5 Reasons why Nvidia Stock has Risen by 240 % in Last 1 year

1. Data Center Command:

Nvidia’s stronghold in the AI chip market, particularly in cloud and data center deployments, is a significant driver of its stock’s ascent. With over 80% market share in this domain, Nvidia’s GPUs are at the forefront of powering complex AI tasks within data centers worldwide.

2. Tailor-made GPUs for AI & LLM:

Nvidia’s GPUs are tailor-made for AI and large language models (LLMs), offering unparalleled performance in parallel processing.

3. Software-Hardware Integration: CUDA

Nvidia’s development of CUDA, a parallel programming platform, represents a pivotal aspect of its success in the AI space. CUDA enables developers to harness the full potential of Nvidia GPUs for general-purpose computing, including AI applications.

4. A Complete Ecosystem:

Nvidia provides a comprehensive ecosystem comprising both hardware and software components tailored for AI development. From high-performance GPUs and specialized AI accelerators to frameworks, libraries, and developer tools.

5. Democratization of AI:

Nvidia’s strategy of offering GPUs at various price points democratizes access to AI technology, fostering broader adoption and innovation. Whether it’s individual researchers, small businesses, or large enterprises, Nvidia’s diverse product portfolio caters to different budgetary constraints and use cases.