How to Wash Hey Dudes

how to wash hey dudes

Hey Dudes were first made in Italy by CEO Alessandro Rosano in 2008. The initial design was their Wally style. They have immediately gained international acclaim. Hey Dudes are lightweight, provide comfort, and have a casual style. The shoes are designed to conform to your feet and move with them. Their insoles are made of memory foam, and their Soles are of EVA, which provides bounce and flexibility in movement.

It’s crucial to note that the Wally and Wendy Hey Dude styles are made of woven cotton and will stretch, so size down.

These sneakers are fantastic and quite comfy. These sneakers are fantastic and quite comfy. They are larger than imagined, but we adore them! Excellent shoes and quick shipment

Hey Dude sneakers are used to make from vegan-friendly materials such as suede and leather. Although the majority of Hey Dude shoes include with leather-lined memory foam insoles, you can also choose insoles created.

Hey Dudes are comfy shoes that can be worn by both men and women. It is also available in different designs and colors. They are ideal shoes for everyday usage. But if you are using it every day, it is important to maintain it. To make it clean, it is important to know, “How to Wash Hey Dudes”.

Methods of Wash Hey Dudes

Whether you wash your shoes by machine or by hand, use cold water since hot water might dissolve the glue that holds your shoes together. Only use liquid washing detergent, never powdered. Do not use bleach or vinegar, since they might harm the bottoms of your shoes. Also, avoid using fabric softener since it forms a covering that attracts dirt and traps scents. Methods of washing Hey Dudes are here.

  • Wash Shoes By Hand
  • Wash Shoes By Washing Machine  

Wash your hey dudes By Hand

Fill a basin or bucket with cold or lukewarm water and a few drops of liquid laundry detergent or dish soap to wash shoes by hand. If desired, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil for additional shoe deodorizing.

It is also feasible to hand-wash their shoes. As with machine washing, begin by eliminating all debris and dust using a soft bristle brush. After you’ve done that, remove the insoles. After that, fill a bucket or sink halfway with cold water. Swish in a scoop of Active detergent until soap suds appear.

To clean the filth and stains, place the slip-ons in the sink and scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Allow them to soak for at least 30 minutes once you’re finish. The insoles may also be cleaned with the same solution; simply place them in the shoe.

After soaking, the next step is to rinse them with water. Place the slip-ons in flowing water to do this. Rinse the water until it is no longer sudsy. The same is true for the insoles. Allow them to air dry in the sun once they’ve been clean. Do not put them in the dryer. If necessary, fill the shoes with newspaper to speed up the process.

Wash Hey dudes Shoes By Washing Machine  

To wash shoes in the washing machine, place them in a mesh laundry bag or, if desired, a pillowcase fastened at the top. To maintain the load balanced and to mute the noises of the shoes in the washing drum, add a pair of old towels to the machine. Select a small, delicate cycle to avoid a spin at the conclusion of the wash. As soon as the wash cycle is through, take off your shoes. wash hey dude by washing machine is the also technical method. hey dude washing through of washing method.

You can simply clean the Hey Dude shoes by using a washing machine. You may clean the shoe by utilizing the cold gentle cycle and liquid washing detergent. To clean the shoe using a washing machine, follow these steps:

  • To wash the shoe, first, remove the laces and replaceable insole so that they don’t become destroyed or tangled during the machine wash.
  • Fill the washer with cold water and any liquid detergent that is available in the water. Make certain that no powdered detergent is added. It makes the shoe’s material touch of scratchy.
  • Because the Hey guy shoe is composed of lightweight cotton material, it should be washed on a gentle cycle. Using cold water also helps to keep the colors from fading and prevents the shoe from shrinking.
  • Put the shoes in the washing machine and soak them for 30 minutes. Then fill it with a comet or bleach and repeat the gadget on the gentle cycle.
  • After washing, let it outside to soak for the night.
  • Replace the laces and insole of the shoe. Your shoe is now clean and ready to wear again. The washing through of this machine or technical method is possible for you hey dudes.

Important to Note for Your Hey Dudes

  • You should not moisten the entire shoe for the Hey dude shoe hand wash.
  • To clean the shoe, use a clean, soft cloth or a damp brush.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, which might harm the shoe’s material.

What Kinds of Shoes Can You Wash?

The majority of fabric athletic shoes, sneakers, home shoes, and slippers are machine washable. Cotton, nylon, canvas, and polyester shoes are all easy to clean. Shoes made of leather or suede, shoes with decorations such as sequins or embroidery, high heels, or platform shoes should not be washed. Care instructions for certain shoes maybe find lower down. Types of shoes you can wash but one the Hey Dudes one.

Hey Dudes Shoes Deodorization

After a period, there’s a good possibility your shoes may develop an odor. Don’t be concerned; this is usual. These are some options for dealing with these problems. Hey Dudes Deodorization.

Baking Soda Deodorizing

To Deodorisation the interior of your Hey Dudes sneakers, use baking soda. Simply place it in the shoes and wear them overnight. The next morning, empty the powder. Alternatively, you may place the soda in a sachet or plastic bag to avoid contaminating the shoe with the powder.

White Vinegar on the Inside

Another great deodorizer is white vinegar. However, do not pour it straight over your shoe as this can harm it. Instead, you want to swab the interior with the liquid. To accomplish this, wet a towel with vinegar. Both balsamic and apple cider vinegar can cause discoloration. Rinsing is not required; simply allow the shoes to air dry thereafter. To help remove moisture, fill it with newspaper. Vinegar is not good for your hey dudes.

Make use of dryer sheets

Do you have any dryer sheets laying around? They may be used to deodorize your hey dudes! Simply place one in each shoe and leave them in overnight. Take the sheets out and throw them away the next morning.

Place the slippers in the freezer

You can genuinely refresh your shoes by placing them in the freezer, believe it or not. However, be sure to place them in a plastic bag first—you don’t want to get the freezer filthy. Ultimately, the freezing temperature kills off the bacteria that cause odor in the shoes.

Some pointers to maintain your Hey Dudes sneakers looking like new

  • Never put your Hey Dudes in the dryer, and never leave them out in the sun. Your hey dudes may become stained as a result.
  • Hand washing your hey dudes shoes is the finest way to clean them. It is a mild method that helps to keep your shoes in good condition.
  • If your shoes are still damp after being hand clean, fill them with a microfiber towel. This will aid in the absorption of excess water as well as the preservation of their form.
  • If you keep your shoes in direct sunlight, the color and substance of your shoes will fade.
  • Make use of a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. This will aid in the prevention of creases and wrinkles on your shoes.
  • Make sure to put shoe trees in your shoes while you’re not wearing them. This will aid in moisture absorption as well as form retention.


It is important to care for your hey dudes shoes since it will not only make them seem like new, but it will also help extend the life of your shoes, which is a terrific incentive.

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