Unknown Facts You Should Know About Jim Corbett

5 amazing facts about jim corbett national park

India's oldest national park. It's renowned for Bengal tigers and diverse wildlife. Named after renowned hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett. Lush landscapes span riverbanks and dense forests. Home to over 650 species of vibrant birds.

Jim Corbett National Park

Established in 1936 It is a wildlife sanctuary. It's located in India's Uttarakhand state. Famous for Bengal tigers. Offers diverse flora and fauna. Popular tourist destination.

The most known activity

Wildlife Safari: Explore diverse flora and fauna. Tiger Spotting: Seek the elusive Bengal tiger. Bird Watching: Discover rich avian biodiversity. Nature Walks: Immerse in lush landscapes. River Rafting: Experience thrilling water adventures.

Top things to do

Embark on thrilling wildlife safaris. Explore the scenic beauty of Dhikala Zone. Indulge in bird-watching at Corbett's diverse habitats. Visit the Corbett Museum for park history. Enjoy thrilling water activities in the Kosi River.

Interesting facts about flora and fauna

Bengal Tigers roam freely in Jim Corbett's dense forests. Over 600 bird species, including eagles, call the park home. Leopards, Asian elephants, and deer are common sightings. Rich biodiversity with diverse plant species like sal and teak. Crocodiles bask along the Ramganga River's serene banks.

Important information

India's oldest national park. Home to Bengal tigers and diverse wildlife. Located in Uttarakhand's Nainital district. Offers safaris and eco-tourism experiences. Named after hunter-conservationist Jim Corbett.