How to Convert SGPA into Percentage

What is SGPA?

Semester Grade Point Average. Reflects semester performance level. Based on credit hours completed. Averages grades of courses. Measures academic achievement overall.

How to calculate SGPA

Assign grades to each subject. Multiply each grade by credits. Add up all products. Divide by total credits. Result is your SGPA.

Convert SGPA into Percentage

Multiply SGPA by 10. To get percentage. Example: SGPA 8.5 = 85%. No need to add symbols. Direct conversion, simple process.

Convert SGPA into CGPA

Gather all SGPA scores. Sum them up. Divide by total semesters. That's your CGPA!

Distinction b/w CGPA and SGPA

Overall vs. Semester performance. Cumulative vs. Term grades. Entire program vs. specific period. Averages vs. temporary assessments. Long-term vs. short-term evaluation.