Bad Food Combinations That Should Avoid

Bad Food Combinations

Bad Food Combinations Some food combinations could be harmful if one has a delicate digestive system. These kinds of combinations together would make you feel bloated or sleepy or tired or sometimes vomiting and nausea.

Sometimes this can be too acidic. Sometimes they would eliminate waste from the stomach.

Bad Food Combinations For Digestion

This could be when taking two kinds of high-protein diets together. Like eggs and meat should not be take together? Only one kind of protein diet should be take at a time. Food with high protein, mostly in non-veg items, cannot mix with other rich foods.

So they should be eat alone. Suppose the stomach is more delicate than food and drinks. During eating, take only one or two sips of water because fruit juice or water might dilute the digestive enzymes. And Body may not be able to absorb all the nutrients from the food it can eat.

Then it could be like fruits, and food, sometimes with the delicate digestive system, should not be taken along with the food. After food should take either before or after, say a gap, approximately after half an hour. However, food has a tendency to form in the Body.

People find it difficult to digest cheese and meat together. Again this is again two high-rich sources. You should also avoid eating together If the stomach is not accepting.

Some delicate people find it hard to digest milk with banana, so in that case, you could kick a little ass nutmeg or cinnamon powder. This will make it more palatable than other foods. Milk and cereals with fruit juice because especially lime juice or orange juice. Because of juice, separate milk solids. Immediately and cause acidity, so this should also be avoided.

In the digestive system, the other example could be yoghurt, and fruits should be avoided. In some cases, pasta with tomatoes is highly acidic in nature. Some people cannot digest it together. The last one could again be made with cheese. So, they are again high protein sources. I mean high protein groups.

Bad Food Combinations that Make you Sick

They should also avoid some people who cannot take them together. Otherwise, people with healthy stomachs would be able to take everything. But, people with delicate stomachs. The digestive system should only avoid this food to stay healthy.

Serious Bad Food Combinations of Fish and milk

This combination should be avoid because of the presence of two different types of protein-rich sources together.

Ghee with meat

This is again a combination of two different kinds of protein-containing food items.

Wine and pudding

These micronutrients are killing other important nutrients of the second one.

Lime and cough medicine

Cough medicine is already acidic; adding more acid results in acidity, also.

Milk with curd

Curd contains an acidic substance, which is not that good to have with milk. Because of that, milk also starts to lose its important nutrients.


Food has its own nature, so before eating remember to eat food. However a wrong food combination that is eating daily can make unhealthy.

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