Ayodhya Ram Mandir - Everything youneed to know

Historical Landmark

Explore Ayodhya's iconic Ram Mandir, a symbol of cultural heritage and religious significance in India.

Architectural Marvel

Discover the intricate design and grandeur of the Ram Mandir, blending traditional and modern elements seamlessly.

Religious Harmony

Witness the unity displayed by diverse communities during the construction, fostering a spirit of religious coexistence.

Decades-Long Journey

Trace the long-awaited journey from the Ayodhya dispute to the construction of the magnificent Ram Mandir.

National Celebrations

Experience the nationwide jubilation as the Ram Mandir stands tall, marking a historic moment in India's cultural landscape.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Opening Date

The great inauguration of this modern temple is plan for January 24, 2024. Therefore, the much-expected great event will see Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other notable personalities leading the ceremonies. Special bricks, engraved with the words “Jai Shree Ram”, have been includ in the temple’s design.