Chest & Triceps Workout

Chest & Triceps Workout

Bench press: Lie on a bench, lift a barbell up and down. Push-ups: Place hands shoulder-width apart, lower and raise your body. Tricep dips: Use parallel bars to dip down and push up. Cable fly: Pull cables together in front. Overhead tricep extension: Lift weight overhead.

Chest Workout:

Focuses on pectoral muscles. Exercises like bench press and push-ups. Aims for a broad chest appearance.

Triceps Workout:

Targets muscles at the back of the upper arm. Exercises include tricep dips and overhead extensions. Aims for defined arm strength.

Chest Workout Benefits:

Builds a strong, defined chest. Enhances upper body strength. Improves posture and supports daily activities.

Triceps Workout Benefits:

Tones and strengthens the back of the arms. Enhances overall arm definition. Improves functional strength for pushing movements.

Chest Workout Side Effects:

Overtraining may lead to strain. Improper form can cause injuries. Chest pain, if severe, may need medical attention.

Triceps Workout Side Effects:

Overexertion may strain muscles. Poor form can lead to injuries. Excessive weight may stress joints.

Important note

Start with proper warm-up. Maintain correct form to prevent injuries. Gradually increase intensity. Listen to your body; rest when needed. Stay hydrated for optimal performance.