Tips & Advice on How to Propose a Girl on Chat

How to Propose a Girl on Chat

If trying to propose to a girl first let me know about her. Your vibes match her so don’t wait and propose to her. Nothing is wrong to fall in love with someone but don’t rush to live. Here, are the most effective way to propose to a girl on chat.

If you rush into life too early, then choosing the other aspects of growth will get stunted. Because you got emotionally entangled, now immediately the girl says. I am going to come to you tomorrow morning. Then immediately find a job You have not completed your engineering, you will find an autorickshaw to drive. Arey, all these things will happen love does all these things to you. Love does all the things to you. So, If You are having a great love affair, just enjoy it. You can think I am a hero but well the girl, has another opinion also. Your nose can be in any shape like this and that doesn’t matter. Because a joyful face is always beautiful. 

Effective Ways to Propose a Girl over Chat

There are lots of traditional and most popular ways to propose to girls. So many filmy ways and the things which we are seeing around us. In this social trend during chat sometimes we think to propose a girl. While the person is in front of us it is very easy to say because the facial expression helps us. At that time we can check the right time to say. These are the effective ways How to Propose to a Girl on Chat.

Choose the right time to start

It is just like our mood that changes with the weather. Girls have different mood swings due to so many reasons. Sometimes even they don’t know why they feel angry or something. So, first, have a conversation and try to know about the mood. Choose the timing when she is genuinely free or able to have a conversation freely.  

If she is in good mood then there is no issue. Easily can tell with short messages that show genuine feeling. But if she didn’t have a good one. Even that is a better time to say. First, ask about the problem and have a conversation about it. Try to solve the problem or give her a solution. Sometimes it could be like parents say something or a career problem or something. Don’t say like listen to me this is the only right way.

Try to make her understand the solution on her own in conversation. Because at that time you get a personal attachment and she thinks about you a such a humble person. That increases the possibility. This is how one can choose which time is perfect to express feelings. Just the thing is to have conversations when she did not have any work to do. However, choosing the right time matters a lot to propose a girl on chat also.

Start with a normal conversation to propose to her on chat

This movement is really special. Sometimes this is there just to impress her. We pretend to be smarter than actually we are. But Really this has a very bad impression. And she will never say yes to you. Nowadays girls are very good with face reading. The first impression matters a lot after that conversation is the most important factor. 

The actual reality of a person comes when we open our mouths. This is our real impression. Somewhere looks matter also. But after a certain time want to be with who has a pretty soul. A person with a good heart is far better than a person having a pretty face with disrespectful nature. 

Show you are interested to know not to have her at the beginning

While you wanna propose before that have a conversation that creates a personality like you want to know her more. You care for her. This could not be like just because you want to make her your Gf that is why you are talking to her. This is the best one because this is the reality and in reality, actually, you have that caring and supporting feeling. A girl easily says yes to that person to whom she can feel safe herself. It can be for support, Emotional attachment or it can also be like a good companion. Who are not only serious about the future but also have a great sense of humor. The relationship will be for a long time if you are able to know how to control her anger. 

Don’t tell directly without having a conversation with her

This is the most common thing which is there over social media on daily basis. Girls found these guys so cheap who just try to say this directly. And this is not also nor practically true. Because if you did not know anything about a person how could say that you love her how she is.

If you know her personally so make her also comfortable with you. To know much more about you. This will generate a personal attachment to you. It is not like for so many years. Even this is also good for you. Because the cover is good that does not mean the book will also be good from the inside.

Make herself enough comfortable so that she can share her problems with you. Which she can not share with anyone. Just like a good companion for her. 

Give some clues during a conversation to propose to her on chat

Before this conversation have a good friendship with her. Don’t be creepy or use so many cheap flirting phrases. Just express your emotions to her during the conversation. These short clues let her know about their feelings which increases the chances of yes. However, this is not also very bad to have. First, know about her nature if she is having an introverted personality so wait to let her comfortable with you to share things. Then can give some clues. 

This could be the video or written phrases that you can share over the story and during the conversation also. 

Any video or poetry you can send? This conveys the sentiments. This will not make her uncomfortable with you and also helps to provide some hints. However, it has a positive effect on building a relationship. 

Start With regular conversation

Have a conversation on daily basis about problems and thoughts. If we want to have a conversation regularly. Simply we can share the daily things and incidents this is a very small thing but has a very great impact. Everyone is busy with their busy schedule. But with this everyone needs a person with whom can share things. So, first, ask about the day and normal activities. 

After that try to say about your feelings. With some short messages. And then make her curious to know what you are saying in the right paragraph. Because the paragraph has emotions that make her understand.

Don’t give an instant reply every time in the beginning 

When you are planning to think. Behave normally and talk as you were talking normally to each other. Because this can also be like at that particular instant of time she can think that is why you are paying that much importance to me. 

Be generous and regular with your conversation and then tell at that time at which she is free to talk. The instant reply also loses your importance to her. So, should be very comfortable before telling. That will also have a chances risk of no. Make equality and genuinely between you and her. 

Know about her feeling 

First, try to know if she is also interested or not. If you did not have a conversation on this so first have a little bit on it. And then after a few days go with this conversation. This will tell the possibility also. And also help to know whether this is the right time or not.

Avoid dirty talks

During this conversation sometimes we are having some dirty lines. Or maybe somehow we are with such silly talks. This thing is really tolerable and that girl will not be interested in even talking to you. Here, you are trying to express the feeling not to break the bond till now.

Even these dirty talks tell that the person wants a relationship for a different purpose not because of love. This is quite a prejudgement way. And the very bad impression of you on her. If you did not mean this before also so this has a very great impact on your bond. This is the most annoying thing over chat to propose to a girl.

Text your emotions in a single text ( try to write before)

Try to write a long paragraph before starting the conversation. A long paragraph also expresses emotions. During the conversation, if you will type it will take a long time. She has to wait at that moment and then maybe she has some work to do in a few minutes.

Don’t think about what to write, how to write, and so on things. Simply open your notepad or paper and start to right what is inside your mind. The reality and the emotions are the best proposal lines ever.

Be The real you

Generally, we all are saying everything is fake in this world. Somewhere from inside someone who is true in front of us. And we also want to have such an atmosphere, to be the one that we actually are. This is the simple and most effective way not to impress only but with this, that person also starts to love you. 

This is the actual thing that makes a relationship for the long-term also. Yes, we can create a great impression in front of her but this can be just for a week, maybe for a month, and as far as just for a year. But after that just like these lie the relationship also end. This is true mostly if a guy falls in love with someone so, he gives his hundred percent. However, once he gets connected or attached so not able to move on so easily. In long term and having a happy relationship start with reality.

Knowing something about her choices can also be a good way How to over-chat Propose a Girl

Must know before going on the First Date after Propose a girl

Be ready like a hero. Have an amazing dashing look, put plenty of perfume, gel, and deodorant. These are the ways that give such a really bad way of your first impression. 

Be normal

Just be like as you actually are not so much a show-off or something. This makes the first impression so effective. This is one of the most important factors to propose to a girl on chat also.

Keep your phone, buds everything aside

First keep your phone, buds, and every other thing on silent. For a personal touch give these things to keep her in her bag or something. This shows that you are paying 100% attention to her. 

Give your wallet to her during a conversation

It’s not in the sense to give authority to her or any other fake things. This can be such a good and sweet way to show belief. Generally, boys carry important documents in their wallets. This is how shows a belief in her. That she is also able to keep his things safe with you.

Choose the place wisely

Select the place wisely. The place is where she can talk to you freely. However, The place should be public but not so crowded. The place also depends on her choices. Know something about her or can also ask her. Ask the place also where she can reach easily or help her to go there. If she is not pretty good at traveling.

Little dramatic

Create some humor that makes laugh to her. This creates a comfortable environment and a good date.

Plan gift

The gift should be decided well. Because girls have various choices. Must consider the and also vare about her choices. If she like simple gifts so give these to her. But is she loves something self-made or anything that really fascinates her? Mostly if have proposed over the chat so we don’t know that much. So, can try to know about it.

Create a cute moment & make her comfortable to smile with you

There is nothing going to be so serious or quiet. This moment is to feel happy but not with that nervousness. It’s not like just pretending to be normal literally feeling normal and having a normal conversation. Create some silly jokes and silly moments that make also her to be comfortable with you.

Look at her while she is looking somewhere else

This is the one and most effective way. Sometimes while she is looking somewhere else, the boy thinks maybe she is not noticing. But actually not she is focused on noticing your activity during this time. If you love her definitely you will look at her at that time not in a bad way but that’s because of actual love. And after that, she will never leave you.

Make something by you

If you are good at cooking or making any creative things. So, easily can also make this. Because girls like their genuine and small efforts for her.

Try to cover some distance by walk

Walking is better than driving a bike at a heavy speed. This shows that person is so down to earth. Although any other day, you can go for a long drive also.

Walk-in her speed

Walk with her not behind her or in front of her. If she is walking at a low speed so walk in that way. This pretends a genuine personality of a person. If there is lesser space so let her go first.

Listen to her speak when there is no conversation

This is the most impressive way. Generally, girls are so talkative nowadays. They want a person who listens to her first. This is also there after a certain time she also wants to listen to him. Once he is going to be that much more important to her.

While ordering ask normally and humbly to the waiter

While walking and every time generally a guy respects his girl. But just to have such a stupid show off they talk to the waiter so loudly and rudely. This has a very bad impact on yours. Because She will start to think in reality you are not such a humble person. You are just giving respect to her because this is the first time or the beginning. When you both met.

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Dress well

Dress in the appropriate and normal way. Not so much like a gentleman or something. Because simple looks actually cool. This is also a very important factor when proposing to a girl. This factor also matters I normally propose to a girl.

Artistic way

If you are having any hidden talent kind of poetry or something. Can use that and also cook for her. This is the sweet effort that she loves about you.

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This movement is really very unique. Sometimes this is there just to impress her. Here, are the some ways how to propose to girls on chat. If you felt some connection with her. These are the basic helpful steps for you in a simple way that give you positive results and help you to start your love story.

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