Ayurvedic Tips for Natural Pregnancy


Pregnancy is the joining of a new member of the family. Before taking care of a newborn baby. The mother should also have to take care of herself first then only her baby will be healthy.

Life is an individual effort into the outer world according to Indian philosophy. An individual can experience this using the five senses with the help of the mind. Mind transforms the message into meaningful information for us. Physically body has five senses that plays the important role in experiences.


Every individual is unique Ayurveda respects all physical disabilities that can be overcome. Any mental or physical strain. This time-tested medical sign is very cost-effective. In short, Ayurveda is an ancient science. That helps to have a healthy life. Which uses for our own health and well-being.

Whatever the information we are getting from the outer world with the help of constant efforts. It would be of five varieties. These five senses are “PANCHBUTAS”.


Everything in this world contains these five Panchbhutas.  That can easily categorize according to its physical structure of that. Ayurveda considers that an individual can consider an extension down through the mind and further connect to five sense organs. Further, that connected to five sense organs to experience the whole world in different ways. 

Garbha or Womb

This is the fertilization of organs and sperm at the right time.  In a physical structure. The individual must have decided to come down to this earth and take physical life. This individual should be transforming into mental pain and then getting connecting to the five physical sense organs. Which an individual creates.

The ultimate goal is to get a healthy mind and a healthy physical structure. As a perception, the construction mind should be healthy as much as possible. Although physical structure should also be like this. These are the two things that are transforming from parents into an individual.

Ayurvedic steps to have a healthy baby

Once when egg fertilizes In a very pleasant atmosphere. After confirmation of pregnancy, It is important that the pregnancy carry forward in a very smooth and healthy way. The period of man-months can classify into three portions: –

First, three months of pregnancy are very crucial for implantation. That will decide the real health of a newborn child. Experts suggest having nursey care and a proper diet. Nurses can also hire for the proper care of ladies. Food enriched with oil, Ghee and milk should be in the required amount.

The body should lubricate with healthier so that the moment inside the body is smooth. Although, a process in very healthy implantation. The first three months are also important for certain digestive disorders. Like vomiting cannot stop with any other medicine. These kinds of moments ensure that internal movement should be smooth. So, that vomiting and other things will stop automatically without any artificial medicine.

Try muster ask to fulfill the extra desires of a pregnant lady. Because there is additional development of the heart and other organs. These desires must be fulfilled as much as possible to see the child is also healthy. What are the required desires? Mind we have to take that whatever is the desire that is for the basic structure of the mother. That result helps the baby to grow in a proper way. This resulted in a smoother process internally.

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Responsibilities of a mother toward baby

Fulfilling the eating desires of the mother is good. But the food that not harm the baby. Otherwise, it should satisfy the mother.

This is including the full development of the mind. This is one of the important aspects that Ayurveda trying to offer to the world. Development of the mind actually ensured in the fifth month. From the third month, onwards the fetus will be starting to get experience a mental plane directly from the mother.

Hence, the hesitation, anger, anxiety, stress, and tension. These are the restricted things for a pregnant lady. Because these emotions directly transfer to the child. Also, this affects the actual growth of the fetus and mind.

Eight months of pregnancy is the most important. This completes the ascents of the fetus or an individual body. If the child’s physical structure is completed. Eight months must pass smoothly for a healthy delivery.

From the ninth month onwards you can aspect delivery on any day. So we have to ensure that movement of the body in the subtle plane and in the mental plane should be smooth. Use some oil externally also.  And take oil, and ghee internally up to the requirements of the mother and the child.

This has to ensure that movements of the subtlest parts of the body are very very comfortable. Intestinal parts of the body with whatever medicine parts are needed. That makes the downward movement through the intestine would be Normally conducted. that would be conducted through the delivery passes.

After the Delivery

Just after the delivery is over. One needs to ensure the movements in the body. Which are similarly disturbed throughout the body and are restored. For that, we have to console mother and made her happy. Because that movement restrains the delivery is established from the physical plane to the mental plane.

Once the movement gets stopped and the mother is relaxed. The Intestine has to be careful. Basic tonics like oil and ghee along with spices and other things should again be in lesser amounts so that normal digestion should be re-established.

Before giving any medicine things we need to ensure that the digestive system is relayed first. Whatever is introduced throughout the intestine will be absorbed well. Also distributed throughout the body for the purpose of regaining the body.

To show these kinds of a re-establishing to the body is taken. next to one month of duration after the delivery. Heavy food should avoid having. Till then when the strain on the body gets relieved. Also, the body is getting recovered again.


Food that should eat during pregnancy for a healthy delivery

The mother should be hydrated during the pregnancy. Food craving is the symbol of deficiency of that particular nutritive. There is no specific proof of this. It depends on the hormone changes and the taste of the mother. Which is responsible for this. That can be one of the causes also there. A proper diet is really a very mandatory and important thing for a healthy baby.

There are several yoga activities also there for a relaxed body. Apart from this diet plan is also very important. There are several things which should avoid and also have to eat. That will result in the proper growth of the baby.


Things  that should eat during Pregnancy

  • cereals and whole grains
  • vegetables and beans/legumes
  • Lean poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts, seeds, and legumes/beans are among the healthy food options.
  • Fruit
  • dairy products, primarily low-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt

Do I have to cook and prepare food differently while Pregnancy?

  • Frozen meat defrosts in the refrigerator or microwave, especially chicken.
  • Prior to preparing and eating meals, wash your hands.
  • Wash benches, cutting boards, and cutlery with hot, soapy water and various cutting boards for meat and vegetables.
  • Dishcloths should often change because a smelly one is a symptom of pollution.
  • Eat no raw or “rare” meats or fish, and always properly prepare your food.
  • Reheat food to a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius until steaming hot.

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Drinking things that are good during Pregnancy

Water and milk are the safest beverages to consume while pregnant. The current body of research backs up the advice to abstain from alcohol if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. Even one minute is also important In A baby’s growth, which could have permanent consequences.

Drinking milk and water when pregnant is safe. Small amounts of juice, soda, low-sugar soft drinks, and mineral water are all acceptable beverages. Caffeine in tiny levels can be harmless in tea and coffee. It is deemed safe for a mother and her unborn child to consume up to 200 mg per day while pregnant and breastfeeding.

What food should avoid during Pregnancy?

Salt, sugar, and fat content are frequently high in processed foods. They don’t provide the daily requirements for nourishment, despite the fact that they frequently taste delicious and are convenient. According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, you should consume fewer items high in saturated fat, and add salt, sugar, and alcohol while you’re pregnant.

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Throughout the process, one needs to just ensure the process of the intestine should be smooth. So, any intestinal movement like Urine, vomiting, coughing, and sneezing are all processes which are having an impact on pregnancy. Anything that is related to that has to be carefully executive without straining the rest of the body.

Any spices-enriched food should avoid during the pregnancy. Any oil or spicy food should be within limits. Try to control emotions like anger, anxiety, and stress. Because the mind needs to pass by every stage during the pregnancy.