Father knows Best

father knows best

Father Knows Best  was one of the awesome and most popular series of 1960s. An American sitcom series with casts included Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Grey, as well as Lauren Chapin. It is available both in Podcast and tv series. The podcast first aired in 1949 and the tv show started in 1954. 

This is one of the most amazing series you have watched ever. There are so many things which you will like to watch. This is the reason why it was the blockbuster series till now. Here are the details about both the podcast and series versions of this show. Now come along with me and walk through both series and podcast versions of this show.

Podcast on Radio of Father Knows Best


The first episode began on 25 August 1949 on NBC Radio (The oldest major broadcasting network in the united states). 

Jim Anderson: General Insurance Agent

Robert Young is the general insurance agent in this podcast and he played the role of Jim Anderson. as well as Anderson has children named Betty, Bud, and Kathy. The character of Jim in the radio series is a little different from that of the television series. Further, Jim in the radio series is shown as a little strict and seems like he rules over his family.


Character of Betty is shown as a status-seeking and crazy teenage girl. also, She doesn’t have much positive way of thinking about her life. To her, every small thing which happens to her is the worst thing.


Another character in the series is Bud. He is an all-American boy. Bud always needs a little bit of money every time. Even when he receives $1.25 every week.


The third character is Kathy. She is often referred to as an irrational person. She always cries and complains about her family. Additionally, kathy is also a source of money for her brother and sister.

Father Knows Best: TV Series


The Tv Series started in 1954. First Episode of this Tv Series (Bud takes up the dance) launched on 27 May 1954. This series is sponsored by Lorillard’s kent cigarettes. The character Kathy, is the youngest sister of the whole family. She loves her brother and sister but she usually doesn’t play with them.

She just stays alone with her doll. Kathy just wants a real baby sister whom she can play with. She had a best friend Susi. Susi is just tired of dealing with her little sister. So, they both decided to trade. Jim usually has a bad day at work a lot of times. He comes home with an amplified mood from the office. And his family usually ignores him. Furthermore, he thinks that his family doesn’t have sufficient discipline.

Betty committed that she will be an engineer after she get a job fair. She signed up for practical work experience during the vacation. Her friends didn’t support her just because she is a girl. And also her boss thinks that women’s place is just home.

Why Watch Father Knows Best

Why Watch Father Knows Best

This is an amazing tv series. The story is awesome and fabulous. This series is on the list as one of the top must-watch series. Ed James created this story and follows the life of anderson, and tells about the various family issues that children face in their family. Anderson tries to give his family the best life.

You should watch this series as it explains various aspects of children’s life. On the other hand, this is also an entertainment series. So, in my opinion. This is the best series you can watch. Because it is also a classical series. So you will feel the classical world in a different way. It is a legendary and everyone’s favorite program in the 1960s.



Billy Gray – James Anderson Jr.

Elinor Donahue – Betty Anderson

Robert Young – Jim Anderson

Lauren Chapin – Kathy Anderson

Jane Wyatt – Margaret Anderson

Paul Wallace – Kippy Watkins

Features of Father Knows Best

  • It is a classical series.
  • It is the best and favorite program of the 1960s.
  • It explains critical situations children usually face in their families.
  • It is a great source of entertainment.


Father knows best is an awesome classical series of the 1960s. And it is the most favorite program all over the United States. Including the other countries. Most popular people have played the role in this movie. The first Season of this series was rejected by NBC. But then, it was added in the partnership of the NBC series.

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