What do horses eat

what do horse eat

Horses, which are very sensitive breeds, are mostly herbivores. The nature of a horse is to graze. Horses need to be given the right amount of nutrients to maintain their health and energy. Horses should be given a diet that is suitable for their needs. In reality, horses eat for the majority of the time. Sometimes their diet can be changed according to the season or there are some things which are not available to feed them all the time. So in that case, to maintain the energy of the horses, we give them different types of food. If we give them natural food, the number of diseases can be high in them.

Because they have a special digestive system that is completely different from ours, horses have highly specific nutritional requirements. Their long digestion processes require a high-fiber diet that is taken slowly over a long period of time. Here is information about how to feed the horse and what horses eat.

How to Feed a Horse

All day, horses should be given food often but in little amounts. When maintained in a stable, a horse requires two to three feeding daily. No more than eight hours should pass without feeding your horse. Try to feed your horses at the same time each day since they enjoy routine. Ensure that the troughs are also clean; otherwise, the horses can refuse to eat or drink.

Access to clean water

The most important thing is that they should always have water available whenever you are feeding your horse as well as if it is their breakfast or their dinner. Also, you should check that the water is clean because of the grass on the horse’s mouth or because if we keep that water in the field, some dirt can get in it. So to keep the horse free from diseases, you should keep clean water for him and keep changing the water from time to time.

Water should be available to them for the whole day i.e. 24 hours. You should change the water for the horses at least twice a day. The horse should have water immediately after a meal. If it does not have access to water, its digestive system can become blocked. Also, keep in mind that in winter the water does not freeze due to low temperature.

The Foods That Horses Eat most

Along with grass and hay, horses also like snacks and sweets. But be careful not to overdo it. Also, Horses naturally wanted to eat all day. Here are some of the best foods that you can give to your horse.

what do horse eat


We cannot provide grass to graze our horses throughout the year. Therefore, when green grass is not available, haylage is the best option for feeding horses. Haylage supplies hay and minerals to horses.

The haylage helps the horses with their respiratory problems. Because haylage is dust-free and beneficial to horses, the horses get a little bit fat quite quickly, so the haylage is a light version. It is also available in low-sugar, which is great.

Also, haylage tends to have a higher water content too. so your horses don’t feel rough while eating this haylage. Haylage should always be available for your horse, as horses have a habit of eating less but often, so always keep the quantity of haylage high. Hay or haylage that has been preserved should all be of high quality. It should smell good, be clear of dust and mold, and be clean. (devoid of soil, debris, and dangerous plants)


Alfalfa hay provides energy, protein, calcium, and some other nutrients for horses. In this, protein and calcium fulfill the nutritional needs of horses. Alfalfa is very sweet in taste.

If you take a bite of alfalfa as a human, you will taste its sweetness, and horses love alfalfa. It’s high in nutrition and also high in sugar. It is like a dessert for horses because it is sweet in taste. Alfalfa is high in sugar. It gives the horses energy and it also helps the horses gain weight. The alfalfa tastes sweet and horses love it.

Oats (a kind of grain)

Oats are a good source of phosphorus. In addition, it also provides fiber, protein, and vitamin B. Oats help a lot in bringing back the energy that has been eliminated from the horse’s body. Oats are the only cereal that is easily digested. However, wheat, corn, and rice are not easily digested by the horse. To digest them, they should be boiled a little or cooked at a slow speed and fed to the horse. Oats are a grain that is high in fiber and low in sugar, which is best for feeding horses as a grain.

Salt and Minerals

Salt and other supplements can be provided separately or as part of a concentrate mix. Horses can help themselves when they are in need by using a salt block or loose salt that is placed in a pasture or stall. Minerals may be mixed in with some salt.

Pasture Grass

The grazing grass and sensitive plants make up the horse’s natural diet. The majority of the nutrition needed for a horse to remain healthy is found in good pasture. Silica, which is important for dental health, is also present in grazing grass. Minerals and roughage consumption should be of high quality because horses are natural grazers they always want to eat every time. These minerals and roughage help to maintain energy in the horses.


The horses need special dietary foods to maintain their energy and health. We should take care of our horses by providing the best foods that they love. Also, we should feed them little but often. Feed your horses according to the workload because more work requires more energy. We should always check our horse’s condition and the most important thing is we should not do sudden changes in their diet because it may be a bad effect on their health.

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