Our Body Type as per Ayurveda

Our body type as per Ayurveda

Our Indian scriptural tells lots of things about us. If we explore, we can find lots of things. Our body type depends on nature. This is as simple as we have different choices some people like to bathe in too much cold water but some prefer very hot water. This article will discuss our body type as per Ayurveda which will help you with introspection.

We all know our body is made up of five different tattva – Vayu, Agni, Akash, Bhumi, Jal. Our body is also made up of all these five components. In detail, Bhoomi represents Mass &

Inertia, Jal, or Apaha is for Fluidity, Agni represents Heat & warmth, Vayu represents instability & movement, and Akash represents- space-occupying property. These all components work collectively resulting in proper function of the body.

These all are present in our bodies. According to Ayurveda, a healthy body is one in which they all are present in a balanced amount. This is really interesting to note that unlike Westerners our culture has already linked these things with the basics of our body. If they start to get disbalance, we have to face so many problems. The reason for this imbalance can be:-

  • Genetic reasons can be there.
  • Climate changes will also affect it.
  • Food habits are found majorly.

In our body one, we found genetically so, it’s common we all have one dosh by birth. Some have two dominant at a particular time which is also normal.

Part of Our body type as per Ayurveda


In this VATA dosha plays a dominant role. According to ashtanga properties of Vata- Dry, Light, Cold, Rough, Subtle, and Mobile. Generally, these types of people have lean physic. They have thin hands, and legs. Body structure you can consider below average. Their body is dry, cold, & lightweight in nature.

Positive aspects

In a positive way, they seem like a bird freely flying in a sky full of enthusiasm. They are a very good thinker. Give great ideas also. They are the Creators and dreamers because they are like the wind. Whenever want to go slow because they are always ready to achieve high things. They are always motivated toward their goals. All they have is full of ready & they can perform on the spot very well.  They generally think high which people don’t think easily. The main thing is that successful people always say think high and achieve high. These people belong to this wonderful category.

Negative Aspects

Vat body is all about movement so, this body is very active in nature. They don’t sleep so much due to activeness and are easily awakened. All saw lots of dreams. They don’t eat in a proper way sometimes they eat a lot sometimes very less. Their digestion is also so unstable. They cannot face too much cold but can easily manage in warm weather. Their mind and behavior are also very unique. They speak rapidly. They can’t focus easily. Mostly they are so fickle-minded (which means they change decisions frequently).  


According to astang the property of Pitta is oily, absorbent, hot light, odorous, mobile, or fluent.  They have very good proportions medium height, weight & physique. All Them have an athletic build structure. They sweat easily. If they work out they can be fitted easily. Our body type as per Ayurveda tells us about the natural character of a person.

Positive aspects

Their social life is so good because they can interact in such a good way. They have Great thinking capacity. They can easily process lots of thoughts in mind frequently. Moreover,They are good thinkers and leaders. They love to interact with people. Generally, they have extrovert personalities. They have good memory power.

They are very competitive in nature. Generally, they are intelligent and curious to know more new things. They have great dedication to achieving goals. Their company is really good. They also help others to interact with others. They can’t hide emotion.

Negative Aspects

 They have oily skin and hair also be oily. Generally have hair fall problems or are prone to hair. They can’t bear the heat. Easily, they can manage in winter easily but can’t easily in summers. They eat in a normal way & eat in a normal manner.

Also, can digest easily. They feel hungry again & again. Although, they need some snacks frequently. They are foody. They have so many skin issues, body odor & bad breath. The main characteristic of their nature is they are short-tempered. They are not aggressive but if they are in anger that will be too high. But they are so demanding & temperamental. They are so jealous. They are so judgemental.


According to ashtanga properties of Kapha are oily, cold, heavy, viscous, smooth, slimy, and immobile. It basically works on structural growth and lubrication. Their physical appearance is slightly overweight. Generally, the body feels heavy and inert. They have short bones, bigger muscles, and thicker hairs. Kapha is the main part of Our body type as per Ayurveda.

Positive aspects

 Their main advantage is that they didn’t notice what people are saying. They are very calm in nature. They are so caring, and loving also. It is full of chill people. They can feel chill in tough tough situations. However, they learn slowly but that will be permanent. They are intelligent also. Also, They know how to handle situations calmly and peacefully.

Negative aspects

Their body easily gains weight, & if they try to lose they need to work a lot. They sleep a lot. They love to sleep for a long time. Mucus produces in large amounts & also suffer lots of respiratory diseases like cold, and cough. This type of mind has such a huge impact on the body. Like generally they are so lazy in nature. They love to do work slowly.

All, They don’t want to change themselves. They judge people with a lot in mind. They are so possessive in nature. Easily they feel demotivated. They stuck to a particular thought. They try to bound people.

Our body type as per Ayurveda

 Although each & every type is good. That is so natural to have simply it’s our nature & experience also the personality and nature we have. We can adopt changes with time. Always we just need to have positivity in smiles, talk, and work. That shows a really good thing in a particular person. This variation makes us different from others.


These are different natural things that we are getting genetically. We should learn to adapt the things. It’s up to us what kind of personality we want for us. That we can choose and adapt. Be the best version that you want for yourself. This article “Our body type as per Ayurveda” help you to know better about you.

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