Snake Bites Piercing: Definition and Care Guidelines

What is snake bites piercing?

Double lower lip piercing. Below bottom lip. Resemble snake fangs. Usually symmetrical. Fashion or aesthetic choice.

Pain and healing time

Pain: Moderate, like bee sting. Swelling: Mild, lasts days. Healing: Weeks to months. Discomfort: Minimal aftercare required. Consult: Piercer for guidance.

How it is done?

Cleanse and mark skin. Pierce with needle. Insert jewelry carefully. Apply aftercare solution. Monitor for healing.


Keep it clean with saline. Avoid touching or twisting. Ice for swelling, if needed. Soft foods for comfort. Check for signs of infection.

Important instructions

Healing takes time, patience. Avoid twisting or rotating. Swelling may occur, normal. Don't remove without advice. Seek help if concerns arise.