Tea Tree Oil for Hair: An Effective Solution

What is Tea Tree

Natural antiseptic oil. Derived from Australian plant. Used for skin conditions. Anti-inflammatory properties. Aids in wound healing.


Clears Acne Soothes Skin Irritations Fights Fungal Infections Refreshes Scalp Health Natural Antiseptic Power

When To Use

Acne treatment: Dab on spots. Scalp care: Add to shampoo. Nail fungus treatment. Foot fungus: Use in soak. Natural deodorant: Mix with water. Natural antiseptic: Clean wounds.

How To Use

Dilute in carrier oil. Apply to skin directly. Treats acne and blemishes. Add to shampoo for freshness. Use for natural cleaning.


Patch test before use. Dilute with carrier oil. Keep away from eyes. Not for internal use. Consult doctor if pregnant.