Best Pillow Top Mattresses: Buyer Guide, Pros and Cons

best pillow mattress

A layer of soft material utilized to protect is attached to the top surface of a pillow-top mattress. When you lie down on pillow-tops, you experience a wonderfully soft feeling that is strongly linked to sleeping on a cloud. A pillow top mattress has an additional layer of padding woven onto the top surface, as suggested by the name. A variety of materials can be used to create pillow tops, which can be placed onto any kind of mattress. Because they can bring comfort, shaping, pressure relief, and motion disconnection while maintaining the orthopedic support that the mattresses beneath them can offer, pillow-top beds are popular among sleepers. Pillow-top beds have several advantages, including the ability to lessen motion transfer, which makes them a perfect option for couples.

Buyer Guide on Pillow top mattresses

In the section below, we go over everything you need to know about getting a pillow top mattress, including the different kinds of pillow tops that are out there, crucial shopping tips, and advice on how to choose the right pillow top mattress for you.

pillow top mattress

How to Choose the Best Pillow top mattress

You will be able to feel the mattress beneath the top layer of whatever pillow top mattress you purchase. Consider your body weight, sleeping position, and personal tastes when selecting the firmness, having in mind that the pillow top will only slightly change how it feels (making it softer to the touch). 


The phrase “pillow top” is now similar to “pillow top mattress,” “euro top mattress,” and occasionally “pillow tops,” which can be added for comfort to any mattresses. Mattresses with pillow tops have extra padding at the top as if a pillow had been made there.


There are many pillow top mattress options available on the market, so whether you’re seeking for one that uses environmentally friendly materials or one that has a cooling foam pillow top layer, there’s a choice out there for you.


Weight—When deciding on the firmness and design of the mattresses that lies beneath the pillow top layer, a sleeper’s body weight will be taken into account. Additionally, most sleepers will be able to feel the mattresses below because pillow tops are often soft and thin. Similarly, for heavy sleepers who need a supporting, firmer mattress yet prefer a softer feel, this strikes a wonderful mix between firmness and softness. 

A pillow top can be a beneficial addition to mattresses that would otherwise feel stiff on your shoulders and hips if you sleep on your side.

The Best Pillow Top Mattress

There are different kinds that are available in the market some of the best here listed below.

Easeland Queen Size Mattress

queen pillow mattress

Having a 100% cotton top and down alternative fill, this queen mattress pad is 60 x 80 inches, has a 21-inch deep pocket, and weighs 49 ounces. With its 30 ounces of down alternative fills, it will significantly soften your firm mattress. It is Skin-friendly. The 300TC, 100% cotton surface is breathable and will absorb sweat with fillings that are an alternative to down. This pad will remain neat throughout the night regardless of how you move on the bed since it uses a deep pocket design that can stretch up to 21 inches with 130GSM Single-track Elastic Fabric. Make it fluffy again by washing in a gentle cycle and letting it air dry outside.

Best Cooling Pillow Top Mattress

best cooling pillow mattress

With an 8″ support core of pocketed coils and a 2″ top layer of Dunlop latex, this mattress is of a high caliber but is also simply built. The coils are zoned, which means that locations where increased pressure from body weight generally occurs have denser coils.

Best Medium-Firm Pillow Top Mattress

pillow mattress

The Sparrow Signature Hybrid mattress has a zoned pocketed coil support core. A four-component comfort layer, and a rayon and polyester cover. Three firmness levels are offered: soft, medium, and premium firm.

Springfit Bed Mattress

Springfit Mattress and Sleep Systems have been a market-leading manufacturer of high-end mattresses and sleep accessories. We are dedicated to giving our valued clients the best possible sleep experience. For the entire peace of mind of each and every one of our customers, we are dedicated to offering the highest standards. At the heart of our commitment to quality is our distinctive internal testing lab, which is ISO 9001 accredited.

Pillow-top mattresses: Pros 

The benefits and drawbacks of this design, and how to pick the ideal pillow top mattress for your house.

Pillow top mattress pros
  • Excellent support for folks who need more padding on a mattress or who have orthopedic concerns while they sleep.
  • Available in a range of designs and price ranges
  • Especially for side sleepers with hip and shoulder stiffness, relieve aches and pains.
  • They provide your body calm and relaxation

Pillow-top mattresses: Cons

pillow top mattress cons
  • Due to the sudden compression of pillow tops, durability may be a problem.
  • There aren’t many solutions for tall and heavy people.
  • Due to the degradation of the pillow top layer over time, sagging could potentially be a problem. This may contribute to poor edge support.


You should choose the best mattresses for your comfort. There are many benefits of these pillows. Pillow-top mattresses give you relaxation and comfort. Kids, Adults anybody can use these pillows. Therefore, the combination of comfort and support that a pillow top mattress’s structure offers should be found to be effective for those seeking a mattress that can lessen or avoid back pain. 

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