Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Stay hydrated with oral rehydration solutions. Consume bland foods like bananas, rice, and toast. Drink chamomile or peppermint tea. Use ginger or mint for relief. Avoid spicy or fatty foods.

Best food for loose motion

Bananas: Easy on the stomach, rich in potassium. White Rice: Soothes digestion, provides energy. Boiled Potatoes: Easily digestible, replenishes energy. Plain Crackers: Gentle on the stomach. Yogurt: Contains probiotics, aids gut health.

Home remedies during pregnancy

Stay hydrated with water and oral rehydration solutions. Consume small, frequent meals. Include bananas, rice, and toast (BRAT diet). Avoid spicy and greasy foods. Ginger tea for nausea relief. Rest adequately.

Home Remedies for Babies

Give oral rehydration solution. Offer banana or rice cereal. Feed boiled potatoes. Use probiotics. Maintain breastfeeding.

Recommendations to avoid

Ensure food hygiene. Avoid contaminated water. Limit spicy and oily foods. Be cautious with raw seafood. Practice hand hygiene.

Important note

Stay hydrated with electrolyte-rich fluids. Consume bland foods like rice and bananas. Rest and avoid exertion. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist.