Curry Leaves: Benefits and Remedies


Curry Patta or curry leaves are often used in our Indian food. It’s a tiny green leaf with flavor and smell, which are commonly used in Indian food for adding taste or to garnish. They have a variety of medicinal benefits that are both nutritional and for cosmetic uses.

Benefits of Curry leaves

health benefits of curry leaves

Control Blood Sugar

Curry leaf has a hypoglycemic impact that helps with blood sugar control since it makes it easier for the body to produce insulin. Curry leaves’s high fiber content indicates how quickly carbs break down into glucose, which helps to keep blood sugar levels controlled. First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, chew 8–10 curry leaves thoroughly to reap the benefits, the leaves will dissolve in our saliva. Otherwise, you can create juice from the leaves and drink it in the morning.

Improves Hair Growth

It quickens hair growth. Curry leaves protect the hair from harm and delay the appearance of premature greying. They also prevent hair loss, dandruff, and itchy skin. It moisturizes the scalp to support healthy hair follicle growth.

Curry Leaves oil helps in hair growth

These leaves help you to get healthy and shiny hair. It improves the length of your hair and makes it silky. It also helps to make your scalp stronger.

Making of Curry Leaves Oil


      1. Take 20-30 curry patta in a big bowl. Pour some water into it. Let the leaves absorb some water. 

      1. After 2-3 minutes, separate the leaves from the water.

      1. Now, Take a pan and add 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil. Heat it in a medium flame.

      1. After heating, add leaves to the oil and boil till the oil color turns brown. 

      1. When the oil gets brown off the flame and strains the oil from the leaves.

      1. Let the oil cool at room temperature.

    Your amazing hair oil is ready. Use it twice a week to get healthy and shiny hair.

    Helps in Weight loss

    Curry leaf contains the alkaloid carbazole chemical that helps in weight loss and decreases the harmful cholesterol LDL, curry leaves bloodstream compounds provide cleansing molecules, it purifies our body and aids in weight reduction.

    Curry leaves oil helps in weight loss

    If you consume burning tea in water in the morning, it is always good for you and helps in weight loss as well as other diseases. Curry leaf Burning tea in the morning also helps to detox your body. If you drink daily it helps to remove all the toxins in the body and hence helps in weight reduction.

    Making of Curry leaves Burning Tea


        1. Take 10-20 curry leaves in a Saucepan. Pour 1 glass of water into the pan. Let the leaves boil for 10-15minutes. 

        1. After 15 minutes, strain the water from the leaves.

        1. Transfer it into the glass. Add some flavor to taste.

        1. You can squeeze half a lemon and add 1 tablespoon of honey to the glass.

      Your fat-burning tea is ready. Consume this tea every morning on an empty stomach to get better results.

      Good for Pregnant Women

      It works well for preventing morning sickness for pregnant women. Curry patta is very useful for morning sickness in pregnant women. It is beneficial for both mother and child because it is a natural herb. You can drink curry leaf tea or you can prepare the basic tonic.

      Curry leaf Morning tonic helps pregnant ladies

      Morning tea or tonic is always beneficial for pregnant as well as for normal people. Drinking this tonic in the morning helps to extract the toxins in the body and from ancient times curry leaf is known for its ayurvedic property which is beneficial for pregnant women.

      Recipes to make curry leaves morning tonic


          1. Blend 10-20 leaves and make a fine paste.

          1. Squeeze the paste in a muslin cloth to extract the juice.

          1. Add 1 tablespoon of lime juice and a pinch of jaggery.

          1. Have it in the morning with an empty stomach. It will be really beneficial for morning sickness in pregnant ladies.

        Improves Digestion

        It makes digestion better. Curry leaves are watery and have anti-descent properties; they help in digestion and also prevent constipation, diarrhea, and bloating; they have a detoxifying nature that helps in improved stomach waste elimination. The Indians are highly familiar with the curry leaf or curry patta since we commonly prepare meals with curry leaves, such as poha, upma, pulao, and curry, as well as curry leaf and coriander chutney in our homes.

        Curry leaves mouth freshener improves digestion

        Curry leaf Mouth freshener helps to improve the digestion in the body. it also helps to prevent bloating and constipation. Use this mouth freshener for improving digestion.

        Recipe to make Mouth freshener


            1. Take 30-40 leaves and let them completely dry for a few days.

            1. After that, make a thin powder of dry leaves.

            1. Roast 3-4 tablespoons fennel or soft seeds and mix it with curry leaves powder.

            1. Store it in an airtight bottle using this tasty homemade mouth freshener.

          It will enhance your digestive process.

          Boost Immunity

          Curry leaves are full of antioxidants that keep us healthy and aid in the prevention of a variety of issues. They protect us from oxidative damage, which can cause problems with the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and kidneys.

          Curry leaves morning drink strengthens the immune system

          As we already mentioned above, the Curry leaf morning drink is always beneficial for health diseases. It also helps to boost immunity and makes you active.

          Recipe to make morning drink


              • Take 30-40 curry patta, 1lemon,1 ginger, 1 slice of turmeric, and 1 teaspoon of amla powder. Mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste.

              • Add a little water to thin the paste, and then filter the mixture.

              • Add a touch of salt and a couple of lemon drops for flavor.

              • Drink this often to strengthen your immune system.

            Improves skin texture

            skin texture is improved In addition to improving skin texture and reducing skin rashes and irritation, curry leaves protect the skin from free radicals, keeping it soft and healthy.

            Curry leaves face pack helps in glowing face

            Curry leaf face pack helps to glow your face. It also helps to reduce acne and pimples on your face.

            How to make a face pack


                • Make a fine paste out of Multani mitti, half a teaspoon of curry leaf powder, a few drops of rose water, and your face and neck.

                • Apply it there for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it off.

                • Apply it twice a week.

              You will see your skin starts to glow. Applying this on your face will reduce your pimple also. They have a variety of natural healing uses that can be used to treat or prevent several ailments. You can also try a face pack and hair oil. Multani mitti absorbs excess oil while also hydrating and healing the skin. Rose water is a natural toner that can help firm sagging skin.


              Curry leaves are not only tasty but also packed with healthy plant elements that have many health benefits.

              So remember to add curry leaves to your daily diet, either have a drink in the morning or use it in various preparations. Consuming them may enhance your body’s antioxidant defenses. Additionally, doing so may prevent brain damage, lower heart disease risk factors, and combat cancer cells.

              The best part is that you may add curry leaves to a variety of recipes to improve the flavor and health properties of your food.

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