Snake Bites Piercing: Definition and Care Guidelines

Snake Bites Piercing

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You can have a variety of lip piercings. You can take your lip piercing to the next level by getting the corners of your mouth or the lips themselves pierced. If you want to do something more daring, the snake bites piercing is the one for you.

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In recent years, snake bites piercings have become a popular way to express yourself. They’re bold and stylish. This unique body modification consists of two symmetrical piercings that look like snake teeth. It’s important to do your research before deciding on a snake bite piercing.

This article will inform you about all aspects of snakebite piercings. We’ll answer your questions and provide you with detailed information about the procedure, healing and aftercare.

The snakebites piercing is a good idea for anyone who wants a dramatic change in their appearance, a “punky” look or is simply looking for a piercing that will attract attention.Before you go to the piercing store, there are a few things you should consider.

 What is a snake bites piercing?

The snake bites piercing gets its name from its appearance. Two piercings that look like snake teeth are pierced on each side of the lower lip. The snakebite piercing is one of the most commonly misidentified piercings. The snakebite piercing consists of two piercings that are pierced equidistant from the centre of the chin and below the lower lip. You must know what you’re looking for before you sit in the piercer’s chair.

What do you need to know about snakebite piercing?

 It’s always good to know what to expect before getting a snakebite piercing.

 While you’re in the workshop, the piercers will allow you to rinse your teeth. Marking your piercing will take up most of the time of your appointment. This is important so that your piercings are placed evenly on both sides of your mouth.

You can relax and sit upright. You may feel a slight stinging sensation.

The pain of a piercing is subjective. Some people find it painful, while others feel nothing at all.

You must take care of the piercing after it has been pierced. It’s normal for the area to be more sensitive or to swell.

Pain and healing time of Snakebite piercing

 The snake bites piercing is more painful because it requires two punctures. You have to pierce the needle twice. The skin under the lip is less sensitive than the skin on the lips, so it’s less painful.

 ·    Those who have had a snakebite piercing say that they felt more pain in the first few days.

·    The lips tend to swell much more than other areas that are frequently pierced, causing discomfort and throbbing.

·    The snake bites piercing is more prone to swelling because there are two healing piercings on either side of the lower lip.

·    This can make it difficult to speak and eat.

 Snakebites heal in 6-8 weeks, just like labret piercings. Healing the snakebite piercing can be more complicated because you have to deal with two punctures.

 In the initial phase, you may notice swelling on your lower lip. You must be careful when eating and talking so as not to irritate the piercing.

For optimal healing, it is best to be careful in the first few days after the piercing.

How is a snake bites piercing done?

 To ensure a safe, hygienic and comfortable experience, you should contact a professional studio such as Pierced.

 You will discuss placement with your professional artist after you arrive. Also, it is important to choose the spacing to achieve the desired look.

 ·    After your skin has been disinfected, your piercer will insert two new, sterile hollow needles into your lip at the agreed-upon locations.

·    Clamps are often used to ensure that the needles are placed correctly.

·    After the piercings, the jewellery is inserted.

·    The piercer can give detailed instructions for aftercare.

Aftercare for snakebite piercing

After you leave the piercing parlour with your new jewellery, it is important that you follow a strict aftercare regimen to ensure that your piercing heals properly.

 Before cleaning or touching your piercings, wash your hands thoroughly.

They should then soak the piercings twice a day with saline solution.

 You can either use a ready-made solution or make your own by mixing pure sea salt with warm water.

You should also rinse your mouth with salt water after eating and drinking.

 Avoid alcohol, spicy foods and cigarettes during the healing phase.

They can irritate your piercings, which will delay healing. Toothpaste and peppermint candies with a strong mint flavour can also irritate your piercings.

Choose a toothpaste that has a milder flavour until the piercing has healed.

 Avoid applying makeup or skin care products to your piercings

Swimming in natural or heated pools, whirlpools and other bodies of water.

Contact with potentially contaminated objects such as cigarettes or straws

The healing process of Snakebite piercing

 Healing from a snake bites piercing is a critical phase that requires patience and care. Initial swelling, tenderness and bruising are normal but should disappear within a few weeks.

Avoid touching the piercings as this could introduce bacteria and slow down the healing process.

Your snake bites will heal faster and more effectively if you follow your aftercare measures.

 It usually takes two to four weeks for a snake bite or lip piercing to heal completely.

How long does it take to heal a snake bites?

 Lips heal relatively quickly. The piercing will likely swell a little, but this will pass quickly. You can come back to the store after two weeks to get a shorter bar. Whenever, we advise you to avoid spicy and hot food on the day of the procedure. Do not drink any hot drinks or soft drinks either. In the days following, you must rinse your mouth after every meal, drink or smoke.

We recommend that you do not use make-up or other skin care products near your new piercing for the next few weeks. Neilmend spray is available in different stores if you want to be extra careful and clean. You can also use mouthwash without alcohol for the inside. Also, avoid using any type of oil or alcohol-based products on or around your piercing while it is healing.

 Listen to your body. It is completely normal to feel some discomfort or sensitivity. Whenever, if you feel pain, this is a bad sign.

What kind of infection can I get from my snakebite?

 If something that does not belong there gets into the wound, such as make-up, dirt or animal hair, this can cause an infection.

Your piercing can also become infected if you wear poor-quality jewellery. An infection is characterized by green pus oozing from the wound.

You can feel the heartbeat and severe pain from an infection.

 Remember that there is a big difference between an irritation and an infection. But, it is normal to feel a little irritation when there is a foreign body in your skin.

A serious infection can be a much more dangerous situation. Also, if you suspect an infection is developing, you can treat the piercing with eye ointment.

This ointment contains a small amount of antibiotics to soothe the infection.

Snake bites piercings can ruin your teeth

 This is a tough one. If you do not touch your piercing, it will not do any damage to your teeth. To make the labret as comfortable as possible, we always use a labret with a metal disk at the end.

We strongly recommend that you rinse your mouth regularly and do not play with the piercing. This is the right attitude!

How much does a snakebite piercing cost?

 Different studios cost different prices. You can buy a pair of lip piercings (also known as a “snakebite piercing”) for 35 EUR each (excluding jewellery and aftercare). Therefore, prices for jewellery start at 15 EUR per piece.

Where can I buy snakebite lip piercing jewellery?

There are various sites to buy it. Please make sure you buy implant-quality titanium jewellery if you decide to shop elsewhere. Avoid silver and surgical steel.

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 Some people only use implant-grade titanium or 14K gold. It is important to know the size of your jewellery to get a good-fitting piercing. A lip is normally 1.2 mm in size.

Costs for snakebite piercings

 Also, remember to multiply everything by two when calculating the cost of a snakebite piercing.

If your store charges for both the piercing and the jewellery separately, you will have to pay twice. Even if the piercing seems affordable, make sure you are not paying for jewellery that exceeds your budget. 

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