Father knows Best: Cast And Crew

Jim Anderson: General Insurance Agent

Robert Young is the general insurance agent in this podcast and he played the role of Jim Anderson. as well as Anderson has children named Betty, Bud, and Kathy. The character of Jim in the radio series is a little different from that of the television series. Further, Jim in the radio series is shown as a little strict and seems like he rules over his family.


Character of Betty is shown as a status-seeking and crazy teenage girl. also, She doesn’t have much positive way of thinking about her life. To her, every small thing which happens to her is the worst thing.


Another character in the series is Bud. He is an all-American boy. Bud always needs a little bit of money every time. Even when he receives $1.25 every week.


The third character is Kathy. She is often referred to as an irrational person. She always cries and complains about her family. Additionally, kathy is also a source of money for her brother and sister.