Holi 2024 Date & Time Holika Dahan Muhurat

holi 2024

Holi is a festival of colour, and love. It marks the arrival of spring, and brings joy to people’s lives. A time when friends and family join together to smear each other with powder paints in every colour imaginable. The two-day Holi 2024 festival which is celebrated across India and beyond sees streets decorated, markets full of customers buying coloured powders (gulal), water guns and sweets.

When will Holi 2024 be celebrated?

The Holi festival is celebrated near the end of the month Phalguna, following the Hindu calendar. The first day commemorates when Holika was burnt on a bonfire which takes place in Purnima during evening.

The second day when everyone play holi is called Padwa or Chaitra Shuddha Dwitiya.

In the Gregorian Calendar Holi will occur on March 24th (Sunday) and March 25th (Monday) where Chhoti Holi falls on Sunday.

Holi 2024 date and Time

The muhurat begins at 7:19 PM to 9:38 PM on March 24. During this period anyone can throw colours at their friends or loved ones for fun. On March 25 however there are no restrictions as you can continue playing even after the auspicious time has passed.

Traditional songs and rhythmic beats can be heard throughout towns that mark the beginning of celebrations. As soon as people start throwing gulal (coloured powder) it won’t take long before faces become unrecognisable beneath all those layers of paint.

How to perform Pooja on Holi?

Pooja happens on the first day; it involves lighting a pile wood so that it burns symbolically of good triumphing over evil. The must-haves for this act include raw cotton thread, coconut, gulal powder, vermilion, akshat (grains of rice), incense sticks and flowers, batasha (sweets made of sugar powder), turmeric and a bowl of water.

While performing the puja, raw cotton threads are tied around the pile three times or in some cases seven. Next Ganga water together with flowers and vermilion is sprinkled on it. It’s then worshipped using roli, akshat, batasha, turmeric, gulal and coconut while chanting a prayer.

How Holi is celebrated?

On this morning all you’ll see is people everywhere applying colour to their friends. The whole atmosphere is filled with laughter and excitement as open spaces are used for meeting places before heading out to parks or streets.

As mentioned earlier it’s a festival everyone celebrates together. Social barriers no longer exist for this day which means friendships will be formed that will last till death. People from all walks of life at this moment forget about grudges they’re holding on to against someone else.

And we can’t forget about the food; Gujiyas which is a sweet dumpling made with khoya (a milk product), as well as thandai which includes nuts and spices are traditional snacks eaten during celebrations.

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