Even we can’t hold the position for a few minutes. But if we place a Yoga block this really helps. And with lesser effort, we can extend the duration of maintaining the pose.

Triangle Pose

This is also a beneficial pose that helps in stretching of spinal code. It also helps in the stretching of the complete arms. Just like the above one the same strain is felt. 

Triangle Pose can benefit from the addition of yoga blocks. In this position, your lower hand should be on the floor and your other hand should be stretched upwards. Your upper body should not be hunched forward but should remain in one pane. Again, if you’re having difficulty reaching the mat, your body will naturally want to lean forward. Use a block to support your bottom hand to make things easier.

Helps more effectiveness in the pose

Yoga block allows the entire body to stretch more and more. By allowing you to sink deeper into postures, yoga blocks can also help you achieve a more intense stretch. Restorative practices frequently use blocks to encourage the body to fully surrender to poses.

Yoga Poses that need more efficiency

Fish Roe

This Back needs proper support to stretch effectively. Sometimes if we try harder to stretch more naturally some spinal code strain is also there. Also, this can result in some serious injuries because our spinal cord is directly connected to our brain. Any minor issue can also result in some serious lifelong issues. However, To be safe from all these problems a single block helps.  

Bridge Pose

In this position, there are many risk factors just like the Fish roe pose. Moreover, If we place the block to support the hip. This really helps to keep the position for a long time. 

In Bridge Pose, placing a block under your pelvis helps to support your hips and allows you to fully relax into the pose. 

Crow Pose

This is so challenging and required high effort to do. It needs a balance of the whole body and the pressure is experienced by the entire body. However, if you lose balance you will fall directly on your face.

REEHUT Yoga Blocks, – High-Density EVA Foam Blocks for Supporting and Deepening Poses, Improving Strength, and Aiding Balance and Flexibility – Slim and odor-resistant. 

Best Yoga Blocks

best yoga blocks

Today’s market has multiple options for user demand. Just like that with different sizes, multiple color options, with different material options are available. According to different brands and material use, there is price variation also. But as a user, we need to be aware of which one is best for us. Here, is a clear description of the advantages of different Brands.

Best Brands of Yoga Blocks

There is no one who is perfect in Yoga. Especially if you are new to this a lot of effort you need to do. Approximately a month is needed to stretch the body and make the body habitual. 

If you’re having trouble touching the ground, for example, you can use a yoga block to extend your reach. If you need a little extra support in a posture, use one as a cushion or a bolster. “I use yoga blocks to help me find a deeper stretch or as props when I don’t have the required flexibility to do a yoga posture,” says DeAndre Sinette, a FitOn App fitness instructor and trainer. “They’re also fantastic for seated meditation support.”

Gaiam Yoga Blocks

Gaiam Yoga Block

Gaiam yoga Block is a perfect one. Overall this is budget-friendly, easy to get, accessible, etc. there are several more reasons to buy it.

Benefits of Gaiam Yoga Blocks

  • Give stability
  • Helps in balancing
  • Increase duration
  • Modify the posture
  • Alignment
  • Improve flexibility
  • Stretch more deeply
  • Helps in extending
  • Prevent from injury

Reehut Yoga Block

reehut yoga block

Benefits to buy Reehut Yoga Block

  • With High durable Density
  • Reliable support
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Safe comfortable grip
  • Moisture-proof material
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Improve physical activities

Balance from GoYoga Set

GoYoga Set

This Balance from Goyoga is beneficial for beginners. It is easy to use and also beneficial to practice with. 

Benefits to use Balance from the GoYoga set

  • Slip resist surface
  • Helps in balancing
  • Sliding during use
  • Comfortable edges
  • Moisture-proof
  • Comfortable to grid
  • High density

Manduka Lean Cork Block

Manduka Lean Cork Block

Manduka Lean Cork Block is an accessory and Prop. There are several benefits of it like good for traveling,  having comfortable benefits, etc that encourage you to buy it as soon as possible.

Benefits of Maduka Lean Cork Block

  • Sustainable cork
  • Contain firmness that is not in any foam block
  • Maintain proper alignment
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Reduce muscle strain
  • Lightweight
  • Rounded edges
  • Deepen more stretches
  • Use in yoga classes, pilates
  • Meditation
  • Stable grip

Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block

A cork Yoga block is node fitness. This is made with Cork. However, there are several benefits to buying Cork Yoga blocks which fascinate you to buy it as  early as possible

Benefits to buy Cork Yoga Block

  • Node block
  • Effectively resist Moisture
  • Odors with proper care
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Give stability
  • Support
  • Compact size
  • Edges with comfort
  • Safe and  effective to use
  • Wooden life Bamboo Yoga Block
  • Stronger Yoga Foam Wedge Block


Yoga blocks are used for support, balance, and for easy stretch by the body. Generally, while doing Yoga we need some expert guidance also because if there could be any wrong posture or stretch It can cause serious health issues also. Yoga is natural but also there are some precautions we need to be careful about. Yoga block helps to have benefits with no harm or risk.