Reasons Why Homebuyers are Buying Property in Noida and Greater Noida

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Both Noida and Greater Noida are gorgeous cities, however, the main distinction between the two is Greater Noida is a planned metropolis.

About Noida

In the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, there is a proper plan metropolis known as Noida, which is short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. The National Capital Region (NCR) of India includes Noida, a satellite city of Delhi. based on preliminary Census of India reports.

Several commercial properties are available here. But they are not cheap. Most commercial activities are in malls kind of places. But due to the lesser population malls are not that crowded. That is why that area is not very beneficial for buying a commercial property.

Benefits to live in Noida

Noida’s infrastructure is far more advanced than Delhi’s. The roads are more open, well-kept, lusher, and marked. Each sector has its own RWA, and these RWAs collaborate with the authorities to administer each sector. Only in Delhi can one dream of the speed with which encroachments removes, gazebo huts are given in public parks, high mast lights are approved, and street light bulbs are maintained. Schools and hospitals in Noida provide some excellent choices.

The water supply is good

Water has low quality but a large availability. The water quality will be superior then what you receive in Delhi if you install a good softener. Furthermore, Noida will close this deficit in about a year thanks to the Ganga water project.

Electricity management

There is now a slight electricity shortage, but in August Noida will become the first zero-cut zone in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There is currently a daily cut but not for more than two hours. Newspaper articles describe the scenario in industrial areas where power outages last a longer time.

The UP and Delhi governments have a bilateral agreement on connectivity with the NCR, and as a result, the government transportation departments do a nice job of running adequate buses at all times of the day to practically all areas of Delhi. Additionally, the Noida people have benefited greatly from the Metro. There are so many ways to enter and leave the city that one never truly feels like he isn’t in Delhi.

Good Commercial facilities

The state tax agencies are more troublesome than their Delhi equivalents. But if you are working with a competent tax professional, these obstacles resolve effectively. Additionally, Noida has developed into a sizable market that is expanding quickly.

Good Neighbors

Over the past eight years that I have lived in Noida, I have encountered several extremely deserving families. Most of my Noida friends are in great positions in life and excelling in their fields. If you are considering Noida from a status perspective, I can guarantee you that it has given me the best surroundings compared to everything I have seen in my forty years of expertise.

In Noida, people still live in communities where they closely bond and take care of one another, regardless of their wealth. I’m glad to let my kids interact with similarly cultured, if not more so, neighborhood kids.

Cons to living in Noida

Just like a coin, there are some cons to living in Noida. Some important cons of Living in Noida are:

Poor traffic decorum and execution

It doesn’t matter if there is a traffic cop at the crosswalk or traffic signal. Here, disregarding driving laws seems to be the norm.
High cost of living: Compared to other small cities, even essential items like fruits and vegetables seem to be more expensive here.


High rent costs, especially for relatively tiny rooms – Most people move to Noida for a job commitment and search for a rented apartment or flat. However, frequently prices are increasing, and on top of that, electricity and maintenance costs are astronomical.
People interact with one another extremely little even if they live close to one another in society.

Polluted and dusty

Although this does not apply to all localities, some sites where metro work and other construction work are a threat in terms of the sheer volume of dust people expose to.

Rampant Road rage and thievery

It’s not uncommon to see people fighting in the middle of the road after minor collisions, shouting insults and bodily harm at one another. Also, if the area leaves unsecured, theft and robbery are fairly common. One of my pals misplaced his bike in a populated Neighbourhood, just next to a park. Hardly any greenery, a large number of slum areas

Law and Order

Before relocating to Noida, there was a great deal of concern about the safety of family members and property. However, to this day, I have not come across any law and order issues that have threatened to alter my opinion of Noida’s safety for women. Again, the incidents reported in the newspapers are largely those that occur in the villages near Noida and its surroundings. These villages are home to both locals and numerous immigrants, and each group has its own culture, way of life, and internal dispute-resolution system that hardly affects Noida’s urban residents.

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Greater Noida

Greater Noida is situated after Delhi and Noida. This area includes all commercial and residential sectors, financial institutions, hospitals, and knowledge parks. Pari Chowk is the center of Greater Noida. this is the center where the Noida greater Noida expressway started.

Greater Noida is genuinely a  nice place to live. Although Delhiteneedsd some time to adjust here. But when they are used to it they love this place. Noida is not only a very good place for investment but also a nice place to live a safe and healthy life. Here, one can live a peaceful life. As an investor,r this will be worthful the builder waits for five years at least. One can stay there on the rented property first and try the lifestyle there. Then after that satisfaction can buy own house.

Residential properties

Residential properties have been found with four options.

  • High range apartments

For residential purposes as per cost, this area is not that profitable.

  • Independent houses

There is a great range of houses. But due to plotting before 10 years houses are not in very good condition. Also, one needs to pay a large amount for a particular property. That cannot say a worthy investment.

  • Builder Villas

They fascinate. Because of their infrastructure. They look like a high-maintained society. But these villas build in small areas. Builders mostly sell them on the square fit scale. That is why approx. a particular well-made Villa could be of 1 or 2 crores. Inspite of that making Vila will be cheper.

  • Plots

This is the actual value for money. It depends on you how to see the investment. That is worthy in every aspect. Mostly the greater Noida sector is in the plotting development phase. Still many places are lesser in density. Although this area also takes 5 to 10 years to build properly.

Pros of Buying Property in Greater Noida

Low population density

Greater Noida is a low-density area. Mostly there is plotting that is developing. However, most of the regions don’t have a population. The investors are the reason behind it. Although generally there are cases of thefts and all but this region is free from murder and rape cases. This is the major issue in Delhi.

Safe to live

This is the rumor also because that is in the up region that is why there is some security issue also. This area provides a good route because it is connected with so many areas. For example, if wanna go to Delhi one can choose the Greater Noida expressway. That expressway is good and cannot be found in any other place in North India. Kalindi Kunj fly-over is the best way to go to Delhi. For Ghaziabad, anyone can go Noida extension. This place is full of transport facilities.

Transport facility

Metro, buses are also available here. Properties are available. The unfractured of this area is lovely. That is very multinational companies are trying to start a business there. Vipro, LG, and Mozerwhere like these companies are also trying to open their setup here. There is o another city in entire Delhi that can beat the greenery and fracture of greater Noida.

Tourist visiting place

Staring of expo mart resulted in several science exhibitions here. That is why many international tourists are visiting here. Apart from this many companies also have started their own office here.

Commercial property

Several commercial properties are available here. But they are not cheap. Mostly commercial activities can be seen in malls kind of places. But due to the lesser population malls are not that crowded. That is why that area is not very beneficial for buying buy a commercial property.


Greater Noida is a good location to choose. Because this place is nearer to Noida greater Noida expressway. From where can reach Delhi in just 30 minutes? Although Noida is greater Noida joins DND from where we can enter in entire Delhi. Greater Noida is also connected with Agra through Jamuna’s expressway. Near to two different film cities. This is a city near to Delhi too but the house is easy with all the facilities. Now it is not that costly to buy property.


Greater Noida is a green city. This is in the NCR region still in this area lots of greenery are there. Closely every divider considers large trees. Park, roads, and societies all are having lots of trees. That resulted in such a peaceful environment. This area is full of greenery. This area is enriched with trees on both sides of the road. This is a place developed with lesser pollution. However, each society has a peaceful park area.


This region is pollution-free due to lots of trees. Along with this long jams with no traffic. For a loving place, this is such a good place to have.

Developed city

Greater Noida includes developed areas full of hospitals, schools, and universities. Although lots of institutes and medical facilities are available easily. N numbers of schools, hospitals, and universities are available.

Well planned city

This region is fully mapped. There is a particular region already separated from a particular segment. For example, the commercial area has a separate location. Residential also has another specific region.

Employment region

So many national and multinational businesses also there. Thus, there are multiple sectors for employment.

Cons to living in Greater Noida

The only thing about this neighborhood that worries me is how lonely it seems. This area is typically so tranquil and calm that after a while one will start to feel lonely. There is only one mall in this neighborhood, called Ansal Plaza, and none are located very close to it. Consequently, it will become dull eventually. It is annoying to have to walk to the main gate of Mitra Enclave if you purchase meals online because the security officers won’t let the delivery person inside.

Furthermore, there is no place nearby where we may purchase clothing at a discount. A person from the middle class cannot pay the costs at Ansal Plaza. Additionally, when you acquire something online, it typically arrives later than expected.

Which is Better Greater Noida or Noida?

Both Noida and Greater Noida are gorgeous cities, however, the main distinction between the two is Greater Noida is a planned metropolis.

Greater Noida is better as per organization than Noida in many ways, While Noida is slightly more congested.

Greater Noida is exquisitely planned so that the residential areas are uncrowded and free of traffic. Sectors of Greater Noida are separated.

Residential Sector

Only homes build in these areas; businesses and factories are not permitted yet. These sectors have different blocks based on the size of the plot, with a hut in each block (Daily needs and milk shops).

parks, a shopping center, and a community center. Gamma I and II, Beta I and II, Alpha I and II, Delta I, II, and III are a few of the sectors.

Education Sector

Knowledge Park, I, II, and III have several excellent colleges, as well as more than 100 institutions offering a variety of courses. Some colleges also have excellent placement rates. Only colleges, tech firms, and non-manufacturing industries are permitted in these sections, which are well-maintained.
Ecotech I, II, III, IV, and Surajpur Site I, II, III, and IV are industrial sectors for factories, manufacturing facilities, and other heavy industries.