Herbal tea and its benefits

What do you mean by herbal tea?

Tea made from plants. Natural, non-caffeinated beverage. Infusion of herbs and spices. Offers various health benefits. Enjoyed for flavor and wellness.

Benefits of Herbal Tea

Calms mind, reduces stress. Boosts immune system naturally. Supports digestion, aids metabolism. Enhances overall well-being. Hydrates body, refreshes senses.

Different kinds of Herbal Tea

Chamomile: Calming floral infusion. Peppermint: Refreshing minty brew. Ginger: Spicy warming elixir. Lavender: Fragrant relaxation blend. Hibiscus: Tangy crimson tea.

Uses of Herbal Tea

Relaxation Digestion aid Immune support Hydration boost Stress relief

Side effects of Herbal Tea

Upset stomach and nausea. Allergic reactions like rashes. Increased heart rate. Interference with medications. Potential for dehydration.