Twitter – A Medium of Appreciation or Criticism


People are increasingly turning to social media platforms for healthier interactions with the world and trends. It is commonly used to stay up to date on all the latest trends in any field, whether it is related to fashion, science, health, lifestyle, and more. Social media and networks have a significant impact on all aspects of life. As we are already aware, various social media networks are popular, with Twitter being the most effective and important platform for both business and personal use. 

It is undoubtedly a fantastic way to express yourself. Showing your gratitude to others for what they are doing now is not only a sweet gesture, but it also imposes a natural and quite effective means of harnessing your own integrity.

Strong Medium for Connecting Millions of People

People enjoy receiving compliments. A large part of life’s success stems from “paying it forward” to others. They will appreciate your gesture if you simply express your genuine and enthusiastic appreciation for them. Through Twitter Spaces, we can connect with millions of people in the world.

Since the internet is overflowing with information, updates, interesting news, and everything else you can think of, it’s easy to overlook someone else’s victory. We show others how much we value their contributions by taking the time to recognize and celebrate their victories. Twitter is a popular platform used by almost all famous people, regardless of their field of work; they simply tweet about various topics and provide the best platform to interact with their followers and fans.

The simplest way to show your admiration for a respected figure in your field on Twitter is to follow them. However, you can go above and beyond by retweeting their posts on your own page or even tweeting them with a personal thank you message. But during these discussions, we can see different types of people, with different types of opinions and arguments. It is like a debate is going on.

A Professional Communication Tool

Twitter is a popular platform used by almost all famous people, regardless of their field of work; they simply tweet about various topics and provide the best platform to interact with their followers and fans. Nowadays, people are so interested in what is going on in and around them, that they are even more eager to voice their opinions on topics that interest them. Also, famous personalities like businessmen, politicians, sportsmen, lawyers, and celebrities share their ideas or views on Twitter.

Suppose a celebrity tweets about their next project, if the people are connected with them or adore them. They will surely appreciate them in different ways some will congratulate them for their success or some will tag them with a video message, a journey video of success, and more. All know the fact that they might or might not be noticed by them. But they are happy for them, so they are showing these sweet gestures to them. Some fans will do trends on Twitter to celebrate their happiness.

On the other side, some will criticize them for being successful. There can be reasons like they do not like them or maybe the person is opposing the person they adore. It can come out in return for the connection they feel with other celebrities. But due to this protectiveness or care for others, they sometimes cross their boundaries. They even start to give curses to their families and some will give death threats and so much more.

It is very frustrating to hear something like this. It seems like a joke to them but doing these types of things can damage the mental health of a person and is the topmost reason for being in depression. Therefore, people have to think twice before they write something on a platform like Twitter if they want to maintain sanity at both ends.

Criticism on Twitter

Appreciating and criticizing are two different aspects that will surely affect our life. But if we do keep in our mind that appreciation will make others happy and it is good to encourage people. But if you do not agree with someone. So, you do not have to. It is your right to express your opinion but taking a conversation to something that can affect people’s mental health is not right.

We all have to think that we all have a beautiful life and in this depressing world, we are tackling many families and social and mental problems. If we cannot appreciate others at least we can give our opinion in a way that they will not feel hurt. We have to come up front and give our perspective, it is a very good thing. This will help you to open up and you will know the world better. But we have to keep in mind that our opinion should be in the right way that will help people in appreciating not demeaning others.

Avoid Criticism without Knowing True Facts

Similarly, if political and society-related news comes up everyone will get enthusiastic and ready to give their opinions. If the change is good, they will appreciate them for their efforts and also suggest to them the other options that they can add to it. But I always noticed one thing in every political topic, people will automatically start to relate it to religion. It is not the right thing to do. We are living in a secular country. People should not have to connect everything with religion. It will hurt so many sentiments of people.

It is also a situation where people feel that they can comment on anything they want but when in return they also got criticism. Then they are not able to handle it. They take these things personally and it can make the condition worse and the conversation will become unacceptable. These are the things that I believe have shown an impact on a platform with both positive and negative sides.

Powerful Tool for Teaching & Learning Online

Twitter is fun, exciting, and even very informative. However, for some teenagers, seeing pictures of amazing vacations, perfect bodies, and amazing lives can fuel self-doubt. It is more difficult than it appears to keep youths from falling into the social media trap. Many teenagers have never known a world without social media. Things that happen online — fights, break-ups, likes, and mean comments — are very real to them.

They are more interested in other people’s lives like what they are doing. Why they are doing it? It is like they are not interested in their life. These people always forget that there is a life outside social media in which they have to achieve many things that will secure their future.

People have to understand all the news that is coming on Twitter, it is all related to the people that are studying, working, and operating the country just like us doing our respective work.  They are just doing their work and contributing to society. We, as a society have to consider them as people that are a part of our community. They are the people which can do mistakes and also can rectify those mistakes and it is our work to tell them our point of view in a way that will seem like we are crossing our boundaries.

Live with your happy moments and do not let this type of negativity on Twitter affect you. Engage with the positive ones and increase the positivity on the platforms, especially Twitter.

Priyanshi Arora

Priyanshi Arora

Priyanshi Arora is a content editor for Healthy life human covering the topics related to health and lifestyle. She believes in having a positive attitude toward life reflects a healthy lifestyle. She has helped many people by providing valuable content related to their daily basic needs. To know more, connect with her on Linkdln.