6 Top Phoenix Temples To Soothe Your Soul

Phoenix Temples

Temples are Buildings reserved for Spiritual and ritual activities like prayer and sacrifice. These are the holy places where people go for prayers. Temples are mostly found in India. But there are a lot of temples outside of India. One of these places is Phoenix. Phoenix is mainly known for its temples. I also visited the phoenix two years before and I saw a lot of temples there. Just come along with me to explore these Phoenix Temples.

Shirdi Saibaba Phoenix Temple

shridi saibaba temple arizona

The Shirdi Saibaba temple in Arizona is one of the popular phoenix temples. If you are Sai Baba Devotee, then it is a must to visit the Shirdi Saibaba temple. The temple is located in Arizona near 17th AVE. It is the former home of spiritual guru Sai Baba. People come here from many places & countries to visit the temple. People say that the temple is known to perform miracles.

The temple is beautifully constructed and the interior of the temple looks so great. There is a quiet silence in the temple that can make you feel so great. You can feel the different worlds of peace in this temple. When you visit the temple in the festive months of September and December, You will see a lot of people. Which come to visit the temple and a lot of people come here to pray. You can see a large crowd of people there.

You will see a lot of activity there. So, if you want to visit the temple at a time when there are not many people. And you want to see the temple in complete silence. Then you can visit the temple during the non-festive months. At that moment, you will feel the internal environment of the temple in a very different way.

You can visit the temple on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Because these are the least crowded days. People usually start arriving on Wednesday night to reach on Thursday.

Address: 17110 N 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85023, USA.

Location: Shridi Saibaba Temple.

Phoenix Arizona Temple

phoenix temple arizona

Phoenix Arizona temple is the most popularly known temple all over Arizona. If someone is about to visit a temple, then he will go to the Phoenix Arizona temple in the first place.  The temple was completely build-in 2014. Further the temple is made with the best supplies along with a huge quantity of steel and other raw materials.

The Phoenix Temple is 27,423 square feet wide. It covers the ground, a total of about 5.19 acres. The Interior wall has marbles and colored cement. You can feel a lot of joy and fulfillment after visiting the temple. Further, you will see a whole different world inside the temple. It is the 144th temple of the LDS Church. The exterior color of the church is about to change from white to a natural stone color to make it look more astonishing.

The temple’s first design exceeded its maximum height restriction at the beginning According to zoning law. It needed to be an exception that the phoenix city council will grant. But it was replanned and rebuilt again. Also, the zoning law exception request was approved on 20 November 2009. So, it became the first temple built through the zoning law exception. 

The environment of the temple is so peaceful inside. So, you will feel so good inside that temple. This is a holy and pure temple so you can’t say no to this temple. Very huge in size, Glamorous in beauty, and the best place to go. Hence, just go and visit the temple.

Address: 5220 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Glendale, AZ 85310, USA

Location: Phoenix Arizona Temple.

Wat Lao Buddhist Thammarat phoenix Temple

Wat Lao Buddhist Thammarat Temple

The Wat Lao Buddhist Thammarat temple got started built-in 1996. It is not an ancient temple but it is so impressive. The temple looks amazing from inside as well as from the outside. Temple expresses itself by its purity and peaceful environment. You can visit here at any time. Even anyone can come here in the morning or at night. The temple covers a lot of ground areas.

It is a Buddhist temple. Wat Lao Buddhist temple is most popularly known for its robbery of $1,500 by a group of women.

A group of around 12 women came to the Wat Lao Buddhist temple late at night. And they asked for prayer. One of those women’s husbands was sick so they asked for prayer. Her husband is sick in the hospital. So, a monk in the temple did a prayer for three of the women.

The monk was distracted by the prayer. So, the other two women went to the two monk’s rooms and rifled them. They took $1000 from one monk’s room and $500 from others. The police went to the temple on 10 April for the robbery report.

Address: 9601 N 16th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021, USA

Location: Wat Lao Thammarat Temple.

Animal Liberation Phoenix Temple

Animal Liberation Temple

Animal Liberation Temple is a Soto Zen Buddhist temple. It is also an animal sanctuary founded in 2019 in phoenix.  Also, the temple known as the animal liberation temple. Further, it offers the services of spiritual and physical liberation. The liberation temple started because tens of thousands of people die in shelters each year. So, the motive of the temple is to save all animals that die each year. Hence, they offer teachings about how to take care of animals.

So, just go and visit this temple because this is a very brilliant opportunity for you. You will get the chance to learn how to take care of animals.

Address: 7514 W Clarendon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033, USA

Location: Animal Liberation Temple.

Alie-Baba Phoenix Temple

Alie-Baba Temple

It is a Hindu temple located in Pinal County, Phoenix Arizona. Alie-Baba Temple is a glorious temple that looks amazing and so impressive from every point. It does not just look amazing but it is also a very peaceful place. A lot of visitors come here to visit the temple and spend their time in a peaceful environment. You will feel the amazing world inside the temple. It is a two-colored temple. Made with only two colors. You will love a lot to visit this great Temple to visit.

Address: 3527 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85019, USA

Location: Alie-Baba Temple.

Bharatiya Ekta Mandir Phoenix Temple

Bharatiya Ekta Mandir arizona

It is a Hindu and Jain temple located in Phoenix, Arizona. Bharatiya Ekta Mandir is designed with traditional Indian architecture. Also, have five Shrines. As well as Mahavir Swami, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Bhagwan Adinath and Parshvanath, Radha, Shrinathji, Lakshman, Lord Rama Sita, Lord Venkateshwara, Hanuman, and Bhudevi & Sridevi. The temple was completely built-in 1998. It is a holy place to visit and find your inner soul. You will feel the spiritual world inside the temple in a different way. Also, You can also visit the temple on festive days like Sri Krishna Janmashtmi, Onam, Mukkoti Ekadashi, Vinayak Chaturthi, Sri Ram Navami, Vijayadashmi, Makara Sankranti, Vekunta Ekadashi, Deepawali, Ugadi, and also on Shivratri.

It is made by a non-profit organization in Arizona in the year 2001. The temple has the name Ekta because it is highlighting that it keeps the community United. So, just visited the temple to be a part of this united community.

Address: 2804 W Maryland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017, USA

Location: Bharatiya Ekta Mandir.


Phoenix is the capital and most popular city of the United States located in Arizona. The United States is a western country with a lot of diversity in Culture and Tradition. Besides all of this, There are a lot of temples in Phoenix. You can visit these temples to feel the world full of peace. also, you must go to these temples to pray and to feel your inner soul. There are ancient temples as well as temples that are built recently. So, you can visit these temples. Peoples around the world come from various places to visit these temples. So, you can imagine how precious these temples are. Hence just go and visit these temples.

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