Miscarriage: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention


Being pregnant a lady brings happiness to her and her family. Especially when she is pregnant for the first time. But sometimes due to some complication, or due to the pregnant lady’s daily lifestyle miscarriage problem can occur.

Due to this, the pregnant lady has to face a lot of suffering, she is sad both physically and mentally. So friends to give information about miscarriage to pregnant woman, to save herself from having miscarriage. Which precautions pregnant ladies can take to protect themselves to a great extent by being a miscarriage.

What is Miscarriage?

When a fetus or a baby dies due to some reason in the womb, then it is call as miscarriage. So whenever a lady is pregnant. She should take special care in the first 3 months. Because in the first 3 months there is more fear of miscarriage.

Also, I would like to clarify one more thing here some people consider miscarriages and abortion are the same but it is different, Although both meanings are the same i.e. GRABHPAT, In miscarriages, a child dies in the womb for some reason by itself, and abortion means abortion of your own free will, means the abortion or removal of a child.

What Are The Reasons Of Miscarriage?

1. Hormonal Imbalance

If the pregnant lady has hormonal disturbances, means either the hormone is becoming more or less in the body. Then due to this reason miscarriage can happen.

2. Chromosome Abnormality

Chromosome abnormalities also cause changes in chromosome structure in the body, which causes miscarriages.

3. Malfunction In The Uterus

Chances of having a miscarriage or a premature baby can also increased due to malfunction in the uterus.

4. Diabetes or High BP

The at the time of pregnancy, pregnant lady has problem of diabetes or high BP, then her chances of being a miscarriage increase.

5. Stress

Taking stress during pregnancy is very harmful to a pregnant lady. Because taking stress causes a kind of hormone generate from the brain which directly affect on the fetal which can cause miscarriage.

6. LifeStyle

At the time of pregnancy, if the pregnant lady’s lifestyle is bad, she drinks alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, So due to all this, the chances of getting miscarried are increased. Smoking does not cause blood circulation due to which blood does not reach the lung and heart.

Sometimes the blood does not reach the placenta as well, which keeps the size of the placenta small, due to which placenta does not develop as a result miscarriage can happens.

7. Conceive At Older Age

When a lady is pregnant at the age of 30 or above 35 years, So it increases the chances of it occur miscarried in such ladies.

8. Immunology Disorder

If the pregnant lady has an immunology disorder, means there is a problem like asthma, allergies, so these reasons can also cause miscarriage.

9. Travelling

The chances of getting miscarriage can increased by more traveling during the time of pregnancy.

10. Vaginal infection

A pregnant lady’s vaginal infection can also cause miscarriage.

Apart from there reasons, if pregnant Lady does not take proper care of herself, does not take proper diet, does not sleep properly, does not rest due to all this, the child can become Premature or the chances of having Miscarriages increase.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Miscarriage?

What Are The Symptoms Of Miscarriage?
What Are The Symptoms Of Miscarriage?
  • Light bleeding in the early days of pregnancy is normal, but when bleeding with clotting, it can be a symptom of miscarriage.
  • If you have contractions at the bottom of the stomach, which should not happen at the beginning, or there is pain in the lower abdomen, then these can be symptoms of miscarriage.
  • Having a back pain at the time of pregnancy is normal, but when there is too much back pain which is unbearable, then it can be a symptom of a miscarriage.

How To Avoid Having Miscarriage?

How To Avoid Having Miscarriage?
How To Avoid Having Miscarriage?

1. Whenever you are pregnant, you should definitely meet the doctor. Who also carries an important test, and asks you to get it done. You must get all those tests done because the doctor gets to know about your health from the test report. Then the doctor treats you and gives medicine accordingly. During pregnancy, doctors provide various supplements, folic acid, and vitamins to the pregnant lady to avoid miscarriage. So whenever you are pregnant, especially when you are pregnant for the first time, you should definitely meet the doctor, consult them.

 2. Whenever you are pregnant, take special care of your diet, you have to take proper and balanced diet on Time.

3. During Pregnancy, Pregnant lady should not take stress. Be as happy as you can, this will have a good effect on the health of both you and your child.

 4. Correct your life style at the time of pregnancy, do not drink cigarette liquor, you can save yourself a lot from having miscarriage.

5. Drink plenty of water to avoid occurrence of miscarried at the time of pregnancy, try to drink 7-8 glasses of water in 1 day, do not let your body lack water.

6. Avoid to more traveling to avoid occurrence of miscarried at the time of pregnancy.

So overall is that due to the lifestyle of the pregnant lady, or due to other medical complication. Miscarriages can occur after being pregnant.

But by taking care of yourself at the time of pregnancy, getting regular check-ups with your doctor, taking proper supplements and medicine on the time, avoid alcohol, smoking, by not taking stress, Pregnant Lady can save herself from being miscarriage.

When do most miscarriages occur?

  • Early miscarriages account for 80 percent of all miscarriages and occur during the first trimester. A substantial majority of these occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Frequently before a woman even realises she’s pregnant.
  • A lot happens in your pregnancy during the first trimester: an embryo’s cells begin to divide to form organs, the embryo implants into the side of the uterus, the placenta must establish connections
  • between your and your baby’s blood flow, and your immune system must adjust to the new foetus inside of you. All of this means that there are several processes that can go wrong and lead to a miscarriage.
  • Late miscarriages occur in 6 out of 1,000 pregnancies and occur between the end of the first trimester and week 20. They are also more likely to be caused by difficulties with the placenta or cervix, toxins, or the mother’s health.

How is a miscarriage diagnosed?

Call your practitioner if you are suffering any of the aforementioned symptoms. He or she will assess the bleeding, perhaps measure your hCG (hormone) levels, examine your cervix (which should be closed during pregnancy), do an ultrasound to search for a healthy gestational sac and placenta, and listen for a foetal heartbeat. The findings of these tests will assist your doctor in determining if you have miscarried.

Miscarriages might be misdiagnosed in rare situations. If you’re bleeding and your doctor can’t identify a foetal heartbeat — which may be difficult even in a healthy pregnancy — there’s a chance he or she will diagnose a miscarriage even if the embryo is still alive. If you stop bleeding but still have pregnancy symptoms, a second ultrasound — where the heartbeat should be detected — might confirm that your baby is healthy.

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