Identification of Bhringraj Plant

Bhringraj Plant

Bhringraj is an herb with medicinal properties. Used in traditional medicine for hair care. Contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals. Aids in hair growth, reducing hair fall.


Strengthens hair, prevents graying. Treats scalp issues like dandruff. Boosts liver health, aids digestion. Supports skin health, fights infections. Reduces stress, enhances overall wellness.

Health Advantages

Boosts hair growth, prevents hair loss. Improves liver function, aids digestion. Treats skin conditions, fights infections. Reduces stress, enhances overall health. Supports respiratory health, eases breathing.


Eclipta alba (common bhringraj). False daisy (karisalankanni). White-flowered bhringraj (bhringraj var. alba). Yerba de tago (bhringraj var. procumbens). Bhringraj variants differ in appearance and properties.

Important note

Consult a healthcare professional before use. Potential allergic reactions in some individuals. Use cautiously during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Follow recommended dosage and usage instructions. Not a substitute for professional medical advice.