Easy Recipe of Bread Butter Pickles

Bread Butter Pickles

Cucumber slices in sweet brine. Tangy, sweet, and crunchy. Ideal sandwich or snack. Popular homemade pickle variety. Enhances taste and texture.


Cucumbers sliced thinly. White vinegar Sugar Salt Mustard seeds

How to Make

Slice cucumbers thinly. Mix with salt, let stand. Boil vinegar, sugar, spices. Add cucumber, boil briefly. Pack into sterilized jars.

Tips for Storing

Keep in cool, dry place. Seal jar tightly after use. Refrigerate after opening jar. Check for signs of spoilage. Use clean, dry utensils.

Important note

Eat in moderation. Watch sodium intake. Check for added sugars. Enjoy with balanced meals. Monitor overall dietary diversity.