Let’s Reconnect with Environment

reconnect to environment

Reconnect with Environment is all about unlearning, demonstrating, and innovating. Usually, this is associated with younger people, business people, & people outside of any institution. In short, this is for all of us.

Building peace in the mind of men and women Is the motto & constitution of UNESCO. It’s quite a wide program wouldn’t say but also quite a relevant one. One because of the piece as we could see from the North Korea element is still a common good. That can be easily achieved in part of the world.

Are We really living a life we are trying to live?

Okay simply check what we see in our surroundings- Lots of small wars, People fighting, busy and hectic schedule, intolerance of people. What UNESCO’s constitution says is to maintain the peace of mind of men & women through education, science, communication, and moralities.

They are not saying about the money, not about infrastructure. Even not about big guns, not even the internet. So this is what I am trying to tell you here, about the real piece in mind. Have some faith in some of the institutions. The institution in that you have faith is sometimes not satisfying, but that is okay.

Connecting with People

Sometimes this gives you a negative conclusion not to trust again but that you are a basic unit of them. You have that capability it makes or innovates it in a different manner. Make it a different one. There was a UN project the motto of the project was- reconnecting people through and to their natural environment. We have also seen before an example of reconnecting to the environment. Through urban agriculture.

But don’t you think there is a need to connect people with each other? Some people are still far away from life. They don’t even have time to say hi to them. Who does he already know? They are seeming like they are separated through a bridge. That is the hindrance between them.

Mostly this is in the city. Why this is in the city? We need to think about it because the world is moving to the town. More than 50% of places are already converted. They are preferring to live in the city. And by 2100 it would be 90%.  So the cities are our playground. Where we need to work on.

Reconnect with people

Why to Reconnect with the environment?

Actually, we are not happy with ourselves. We don’t know what we are searching from years. The reason is we don’t have peace of mind. That’s why we prefer to avoid everyone. We have lost a sense of how we have connected with the environment and especially the wildlife around us.

Initially, we know we are breathing because this is the fundamental need of a living body. Reconnecting with Environment will help you let’s see how. Now we are breathing but don’t know why. The truth is we never feel real happiness. What we feel in our childhood.

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How reconnect with the environment helps us?

Pandemic Situation

Let’s check with a great recent example. When we were suffering from the pandemic what did we have done?  We were doing yoga, doing plantations, and doing exercise at home. Even, We were clicking pictures of the sky. We enjoy the weather. Also, We were eating healthy food. Sounds strange but actually, we have done everything which Even we hate to do. Lots of people have gone into depression. After that, they started to connect to nature which gave them peace.

To Manage Stress

Environment not only helps your mind to divert from anywhere. But it helps you to manage stress also. When we spend some time with nature. That feeling is similar to spending some time with a child. Nature includes animals, nature, surroundings, weather, etc.

We are also doing this. Most of us have pets at home. The most important thing is We love to spend time with them.  Whenever we have a hectic day & return back to home. This is how reconnecting with the Environment helps us to manage stress.

How to connect with the environment?

We all know the importance of the environment in life. It is necessary for survival. If we are having any kind of stress or any problem related to our mental health by simply connecting with nature we feel happy from the inside. And this happy feeling and the calmness in the heart help to overcome all those problems. Here are the ways how you can also practically connect with nature.

Barefoot walking on grass

This is the best part of nature. Walking barefoot on grass has lots of benefits. It is good for the eyes, For the mind, for inner peace. In short, this literally changes your mood. Gives you lots of happiness. This is the real feeling of happiness.

Playing with animals

We always try to find someone who cares for us, who understands us, and who listens to us. Who feels happy while meeting us? Animals are one of the best creatures. Like dogs, we also keep them as pets. When we Zoo sees lots of animals, their behaviors, etc. This helps to calm the mind.


The plantation is also the best therapy. That greenery, smell of flowers, Smell of moist soil. These are the things which most of us like. When we inhale that it is feeling like filtering our body. And see for this much peace we don’t need to spend any money. This is totally free of cost. Happiness in lesser time and no investment.

We are celebrating some international days. So that this remember us about our responsibility towards nature. We can give some attention to nature also. Most important this is giving us a reason to celebrate together. This is how you can Reconnect with the Environment simply.

Global Ways to reconnect with the environment

There are many programs and events on an international level that promote reconnecting with the environment. Also, there are some specific days that are especially celebrated for nature. The main purpose behind these days is to remember our responsibility towards nature.

World Wildlife Day

This day is celebrated on the 3 of March. Globally this is for the awareness of wildlife. Deforestation, City transformation is like vanishing forests. This makes us realize our duty towards wildlife. We need them for sustainable survival. But while moving to this digital world, we just stuck to thinking about our profit only. This day catch the attention of no people towards it.

 World Wildlife Day
 World Wildlife Day

Environment Day

This day is celebrated on the 5 of June. There’s a famous Slogan of Sweden is the host country of World Environment Day, 2022, with ‘Only One Earth‘ — focussing on living sustainably in harmony with nature.

Environment Day
Environment Day

The environment is a very common thing for us. But if you think slightly deeper this is the most essential thing for life. We can’t even stay without the environment. What we eat that’s from nature. In short, everything is from nature what we require. Even we are part of nature. The more we closer to nature more we feel connected to ourselves. A real creature always loves Nature.

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