Italy in November: Must Explore Places, Events & Festival

italy in november

If you are planning to go some worthy place and also in budge. Going to Italy in November will be the perfect plan for you. The days are short and the weather has lots of variation. This month there is a very less crowd. Some special events are there which are only organized in November. And as per the visitors, there is one more benefit the first week is the holiday week. For local people also there are so many activities.

Another way the weather is cool is only in the first week of November in the upcoming week there is rainy weather. This view and freshness you will love to experience. So, why should wait to have the best trip on a budget? 

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Best Places Where You Must Go: Italy in November

This is really hard to choose which place to go to first. Because these all places have a different experience and something for everyone. And also you can explore differences in the different weather conditions. There are lakes too where you can go to explore. If you are a foody person so there are many things to try.

#1 Visit Rome in November
Best Places Where You Must Go: Italy in November
#2 Visit Venice in November
Best Places Where You Must Go: Italy in November
#3 Visit Tuscany in November
Best Places Where You Must Go: Italy in November
#4 Visit Umbria in November
Best Places Where You Must Go: Italy in November
#5 Visit Amalfi Coast in November
Best Places Where You Must Go: Italy in November

Visit Rome in November

Basically, the maximum time in the month of November rain is there. Although it is a rainy month in Italy. If you want to enjoy the place without crowds I budget it is the perfect choice for you to go. This time is best to have eaten something from the outside. You can easily enjoy the Pizza. Also, you can go to the museums. This is the low season so there are chances to get VIP service at lesser prices.

Visit Venice in November

Venice is famous as a romantic and intimate place. And November has the special experience to go there. Also, if rain is also outside the weather is too good to have a natural view. At this place, there is not so much a huge crowd so you can easily explore this amazing place.

Visit Tuscany in November

Tuscany is a stunning place to go for. It is a good place for you to go if you are a foody person. November is the hilltop time to choose. So, if you are in Italy this month first this place you can visit. To have a stunning and cool experience.

Visit Umbria in November

This is the little sister of Tuscany. If you wanna have the most popular and visitors-loving place so this is the place you must go. 

Visit Amalfi Coast in November

This is the coast hit and the place if you don’t know so you will feel regret. The first side, this is the low season at this time. Here you can enjoy the very busy town but less crowdy. So, if you want to chill and relax on your vacation you should visit the Amalfi coast once.

Events & Festivals You Should not Miss

The first week of November in Italy is the holiday week. So, at this time there are lots of events and festivals there which you can also attend while going there. If you are going there this month you can attend the event as the main member because the crowd is so less.

  • Rome Jazz Festival
  • Turin Film Festival
  • Roma Europa Festival
  • Truffle Festivals
  • Feast of Saint Cecilia
  • The Feast for the Ladies
  • Oberdrauburg Christmas Market

Explore Italy in November

Benefits to Go Italy in November

There are lots of benefits to going to Italy in November. But it is the perfect place for you if you want to enjoy the trip with less crowdy and amazing places. Going to Italy is the perfect trip for you. This is the special month where there is pure calmness and peace is present. Italy is famous for this thing. Visitors also come there in the summer also. But Many chose November to come due to the lesser crowd. This will be a budget trip for you. Having lots of experiences joy and loving weather. 

  • Seasonal benefits in November for tourist
  • In the month of November, a lesser no of visitors come here. At this time the monuments are starting to modify so, you can also explore them. 
  • Rather than poaching bulky and heavy umbrellas, you can get the umbrella for rent also. For that, you don’t have to pay so much.
  • The airfare will also be cheaper if you go there this month.
  • For this season you can pack light clothes, so no worry about heavy clothes.
  • The weather is flexible so you can enjoy that also.
  • This month you can also enjoy Snow sports.
  • Get the opportunity to visit some special places which are only open in the winters
  • Enjoy the lovely events and festivals, especially for winters
  • Also, Enjoy the lovely meal only available in winter.
  • Book the trip at a very cheaper price and get the VIP features.

Weather Conditions of Italy in November

Weather is the first condition which must focus on whenever go to any place to visit. You should keep in mind that your health is also suitable according to that same environment. Large countries have different weather conditions. So, if you are a health-conscious person this is one of the most important things for you. 

Even there are weather changes in the same month also. This is due to the geographical condition. Like in November at the beginning time the weather is cold but when the ending is coming it comes rainy. 

The first week is there which does not have that much rain otherwise the entire month is full of lovely weather. For the latest update and the condition, you have to check the online weather report. It is also advised you to add some warm clothes also.

Rome Temperature: The range is 7 to 17 C, Average of 9 days of rain

Milan Or Venice Weather: The temperature range is 6 to 12 C, Rain for 6 days

Naples/ Amalfi Coast/ Sardinia: 10 to 19 C, Rain for 7 to 9 Days

Previous Year Experience of Mine

The previous year when I went to Italy, I went to the Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera. I have gone there in the first week of November. It was a sunny and warm day with the daytime. The temperature is between 18 to 20 C. We were in T-shirts. So, it’s totally up to the weather condition there are various variations in the temperature.

Then after a free day in the same week, there is the rainy weather also. As the temperature gets reduced we have worn sweaters and rain jackets. Then when the weather comes to more cooler We have started to wear woolen clothes. During that, some days are there when the temperature is around 18-20C. And there is heavy rain outside.

It was really lovely weather and view at the same time. This was really loving and peaceful. When there is a strong wind voice with rain and no outside noise was there. We have taken something warm to eat and enjoyed the view from the window. To feel the wind and rainy drops of water is such an amazing feeling. For me, it was a budget-friendly trip. I really suggest you go there.

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