Pearl: An Ultimate Guide


Pearl directly indicates adding some more glam to your gorgeous beauty. If you are thinking about what to add to your outfit this is the perfect one to choose. Because this is always in trend. Now there are various options in the market of different colors, quality, perfect fit for different occasions, etc.

Different types of Pearls 

Different types of Pearls 

Now the market has various options easily available for Pearls. There are variations on the basis of prices, quality differences, and multiple colors also available for pearls.

Natural Pearls

Just like any other product they are also available in different categories. Whereas some of them are there which are really rare to found, that is why they are pretty expensive so, if someone is selling you natural pearls in a very low amount so you are not getting the real one.

Natural pearl prices between 15,000 to 50,000INR

Cultural Pearls

There are multiple areas from where we can get the pearls farming is one part of it. Cultural pearls are taken by farming. Mollusk pearls are an example of it. This harvesting can be done using two different ways one in freshwater ad another one in salt water. On comparing both of them salt pearls are the better one. They also include natural colors like black and purple or gray all of them are collectively called black pearl. 

  1. Freshwater Cultural Pearl Price approximately- 250 INR per gram
  2. Saltwater Cultural Pearl Pice approximately- 6,000 INR per gram

Different Varieties of Cultural Pearls

Different Varieties of Cultural Pearls

Although the market has various options. While buying one we should know about the different options we have and must focus on which one is within budget. Multiple options are there for you But all the pearl categories can be classified into four parts:

Cultured Akoya Pearls

For most people in the United States and other Western markets, Akoya cultured pearls are the most familiar type of saltwater cultural pearl. Many customers associate white or cream-colored akoyas with classic pearl jewelry, particularly single-strand necklaces. Both Japan and China produce Akoya cultured pearls.

Cultured South Sea Pearls

These saltwater cultured pearls are primarily from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Depending on the oyster, South Sea cultured pearls can range from white to silver or gold. Their large size and thick nacre, as a result of a long growth period, as well as their limited critical growing conditions, all contribute to their value.

Cultured Tahitian Pearls

Cultivated primarily in French Polynesia’s islands (the most familiar of these is Tahiti). These saltwater cultured pearls, come in a variety of colors. They can be grey, black, or brown, with blue, green, purple, or pink undertones.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls are the most common and popular among shoppers, jewelry also designers. This is due to their incredible variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, as well as their commercial availability at lower price points. They are culturally in freshwater lakes and ponds, with multiple of them growing in a single oyster. China is the most important source of freshwater cultured pearls.

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How to maintain Pearl’s shine for long time

They are so expensive and their shine is the most fascinating thing about them so it is necessary to keep them shiny and attractive for a long time. For this purpose, These should keep under the proper care and with security. A part of this here are some amazing tips that help you to keep them safe and secure.

Storing Pearls

Pearls have a smooth and shiny surface. But if they are kept with any other accessory or something they can loos their shine or scratch can also be there on the surface of them. So, this is advised to keep them with other pearls only or wrap them in the soft paper but only with them. 

Some things can’t keep in touch with pearls

Pearls are made from organic compounds which is why they are advised not to store with other chemicals like perfumes, Makeup things, other things like hairspray, etc. If accidentally they spray on them so clean them as soon as possible. And this is also good if you wipe them before storing them. 

Try to keep them away from water: when we wear any necklace or earrings that consist of pearls. After coming back from the part when we wash our hands and put them off somehow the pearl gets wet. Which is not good for them. Generally, pearls are made from silk, and when they come in contact with water the thread gets weaker. So, make sure to put them off before going for the shower. 

Must put off before going to sleep: Pearl has a specific shape that should need proper management to be stable. Just like diamonds or any other jewelry they cannot be worn while sleeping. They have a spherical smooth surface that has a specific angle for proper relaxation and for its shininess.

Wear them whenever you like: Pearls can not stay shiny for a long time. This is also observed that if you put them to keep away from your eyes for a long time they will be less shiner than before. With time they react with the atmospheric oxygen resulting in lose tier shininess.

Things to keep in mind before buying the Pearls

Things to keep in mind before buying the Pearls

Pearls help to give you a more catchy look. This adds some more shine to your shiny personality. But before buying them there are a few things about them which must have to be focused on. The important and necessary things that must focus on before buying pearls are:

Weight of Pearl

Different weights should be purchased. Like if we want to have an earring so, we don’t need really heavy pearl. If it is the pendant for the neck it can be of medium or heavyweight. This is also important to note different weights for pearls also vary their prices.

Price of Freshwater Pearls according to the weight

Freshwater Pearls: 1 gram A-grade freshwater pearl can be as low as INR 40.

There are three different grades for the different Freshwater pearls-

  • A grade Freshwater pearl- 30 to 50 INR
  • AA grade pearl- 120 to 150 INR
  • AAA grade pearl- 220 to 250 INR

Price of Salt Water Pearls According to the Weight

Akoya Pearls: It is the classic white saltwater pearls. The cost of them is approximately between 180 INR to 900 INR.

South Sea Pearls Price: South Sea Pearls has the largest collection of all the roundest culture saltwater pearls. They made pearls from the southern seas of Australia, the Philippines, and also Indonesia.

Tahitian Pearls Price: Tahitian Pearls are the only ones that provide the qualitative black pearls in the market. The cost of them lies between 6,000- 12,000 INR per gram.

Color of Pearls

As above mentioned information about the types of pearls. The pearls are available in various varieties on the market. Like natural and cultural ones. This is important to note which one is because this gives the difference between the quality and its price too.

Some pearls have natural colors but some have added colors too. On this the quality of pearl depends. In the market, the price of the same quality of pearl varies as per its color.

Freshwater Pearl Price according to the color of pearl:

  • 1 gram of White Pearls- 260 INR
  • 1 gram of Other Colour- 210
  • 1 gram of Pink Pearls- 240
  • 1 gram of Dyed Pearls- 200
  • 1 gram of Golden Pearls- 230

Saltwater Pearls prices according to colors:

White Pearls

  • In Carat- 250 to 1500 INR
  • In Gram- 1250 to 7500 INR

Pink/ Peach Pearls

  • In Carat- 250 to 130 INR
  • In Gram- 1250 to 6500  INR

Golden Pearls

  • In Carat- 1100 to 1300 INR
  • In Gram- 5500 to 6500 INR

Black Pearls

  • In Carat- 1000 to 1200 INR
  • In Gram- 5000 to 6000 INR

Size of Pearl

Before buying the pearl we should be careful for what purpose we are going to buy this one. For different purposes, the size also varies. Also, what would be the occasion like if we want a simply stylish and cool pendant so the size of the pearl should be small and attractive one. But if this is a special occasion and we are planning to wear it on that one so we need different sizes of pearls some should be small some be medium, and some also need to be large in size. 

The shape of Pearl

Pearl comes in three different shapes round, spherical and Baroque. Their shape differs as per the requirement where we want to place it. Also, different shapes have different pearls quality.

The surface quality of Pearl

Different pearls have different surfaces. Although all the pearls look to be smooth by touching the surface. But there is a difference between them. So, while purchasing check the surface carefully to get the perfect one. They are luster in nature. But this property varies as per the pearl quality.

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Pearl adds glam to your beauty and is a perfect choice to enhance your outfit. It is always in trend, and the market offers various options in terms of colors, quality, and suitability for different occasions.

The market offers various types of pearls. Natural pearls are rare and expensive, so be cautious if someone sells them at a low price. Their prices range from 15,000 to 50,000 INR.

Farmers obtain cultural pearls through farming, utilizing either freshwater or saltwater. People prefer saltwater pearls, which encompass natural colors such as black, purple, or gray, collectively referred to as black pearls. Freshwater cultural pearls cost approximately 250 INR per gram, while saltwater cultural pearls cost around 6,000 INR per gram.

When buying pearls, it’s important to know the different options available and consider your budget. Pearls can be classified into four categories:

Most people in Western markets are familiar with Cultured Akoya Pearls, which primarily originate from Japan and China as saltwater pearls.

Cultured South Sea Pearls: These saltwater pearls come from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. People value them for their large size, thick nacre, and limited growing conditions.

Cultured Tahitian Pearls: Cultivated primarily in French Polynesia’s islands, these saltwater pearls come in various colors, including gray, black, or brown with undertones of blue, green, purple, or pink.

Cultured Freshwater Pearls: The most popular choice, these pearls offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors at affordable prices. Freshwater cultured pearls primarily come from China, serving as the main source.

To maintain the shine of pearls, proper care and storage are essential. Keep them separate from other accessories to prevent scratching. Avoid contact with chemicals like perfumes and makeup. Wipe them clean before storing and keep them away from water and moisture. Also, remove them before sleeping to maintain their shape and shine.

Before buying pearls, consider their weight, price, color, size, shape, and surface quality. Prices vary based on these factors. Freshwater pearls can range from 40 to 250 INR per gram, while saltwater pearls have different price ranges depending on the type and color.

In conclusion, pearls are timeless and elegant accessories that can enhance your overall look. They are suitable for both casual and formal occasions, making them a versatile choice for any outfit.

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