What Does Hell look like

What Does Hell look like

This is the most curious and fascinating topic for all of us what does hell look like? There is a belief that after death there are two places where we are decided to go. The first one is heaven and the other one is hell. But actually, how is it? Here are some clues to it. What does Bible say about Hell? But the one thing that is clear about it is we all don’t want to go to this place.

Bible has a clear description of what hell actually looks like. When the word hell comes into the mind we think about the fire and outer darkness this is in Matthew 25:41 and Matthew 8:12 respectively. However god always says that we can do anything we want to do. Here the fire is the symbol of the unbelievers in hell. However, the Outer Darkness is the symbol of the alienation from god’s love, mercy, grace, etc. We can imagine with the name too that hell is a most terrible place. That has no limit or end. 

"He says to those on his left “Depart from me, You who are cursed into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels".

Matthew 25:41

"But the Subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Matthew 8:12

What Does Hell Look Like According to The Bible

What Does Hell Look Like According to The Bible

Approximately six out of ten Americans also have the belief that after death people go there to punish for their bad Karma. Rather than all the reason and the things the power of hell has not undone till now. 

Is the Hell on Earth

There is a contradiction that we go to hell after death. But actually, there are some clues that say s that hell is on the earth. The different War Crimes, Nuclear Bombs, etc are examples of it. The hell is about the torture and the suffering which we have to do to live. It is similar to the suffering and struggle which we face on earth. 

Different ideas About What Hell Actually Looks like?

In different times and scenarios, there are different ideas about Hell. The ancient philosophers share different ideas about hell:

"The Cerberus was the guardian of this. He shares the idea that the earthy eternal torture is according to the wrong work which an individual does. It is until the age of Socrates. '

Message about hell C.400 B.C.

"It is the conclusion from the centuries that the idea of hell got walked away. They have spread the message about the punishment of hell to encourage people to do good things. It began with so many tales which are directing people to do the right things."

Message about hell 1000-1300

"This message was spread by C.1150. Irish Monk. The Visio Tnugdali draws the graphic map of what hell looks like. They also inspire the people of the 16th century."

Message about hell C. 1150

"They spread the real message and the punishment of hell. And tell this is more worst than the ninth circle."

Message about hell C. 1320

"In this phase, they have clear what god says about hell. It was god's judgment about the pain which is there in hell. There was a famous tale also which tells the real pain of hell. "

Message about hell C.1665

"Here, the results were based on science. Because till then the science has progressed on a good level. To the kids also this message spreads because somewhere humanity and kindness get reduced. However, there is an idea to spread some values to society. They tell the real eternal torture and all the things which the punishment to the people."

Message about hell C. 1150

Different Punishments in Hell

There are lots of punishments which are there in Hell. They totally depend on the wrong work which we have done in our life. After death, there are two places where our soul is transferred to that. This totally depends on us what we do when we live. However, The Bible shares so many things about hell and what are the activities through which we punish in Hell. 

#1 Darkness In the Hell
Different Punishments in Hell
#2 Punishment By Everlasting Fire in the Hell
Different Punishments in Hell
#3 Give You Extreme Pain You Have to Gnash the Teeth ​
Different Punishments in Hell

Darkness In the Hell

When we hear about the word hell we can only imagine a place with lots of darkness. The Bible has so many clues about the dark place in hell. It is due to the realization of the wrong work which we have done in our lives. We are no more free to run away from that. Because Karma is a part of our not even till the single life. But this is till the after the death also.

 By sending in the dark god is trying not to allow us to see things.  Because when there was the light or the space to see we did not even notice what is right or what is wrong. But when we are here we are no more allowed to see things. Although we can have the realization of what we have missed when we allow seeing things.

Punishment By Everlasting Fire in the Hell

By the Everlasting fire, god has is try us to the realization of the pain. In our life the cowardness and the faithless thing which we have shown in our life that is so unforgettable. Because there I always a time when we need to show faith and self-belief. So, that we can save life or help in justice. 

But if we did not do that just because of our benefit or some other reason. So to have the same feeling and pain this is there. Secondly, it is related to some really bad things like immoral, murder, liar, idolaters, etc. If we have done these kinds of activities in our lives so by burning again god is punishing us. Burning pain is the top most pain that we feel. So, if you are also doing this kind of really unfair thing god will do this with you also. This is how hell look like.

Give You Extreme Pain You Have to Gnash the Teeth

There are several Punishing activities in which one has to gnash the teeth. According to the bible, they are:

"In that place, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. When you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but yourselves being thrown out. "

Luke 13:28

'And will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. "

Matthew 13:42

'The wicked will see it and be vexed, He will gnash his teeth and melt away, The desire of the wicked will perish"

Psalm 112: 10

"But the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into the outer darkness; in that place, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Matthew 8:12

Where Hell is Located

This is there in the Bible if you want to find the exact location of hell. It is as if you are trying to dig to the center of the earth. This thing is because of the spirit which is found in hell and to connect with the spiritual dimension.

What Does Temperature & Atmosphere of Hell Look Like

This is really simple if we think about the hell. We have a picture in mind of the dark place and the fire as mentioned above. The Place is quite hot. There is a high temperature. It has a debate also but the Bible helps us to have clarity. There is an extreme fire which is showing that the temperature is quite high. This uses to punish the people who have done the wrong things.

Does Everone Have to Go to the Hell

“ For the wages of Sin is death but the fire gift of god is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”

Romans 6:23
Does Everone Have to Go to the Hell

We all are the child of god, we all need to know the responsibility and the purpose of why we are here. If we do the right things and try to be on the right path. God has a different place for us. Moreover, We all will send to heaven in the opposite that if we do not focus on what is right and wrong. If and do all the wrong things in our lives definitely we send to hell. This is why we deserve to go to that place. And the pain which we have given to others we will get the return of that. 

Some people don’t deserve this place and have to show humanity, kindness, and apathy to others. They are sent to heaven to experience the amazing feeling of life. However, The person who has the acceptance of the fault and wrong thing which they have done in their lifetime. 

This is also true a good person needs to face so many things to live life but in that god always helps us to do the right thing. God is always there and helping us as mentors. This is why after struggling in life we are sent to heaven. The opposite of this is also true whenever we do the wrong thing we think things are going to be so easy. We can live happily doesn’t matter what will be the impact of that on other but we all are busy thinking about ourselves only. 

We all are here for a different purpose we need to know our self-responsibility. God has given us so many skills and gives special powers to an individual also. If we do not see what is right or wrong. Or only doing the wrong things in our entire life. God has a different place for use where we don’t want to go but we wil be there. And we can actually feel What does Hell Look like?

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